There’s been a monumental countdown going on in our house for the past 13 days years.

Thing 2 turns 13 this week.


And while that fact is hard for me to wrap my brain around, it’s surprisingly harder for her. She cannot believe she’s 13. Believe me, I know. It’s been the theme of every conversation we’ve had with her for the past two weeks. It’s been documented with post-it note countdowns (that she, herself, made). There’s been difficulty sleeping for sheer anticipated excitement (on her part, and as a direct result, on mine). The lists of desired 13-year-old cliched gifts has been emailed to me (iPhone! clothes! gift cards! pink swivel chair for her desk!) — the attachment followed by her typical enthusiasm for pretty much everything she encounters in her life, and something that is one of my very favorite things about her. 

Screenshot 2014-05-06 10.41.29.jpg

(This list scrolled down for at least another six inches)

The events of her birthday day have been detailed and shared so many times the entire family can recite what will be happening every minute from the time she gets up (6:30 a.m. to catch Thing 1 before she leaves for school, in case you were curious), to what will happen from the time she steps off the bus until we force her to bed. I know not only what kind of cake she wants me to make, but that it must be a 2-layer round with chocolate frosting, rainbow sprinkles and her name written in gel, what she’ll order at dinner and whose presents she’s opening first. I know what she is going to wear to school on her birthday as well as the back-up outfit for the forecasted rain-out and how she’s wearing her hair (I’d say it’s a tween thing, but that’s pretty much just a girl thing).

I’m quite certain I’ve perpetuated this mania. Like me, Thing 2 has always been a big fan of her birthday, so much so that usually around 4 p.m. she turns a corner and gets super depressed that it’s almost over. It’s true. She’ll go from the highest of highs to the lowest of lows all in the span of about 45 seconds. She has quite the flair for drama. Always has. 

Here she is at age two pretending to be asleep — on the concrete — because she’d just done something naughty and knew she was about to get in trouble. So she “slept” so we couldn’t talk to her. There was snoring involved.


Last year I mentioned her flair for the emotional drama briefly in Friday Favorites’ post:

Screenshot 2014-05-06 16.35.52

It’s no wonder that kid has found a home on the stage.

But even though every year her birthday brings insane excitement, this year it’s different. The girl is beside herself at the thought of 13.

Yesterday I asked her why.

“So what’s going to make 13 so very different from 12?” I wondered.

And the girl who only stops running her mouth to sleep (but usually falls asleep while it’s running) had this to say:

“I don’t know.”

Sounds like she’s a teenager already.

Now that she’s 13, I’ll have to change her “name” on the many Facebook quips that she’s often featured in.
In honor of her birthday, here’s a few for you to enjoy.

Screenshot 2014-05-06 16.16.13

Screenshot 2014-05-08 10.19.40

Screenshot 2014-05-06 16.14.51

Screenshot 2014-05-06 22.54.59

Screenshot 2014-05-06 23.01.57

Screenshot 2014-05-06 22.59.02

And my favorite one of all:

Screenshot 2014-05-06 16.22.46


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  • julie - OMG! I love the “sleeping” photo! You have done an amazing job there! It ain’t easy to raise decent people and from what I can tell, you have not only succeeded but excelled. Congratulations. (plus I am so excited that I no longer have to talk to you verbally at my screen, which I am pretty sure you didn’t ever hear)ReplyCancel

  • Teri - Awwww she’s awesome like her momma!!! Happy Birthday, 13!!ReplyCancel

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