You guys. About this time every year I wonder why the hell May is my favorite month. It’s bonkers. I mean, all parents know it’s typically a hectic month, but holy hell it has kicked. my. ass. this year. Don’t worry, I’m still basking in my Rob Glowe, but I’m also still sprinting to outrun the […]

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  • Lara - Your daughters are both so beautiful. And that prom hairdo is STUNNING. It deserved paparazzi!ReplyCancel

    • Michelle - Thank you! Yeah, I still have envy dreams of that hairdo. The irony is that she’s the reason I can use a bread-bag tie to hold my ponytail in place. Damn kids made me lose all my thick hair.
      Thanks for the comment!! 🙂ReplyCancel

Spring Break started today. Or here in Minnesota, what I just call “break.” It’s currently about 34° — sunny, at least — but this weekend it’s forecast to be in the 20s with some snow. You know, just the kind of weather you think of when you think of Easter. I’d love to be able […]

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  • Karen - Happy “spring” break.
    So happy you are reading This is How it Always is..I can’t stop recommending it to everyone. Enjoy
    Now I will go reserve the Punjabi Widows book – I’m a library gal.
    Still in line for the Assistants.
    If it makes you feel better – we still have snow covered lawns too.. (Canada living!)ReplyCancel

    • Michelle - I started it and loved it so much I’m saving it! haha I do that all the time. But I always want a GREAT BOOK our first lake weekend and since it’s not THAT far away (please please please) I want to save it for then! I have to admit, I only made it through about a third of Punjabi Widows. Just didn’t hold my interest eve though it’s a pretty clever story. I’ll probably pick it back up at some point. 60s in the forecast here next week!! YaHOOOO! 🙂ReplyCancel

      • Karen - You are saving it? !…too funny. But I totally get it. Nothing like knowing you have a good book ready for a weekend. Another great weekend read is Happiness for Beginners by Katherine Center – you may have recommended that one…I can’t keep track.
        I’ll send you sunshine vibes if you send me some too.ReplyCancel

On March 2nd, 2012, I hit “publish” on this post, and justlikethat set into motion a six-year adventure that has resulted in 566 expositions detailing my life, my family, my opinions, my reactions, my observations, and, naturally, my favorites. The blog looked a lot different six years ago. So did my girls, who for years […]

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  • Elizabeth - As someone who spent the last six years NOT blogging, I envy your commitment. It’s something I’ve missed. Now that I’ve decided to get back into the habit, I’m realizing it’s a whole different world than it was back when I was mommy blogging with toddlers. I’m glad I stumbled on your site. It shows me some things haven’t changed.ReplyCancel

    • Michelle - I’m glad you’re getting back to it. I’m not the best role model, however, as I now go weeks without a post (when the first few years I’d write three a week). But it’s all fluid, right? If we beat ourselves up about not meeting expectations we set for ourselves back when we (and life) was different, that would be counterproductive … not to mention plain stupid. 😉 Thanks for the comment! 🙂ReplyCancel

Warning: This entire post contains spoilers from the February 4th and 6th episodes of  This Is Us. If you have not watched them yet, WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU WAITING FOR. Go watch right now. Put your children in time out. Make up a reason. Leave work if you must. Then come back here and discuss.  11:06 p.m. […]

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  • Snarkfest - I need a therapist. These 2 episodes totally slayed me. Yes I heard Jack say “Bec” as she was at the vending machine. And yes, I watched the post-show interview with Mandy Moore where she admitted her scenes with Milo had all been shot and she totally did not expect him to be in the room for that scene. It made me cry that much harder. Hell I’m crying now.ReplyCancel

    • Michelle - I heard that, too! I thought I must have been psychologically bringing his voice into being since I knew he was probably dying at that moment, but after reading the interviews knew I was not, in fact, hearing things. GAHHHH.ReplyCancel

  • Lyndsay - When Rebecca walked into that hospital room, stared, and then cocked her head to take it all in….I can’t get it out of my head. I read it was her first take. That just proves her talent and the relationship she and Milo must have. Love your recaps!!!! I’ve miss your Bachelor ones. Your recaps were the only ones I enjoyed. 🙂ReplyCancel

    • Michelle - I know. I KNOW. It was BRUTAL. And I’m sure you’ve also read so many articles about Mandy Moore and Milo’s amazing friendship and respect for each other. It plays off, that’s for sure!! Thanks so much for your comment. Apologies about skipping this season of The Bachelor. I just could NOT stomach it, and apparently I’m not the only one. I have not watched but hear it’s pretty terrible. But I do appreciate your reading them and your nice comment! 🙂ReplyCancel

