Baio’s back…and I’m his favorite.

Remember a couple of months ago when Scott Baio retweeted me and I died a thousand deaths?
If not, you’ll need to read this post for this one to make any sense.
Go ahead.  I’ll wait.

Okay, so today, for only the second time in my life (I am not lying, HUSBAND) I sent a tweet to Scott Baio that might have also mentioned Scott Baio (@ScottBaio for us tweeting pros) so he might happen to see it (duh).

And for the second time in my life – HE READ IT.

Scott, listen.  I’m a married woman.  You’re a married man. This cannot keep going on. The spouses are gonna get suspicious. Which I’m sure is why you didn’t retweet me again. Would raise a red flag, I know, I get it.  We’ll play it cool.  Keep it on the DL.

And being favorited by him is even better, anyway.
Because you know what that means, don’t you kids?
I was Baio’s favorite…


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