Notice anything different around here??

Why, YMFT, you look mah-valous!!

What do you think?

In honor of me sticking with something for 6 months YMFT’s 6 month anniversary, I decided I needed to ditch the standard blogger template and give the little blog a well-deserved (and much needed) makeover!

I feel so legit now.

And a h-u-g-e thank you and shout out to my designer, Kristen Danielle.  Seriously kids, she couldn’t have been more lovely to work with.  Let me tell you, I may be a tiny bit detail oriented and may have very definite ideas of how something should look, and might be a smidge of a perfectionist (shut up, Husband), but Kristen was über patient and sweet and made all the changes I asked for….again and again and again. And even at 10:48 last night (when she thought she was finally finished and was thisclose to being rid of me) and I (of course) found a few things that needed tweaking, that lovely girl still happily replied that she’ll make the adjustments later today (like font sizes.  It’s a bitch when your old eyes can’t even read your own post, I tell ya.  And by ‘your‘, I of course mean ‘me‘).
Give her a shout if you are in the market for a spruce up or a total re-do….or just check out her blog HERE.

So that’s it.  My solitary Friday fave.  And believe me, a lot happened this week that could qualify.
But like my new blog design, I’m gonna keep it simple and clean.

Hope you all like it as much as I do.

It makes me happy.

It’s {definitely} my favorite today.

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