Warning: This entire post contains spoilers from the January 23 episode of  This Is Us. If you have not watched it yet, WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU WAITING FOR. Go watch it right now. Put your children in time out. Make up a reason. Leave work if you must. Then come back here and discuss.    via GIPHY This […]

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  • Jamie - The note that Jack left on Kevin’s door…Thank goodness Kevin never saw that. Can you imagine if he knew those were his Dad’s “last words” to him (“you owe us an apology.”)
    So, after we see this awful night, what’s going to be the next sobbing moments or history to explain? Hasn’t everything been wrapped up and explained?ReplyCancel

    • Michelle - Oh my gosh, I guess there’s so much more!! Yesterday I read a great article with Dan Fogelman (the show’s creator) and he was saying that these scenes — and more to come — were actually the first scenes they read to the network when they were pitching the show!! So they know all sorts of things still to come. I posted the link to the article on this blog’s Facebook page (see link up top on the right if you don’t already follow!).ReplyCancel

  • Karen - Thank goodness for Randall and Beth and the Jacob Tremblay dog for a few smiles. If you are right and he went back for the dog and the dog lived and he didn’t…oh my no wonder Kate has issues…

    ..oh and the necklace …cue tears!

    thanks for the recap – as always so great to read.ReplyCancel

    • Michelle - Right?? Don’t you just LOVE the scenes with Randall and Beth?? Their timing is spot on and the writers do such a good job writing for them. I just adore them. Toby also gets a lot of great one liners!
      I keep thinking of Kate and how that day she told her dad never to stop being her #1 fan and how she watched him watch her with such love in that video … and then she (might) send him back in TO HIS DEATH. HOlY cow that would be a weight that would be hard to bear (literally).ReplyCancel

  • Lara - Pretty much everything you said echoes everything I was thinking. My yellow lab, Major, had come to sit with me on the sofa because I was crying throughout the episode…and he is always concerned when I cry. When she brought Audio home to Toby, I turned to Major and just hugged him and cried on him. That poor dog probably thinks his Mommy is mental. LOLReplyCancel

    • Michelle - That’s so sweet!! And I’m telling you, I had more tears at that scene than any of the final moments. I think I’ve created an emotional wall for myself with this show, though. It’s like I won’t let myself cry at the expected parts, but damn if there are other — smaller moments — that get me!ReplyCancel

  Same. At this point I think we all know that I don’t really tend to stick to things for a sustained amount of time, so it’s no surprise that I hate resolutions. Let’s be real, the whole “drink less Chardonnay” thing only lasts until like January 6th so I don’t even bother anymore. I […]

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  • pamb - Hint for future seasons of The Crown: set up subtitles on Netflix! LIFE. CHANGING. Yes, a few great lines were ruined because we read them before the actors spoke them, but actually knowing what was said by every character (even murmurs in the background) was priceless.

    Three cheers for Tommy Lascelles, btw. That man knew where alllll the bodies were buried. Loved that Elizabeth was all “how did you get a Royal car?” “You gave it to me, ma’am.” “Driver, too?” “Yes ma’am.” The least you could do, Elizabeth, lol.ReplyCancel

    • Michelle - So for some reason I JUST got email notifications that I had a few comments on this old post, and since NO ONE ever comments on my posts (or reads them for that matter) I don’t make it a habit to go back and check. SORRY for this very delayed reply!
      Thank you for the subtitles suggestion! I’d already finished The Crown, but we used it when bingeing The Handmaid’s Tale last month when they were mumbling. Brilliant!! Plus, I swear my hearing is going so I’ll admit I’ve used it on a few other shows since, too.
      Sorry again for the delayed response. Thanks so much for the comment!! 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Lara - I got that Rob Lowe book from the library last year and IT WAS SO GOOD. That being said, I can completely sympathize with your plans to pretty much look, touch, and NOT listen. What a wonderful thoughtful gift. Please have a wonderful time.ReplyCancel

    • Michelle - GAH! I didn’t ever get a notification that I had any comments on this post and since 1. no one ever comments, and 2. no one really reads these favorites posts I never go back and check! Apologies for not responding sooner. 🙁
      I follow Rob Lowe on Instagram (my favorite social media!) and the other day was looking at one of his posts and it hit me (again) that I WILL TOUCH HIM. I seriously cannot think about it for too long because I start to panic. Believe me, there will be a post about it after the event — MAY 20. :OReplyCancel

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