Let’s Hear it for the Boys

Thing 1 has a new obsession.  Wait, let me rephrase that.
Thing 1 has a new OBSESSION.

One Direction, or as the truest of the true fans call them – 1D.

For the past few months she has been INFATUATED (again, the capitals are necessary) by these 5 super cute, clean cut*, perfectly styled – and best of all – British boys (thankfully she has good taste and has chosen the boy with the least ridiculous hair as #1 on her ranking list of band members. Plaid shirt. A-dor-able).

Thing 2, even at age 10, also has quite the crush (on the oldest boy – naturally – and the one who bears a striking resemblance to my inappropriate crush, Zac Efron. It’s part of my therapy to admit that out loud).
Even Husband and I have hopped aboard the 1D bus (it’s double-decker, of course).

*However, according to the 1D camp – they aren’t as squeaky clean as they appear.  They drink (albeit legally – the drinking age in England is 18)…and even their manager is not denying that they don’t have sex (poor Britney..I guess that burden was her cross to bear)…several have tattoos (gasp!)….and a couple of them have either had or have older girlfriends (and you know what that means).  Refreshing, this whole truth thing, isn’t it??

I love this return of the classic Boy Band and all the harmonizing bubble-gummy-earworm lyrics, the matching-but-not-matching outfits, and the crazed fandemonium that goes along with it.

And it’s been awhile since there’s been a good Boy Band.  I mean, a really good Boy Band.

The 70’s had the rollicking and ridiculously absurd (and fabulous) antics of The Monkees –
Seriously – If a neckerchief doesn’t scream, “I’m sexy and desirable”, then a braided headband outta do the trick.
– which recently Nickelodeon has tried – pretty successfully I believe – to recreate with these cuties –
Big Time Rush. Definitely cute and talented, but unfortunately, they’re not British.

The 90’s, of course, had these fine (and very intelligent) looking gentlemen –

New Kids On The Block was a bit past my teen time. However, I had those exact overalls. 
who were only marginally less ridiculous looking than these idiots guys –
Ooooh yeah, now I remember why I didn’t like them.  

In 2000, MTV tried to spawn a resurgence of the Boy Band with the critically panned beyond brilliant reality show, “Making the Band”, which resulted in this 
O-Town.  I’m not at all ashamed to admit that as an adult I loved this whole show….this band….and their first only CD.   Husband, however, would like to go on record and deny all of the above. (He’s a big liar).
And I’d be completely negligent to omit the following Fab 5 from this list of Boy Band greats –
*NSYNC.  *NOUGH said.
Even though I was well past the teenage girl “which one will I marry” phase, I was mesmerized by their catchy tunes and fantastically intricate dance moves (and for the record, even in my 30’s, I had totally picked JT as my imaginary husband.  Still do.  It’s okay, Husband is totally cool with it).  

But to me there’s no contest in the Boy Band Battle. For, without a doubt, these 5 British boys will – in my heart – forever be the most FABULOUS Boy Band of all time (now it’s my turn to use capitals) –
Just look at them.  So creepy cool.  So feminine fashionable. Every boy’s girl’s fantasy.
Duran Duran was my 1D.  I was beyond OBSESSED. I was as certain that I’d marry Simon LeBon as I was about the fact that my curled under and teased bangs coupled with feathered side wings was an attractive hairstyle (plus – BONUS! –  we could share makeup!).

The other day I said to Thing 1, “It’s so cute how you are so infatuated with One Direction.  Makes me remember my obsession with a certain boy band in the 80’s.”
Thing 1:  “Who?”
Me: “Duran Duran, of course!!”
Thing 1:  “Ew. Gross. They were so…..OLD!”
(She’s been grounded for a week)

Boy Bands may come and go…evolve and regress….but I’m just happy that my 16 year old daughter is getting the opportunity to experience the thrills and excitement and crushes and (perhaps unattainable) dreams that so many of us girls (and more than a few boys) did growing up.  It’s a big part of what defines our adolescence and adds a hell of a lot of excitement to our teenage memory banks.

So I’ll leave you with this brilliant piece of cinematography and musical mastery –
(and if my memories cloud my judgement…all I can say is that’s what a good Boy Band will do to a girl). 

*Apologies to those fans of the handful of other Boy Bands I omitted. But they sucked.

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  • Betsy - I am surprised to see Jordan Knight in the overalls in the NKTOB picture. I definitely would have pegged Donnie as the overall wearer of the bunch.ReplyCancel

  • Erin O'Riordan - I definitely, definitely feel too old to even want to know anything about One Direction.

    I was never a big devotee of any particular boy band, though I did go through a Spice Girls infatuation. I do still, to this day, love Duran Duran, though. I remember “Hungry Like the Wolf” from when I was little and my mom would put on MTV while she cleaned the house.

    (In case you’re wondering why I’m commenting on such an old post, I stopped by from The Vintage Apple, and the link at the bottom caught my eye.)ReplyCancel

  • Teri Biebel - I am a Duranie, tried and true. And I KNEW there was something about you that I felt drawn to! AND AND AND both my daughters are Directioners. I’ve written extensively on this topic both here: http://teri-b.tumblr.com/post/27293626726/concerts

    and here: http://snarkfestblog.blogspot.com/2012/08/rushers-directioners-duranies-oh-my.html

    Hope you enjoy and I wish you the best of luck with Thing 1. I’ve already got tickets for NEXT JULY’S 1D concert at Hershey. Kill me now.


  • Sisterhood of the Sensible Moms - On my goodness, you killed it with that final comment. I loved your whole history of Boy Bands, but THANK YOU for leaving out the ones that sucked! No one has time for that.

    My 14 y/o daughter was walking by when this was open on my laptop and she complimented Thing 1 on her choice of favorites, “Smart girl.” They probably could be besties now. 🙂

    Sharpie is having a 1D contest on their Facebook page where you upload posters you’ve drawn. My 11 y/o daughter actually said, “Hey that Duran Duran poster (from my memorabilia box, remember?) you drew was really good, we should just cross out Duran Duran and write One Direction.” Strangely, I was really pumped by that compliment. (Don’t you dare suggest it was laziness.)

    Great post! EllenReplyCancel

  • Toulouse - Ah, the enduring appeal of Duran Duran. Did you go see them on their most recent tour? I chose to let them remain the way they were in my memory forever rather than possibly taint it by seeing them today. Hee, her. I said “taint.”ReplyCancel

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