Who’s coming for dinner?

You know that game people play &/or the classic question that probably everybody that has ever written a college application essay has had to answer?

“If you could have dinner with 3 people – living or dead – who would it be?”

The other day as I was driving around running my very important errands (Target, groceries, gas, Costco, Pier One to check out the fall decor, back to Target) and was listening to the pop-culture talk radio station that I wish I could work for, they were talking about which Hollywood couple it would be fun to invite over for dinner.

And it got me ridiculously excited to try to come up with a few couples and play along and I was shouting at my radio “ELLEN AND PORTIA! ELLEN AND PORTIA!” and trying not to swerve into oncoming traffic.

And then it got me thinking of that essay question.

And then it made me totally embarrassed.

Because if I’m being dead honest (and I’m nothing if not dead honest when discussing important matters like celebrities and pop-culture), I would never even think of people like Ghandi or JFK or Mother Theresa when answering that question, but would instead be completely torn between celebrities – and not even do-gooder or influential celebrities like Oprah or Michael J. Fox – but the celebrities I love and find funny and want to be BFFs with. But would totally lie and say Ghandi and JFK and Mother Theresa if asked that on a college essay or during a job interview.

So here’s my version of the game.

“If you could have a dinner party, which celebrities would you invite?”

~ And for the record, this post has been in the works for weeks because of the serious amount of thought I’ve put into it and the number of times I’ve changed my mind.  I had to pick people I could honestly see myself hanging with, who would get along, and who aren’t too intimidating (sorry Justin Timberlake).  Like I said, I take my celebrities seriously.
1.  Ellen.
What she’d bring to the table:  
Supreme hilariousness and honesty – and after a few drinks – awesome dance moves.
She’d sit at the head of the table (obviously).
I love her to pieces. 
2.  Lauren Graham.
What she’d bring to the table:
Oh, Lorelei Gilmore. Adore.  And now on Parenthood she continues to be my virtual BFF.
She is quirky and funny and real.  She’s also about my age (actually 2 years older!) and I have to admit, when I watch her on talk shows she reminds me a bit of myself – very awkward and overly enthusiastic about very basic and mundane things and pretty much bananas – and unapologetically so.
I’m totally jealous of her thick hair though (at our age…it’s a rarity) so I’d have to get over that…or request that she wear a hat.

3.  Jennifer Garner.

What she’d bring to the table:
Her adorable smile and enthusiasm and genuineness (if that’s not a word, it should be) and happiness about just about everything she mentions.  
She’s another virtual girlfriend of mine (with awesome hair).
And if she wanted to bring the old ball and chain, I wouldn’t say no.
4.  Neil Patrick Harris.
What he’d bring to the table:
Awesomeness. Adorableness. Magic tricks!!
And his presence would definitely make the dinner
Legend – wait for it – dary.
5.  Jimmy Fallon.
What he’d bring to the table:
Stories. Lots of great stories. And impressions. 
Because how awesome would that be?
After dinner he could grab his guitar and make up funny songs and sing like Bob Dylan or Bruce Springsteen while Ellen is teaching us sweet new dance moves.
6.  Dax Shepard and Kristen Bell.
What they’d bring to the table:
I thought maybe I should invite at least one couple, and it wasn’t difficult to choose this one. 
I love him. I love her. 
Together they are so explosively adorable it makes my teeth hurt.
They are funny and real and (seem) unaffected by the whole ‘Hollywood’ thing.
I dread the day I open UsWeekly.com and discover they’ve called off their engagement. 
And really, how can anyone not love her after watching this?
So there’s my answer.  
And there are certainly celebrity crushes that I didn’t invite for one reason or another (um, like John Stamos. He’s too beautiful. Duh. I’d be too nervous. Husband would be, too).
Maybe I’ll invite them over next time.  
But for now, dinner – and one hell of a fun and funny time – is served.
**Now it’s your turn. Who are 3 celebrities you’d ask for dinner??**

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  • Sarah - Okay, 3 is much too small a number… haha, but I would invite:
    1. Jim Parsons- from the Big Bang Theory. I love him. the end.
    2. James Lafferty- from One Tree Hill. He’s hot. haha 🙂
    3. Adam Brody- if he’s anything in real life like he was on the O.C., I will love him forever.

    and if I had to throw a girl in there, it’d be Rachel Bilson. I love her. and her style. and her tv shows.

    this was such a cute idea for a post!ReplyCancel

  • Carolyn - OH MAN! Can I please oh please oh please come to this dinner?!?!?! I don’t even need to sit at the table. I’ll hover in the corner and giggle. Can you imagine how much laughing would happen!?!??!?!? Jeeze. 🙂 Good choices!!ReplyCancel

  • Bridget - I am in the same boat that I would be torn between celebreties!! ELLEN..#1 choice!!! Who wouldn’t want Ellen @ their dinner. OMG…I would love to come to this dinner also…
    I’m totally adding this to my list of blog topics…thanks 🙂ReplyCancel

  • kyna... - Oh boy…I’ll have to give some thought to that!! I have so many! Ellen would be amazing, but I think I would want some eye candy there too! lol!
    ♥ KynaReplyCancel

  • Becca - That sounds like an amazing dinner to be at! Ellen is seriously one of my favorite people on this planet! Great choices!

    I nominated you for an award if you would like to check it out!

  • Laura Darling - Hmm, I don’t know who my full list would include, but Ellen would surely be on it! And Carrie Underwood for sure!

    I also love that your errand list both starts and ends with Target. I do the same thing!ReplyCancel

  • Jen - I just stumbled across your blog and I’m so glad I did! I love it! You kind of remind me of…well, me. (Is that freakishly, narcissistic?) Anyway, love your picks for dinner…I agree with all of them. I’d also add Emma Stone. I have a weird girl crush on her lately, love her sense of humor.

    Stop by http://fillingupmycup.com sometime! I’m a pretty new blogger and love getting visitors besides my mom. 🙂ReplyCancel

  • birchandlace - i just found your blog a few weeks ago and am SO glad that i did. i love reading your hysterical posts and think your voice is so refreshing! not to be hugely creepy, but last week i read all of your posts late into the evening and giggled to myself. (ok, i’ll admit, that’s pretty creepy). also, i love ellen, so this post is one of my faves…
    onto my dinner guests:
    ellen, obviously.
    beyonce & jay-z (because in my world, they come as a pair. and ok, they can bring blue ivy if they want.)
    jenna marbles (youtube queen. if you haven’t heard of her, i highly suggest tuning in. she can be a bit crude and vulgar, but is mostly just very very funny.)

    thanks for keeping my highly entertained,


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