Friday Favorites – Summer’s Eve

One week.

ONE WEEK until all the feelings will start to be felt.

It’s one week ’till graduation, ya’ll.

I’m anticipating this –>

Kristen Bell 1will quickly turn into this –>

Kristen Bell 2

all because of this –>

Kristen Bell 3

I’m thinking this might help the process –>


but I can’t be sure.

However, today isn’t next week, and the past two days I’ve only had one thing on my mind.

Screenshot 2014-05-23 08.06.20

Stay with me here, people.

You guys, it’s Memorial Day weekend.

And while Memorial Day weekend means a hell of a lot to our country for the obvious reasons — and please stop what you’re doing at some point this weekend and remember that — it also means that the entire summer is stretched out before me.

amy poehler

Because of the madness of graduation, we’re taking a break and heading to the Happy Place, where we don’t get to return to for about a month due to — you guessed it — graduation madness, which will also include college orientation.

Kristen Bell 2


But for now I’m going to put all the feelings aside and concentrate on the EVE.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, the ‘Eve’ is much better than the actual event, because it hasn’t happened yet. And if it hasn’t happened (but is just about to), it isn’t almost over and I’m not sad and wishing it was just beginning.

That makes perfect sense to me, btw, but that shouldn’t be surprising. Let me explain:

It’s like when you first sit down to open presents on Christmas morning.

It’s like day one of the vacation you’ve been waiting a year for.

It’s like when the waiter first sets down the Appletini that is so full it’s sloshing over the rim of the glass.

Now you get it.

And here we are.

Memorial Day weekend.

*segue alert*

Summer’s Eve.

(Nope, still can’t even type it without chuckling.)

All feminine flushing jokes aside, it’s my favorite time of the year.


*note for those who are paying attention – if these favorites sound familiar, yes it is because they’ve been used before, possibly even 364 days ago. I won’t tell if you won’t*


1. Nathan’s Hot Dogs


I’m not a huge hot-dog connoisseur, but if I’m gonna eat a wiener, I’m eating Nathan’s (insert husband joke here). 

2. Crack Chips

Since I do my best to avoid chips throughout the year so that when summer comes I can indulge without guilt (and yes, I realize that does not make any sense), Memorial Day kicks off my summertime chippapalooza.

My three addictions?


Seriously, think of me tonight at about 7:00.

I’ll be ripping through a bag of Kettle Chips — on my own — and not even thinking about the consequences.

And I’ll bet I have a smile on my face as big as Nathan’s.

3. Loaded Questions


Fun fact: In Minnesota in the summer, the sun doesn’t set until after 9 p.m. and it’s not dark until around 10.  “Fun” because it means that when we’re at the lake we’re outside until super late (coated in DEET ’till we shine, obviously). But we definitely make it a point to come in early once in awhile and have an old-fashioned game night.

Loaded Questions is by far our family favorite, with just the four of us or with a whole gaggle of friends and their kids.

The premise is simple: One person asks a question, everyone writes down their answers, and then one person has to guess who said what.

It’s hilarious.

Worried your young players won’t be able to follow along?

Worry NOT.

If they can write, they can play.

And speaking from experience, it’s usually their answers that bring the table to hysterical tears.

Hands down, our favorite game to play with a group.


4. Cherry Chicken Salad

cherry chicken salad

Since I literally have been making this salad to eat later and writing this post simultaneously, I figured I’d throw in the recipe. It’s one of our summer faves and super easy.

Since I got the recipe from one of our favorite grocery stores here in Minnesota (because that’s where I first tried this salad) I’m sending you there to get it, but since mine is way better you’ll need to know these few things:

  • Cut the amount of red onion unless you like to sleep alone
  • Cut the amount of dressing you mix up and add unless you like your pasta salad really squishy (I use 3/4 cup of mayo and 3/4 cup of poppyseed dressing)
  • Use shredded, prepared rotisserie chicken and cut your time in half
  • Nix the spinach/lettuce. Ain’t nobody got time for that

Get the recipe HERE.


That’s a wrap today.

I’ve gotta stock up on wine for next week, get to Target, and get ready hit the road with the other 500,000 people heading north this afternoon.

Thank goodness I’ll have all those bags of chips to snack on.

Have a great weekend!!

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