Things I learned this weekend…

~ that “Hey Jude” and “Bridge Over Troubled Water” sung in 5 part harmony (by Thing 1’s High School choir) gives you serious goose bumps and makes you wish you could sing like that.

~ that going to bed at 10:00 on a Friday night is not a bad idea every now and again.

~ that when you put 8 11 year old girls together for a 6 hour birthday party, the noise level rivals that of a Bieber sighting.

~ that the glass of Pinot Noir that you pour in the middle of the party tastes better than any other glass of Pinot Noir you’ve ever had.

~ that if you drink that glass of wine while escaping sitting out on the deck in the middle of a thunderstorm you cannot hear all the noise the girls are making.

~ that a group of 11 year old girls kind of smell like an armpit.

~ that 11 year old girls are still unaffected, joyful, crazy and so full of excitement and life that it makes you pause and catch your breath and smile, no matter how much they’ve accelerated your early-onset hearing loss. 

~ that sharing an impromptu cocktail with good friends is a fine idea….and that they don’t care if you are in your jammies.

~ that cold pizza and ice-cream cake makes a fine family breakfast.

~ that if you plan to plant 27 Hostas and spread a mountain of mulch that is sitting in your driveway, it will surely drop 20 degrees and rain.

~ that moving the mountain of mulch and planting the 27 Hostas (after it stops raining) makes your back muscles feel like a cherry Twizzler.

~ that sitting on the deck looking at the newly planted pots full of pretty flowers and enjoying 2 day old Cherry Chicken Salad and listening to the birds sing and watching the squirrels play tag in the trees is a fine way to relax your back and end a weekend.

Hope your weekend was lovely, too! 

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