You guys. About this time every year I wonder why the hell May is my favorite month. It’s bonkers. I mean, all parents know it’s typically a hectic month, but holy hell it has kicked. my. ass. this year. Don’t worry, I’m still basking in my Rob Glowe, but I’m also still sprinting to outrun the […]

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  • Lara - Your daughters are both so beautiful. And that prom hairdo is STUNNING. It deserved paparazzi!ReplyCancel

    • Michelle - Thank you! Yeah, I still have envy dreams of that hairdo. The irony is that she’s the reason I can use a bread-bag tie to hold my ponytail in place. Damn kids made me lose all my thick hair.
      Thanks for the comment!! 🙂ReplyCancel

If YMFT’s loyal readers know anything about me by now — besides the fact that the circumference of my head is the same as a prize-winning watermelon, that I only use Citron vodka in my Appletinis, and that I will not cook anything that has more than eight ingredients in its recipe — it’s the […]

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  • Arlene - I’m meeting him tomorrow night and going through exactly the same thing you did. What should I wear? What should I ask him? Above all, remain calm, I’m telling myself. Thank you for the heads up on what to expect. I hope there are less than 200 people in line with me. And I hope that after he meets me, he will realize that I’m everything he has ever wanted, ask for a divorce, and marry me in a simple ceremony on the beach! (Hey, a woman of a certain age still has her dreams!)ReplyCancel

    • Michelle - OMG you are my soulmate! How did it go?? Did you panic?? Check out my IG page (@youremyfavoritetoday) — I have a highlight called “Rob Lowe” with my immediate post-meet and greet reactions. (facepalm)ReplyCancel

Spring Break started today. Or here in Minnesota, what I just call “break.” It’s currently about 34° — sunny, at least — but this weekend it’s forecast to be in the 20s with some snow. You know, just the kind of weather you think of when you think of Easter. I’d love to be able […]

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  • Karen - Happy “spring” break.
    So happy you are reading This is How it Always is..I can’t stop recommending it to everyone. Enjoy
    Now I will go reserve the Punjabi Widows book – I’m a library gal.
    Still in line for the Assistants.
    If it makes you feel better – we still have snow covered lawns too.. (Canada living!)ReplyCancel

    • Michelle - I started it and loved it so much I’m saving it! haha I do that all the time. But I always want a GREAT BOOK our first lake weekend and since it’s not THAT far away (please please please) I want to save it for then! I have to admit, I only made it through about a third of Punjabi Widows. Just didn’t hold my interest eve though it’s a pretty clever story. I’ll probably pick it back up at some point. 60s in the forecast here next week!! YaHOOOO! 🙂ReplyCancel

      • Karen - You are saving it? !…too funny. But I totally get it. Nothing like knowing you have a good book ready for a weekend. Another great weekend read is Happiness for Beginners by Katherine Center – you may have recommended that one…I can’t keep track.
        I’ll send you sunshine vibes if you send me some too.ReplyCancel

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