Being famous: It might not be as hard as you think (pun intended)


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You guys know I like a good celebrity dish as much as the next guy.

(And by “celebrity dish” I of course mean some photo or piece of gossip that I can ridicule, and by “next guy” I mean any others of you who check your dignity and brain cells at the door when you gleefully scan the rag mag covers at the supermarket checkout…and by “supermarket” I of course mean Target.)

However, even I  might have to draw the line at a show that is currently being shopped around networks by Andy Cohen. It’s called “I Slept With a Celebrity” and is about people who, you guessed it, slept with a celebrity. Not old boyfriends or girlfriends — i.e., people that were in a relationship with said celebrity — no no. One time Charlies. Hook-up Harrys. Party pin cushions. You get the idea. 

Are you kidding me? Unless they’re talking to people who slept with Zac Efron every week, I, surprisingly, do not care, and am frankly disgusted by it (but again, just for the record, unless they are talking about Zac Efron…or maybe John Stamos. Or perhaps Hugh Jackman. Or Clooney. Maybe even HCJ.) But you know it will be all about total D-list celebrities like Rob Schneider or Danny DeVito and really, who wants to know what kind of groovy moves they have? 

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Here’s the thing, though. In this superficially obsessed celebrity culture, a lot of people will, regardless of whose moves they’ll be discussing. Take the new social experiment show Harvey Levin (of TMZ fame) is producing, Famous in 12. (A show that I happen to be recapping for, be tee dub.) The entire premise is that an unknown family, with talents that are questionable (i.e., unverified; nah, let’s just go with “questionable”), might be able to find Kardashian-esque fame in 12 weeks simply by exposure and social media domination. Is it possible? Sadly, it just might be.

For every one of you who is disgusted by the overabundance of trashy reality TV and the “stars” these shows produce (the redneck pageant queens, the bearded duck families, all the over-implanted housewives) there are thousands who not only watch but who crave the type of fame they’ve achieved. And what does ‘fame’ even mean to these people? Is it about being recognized for their talents or is it just about being recognized? Or maybe it’s just all about who you sleep with?

This’ll be fun: Let’s see if I can compile a quick list of famous folk who became famous by not having any talent whatsoever in under 3 minutes. Go!

  • All Kardashians, both Hilton sisters (fame by whoring and recording — and by that I mean both the sex-tapes and the TV shows)
  • Lauren Conrad, Spenser Conrad, Heidi Montag and the entire “The Hills” gang (fame by doing absolutely nothing…and by being idiots)
  • Jenny McCarthy (fame by posing for Playboy and dating a real celebrity and also by being an idiot)
  • Kendra Wilkinson, Holly whatsername (fame via taking off their clothes and sleeping with an old coot who recorded it…and by being idiots)
  • Snookie and J-pop or J-wow and all the other Jersey Shore idiots (fame by being idiots)
  • Nicole Richie (fame by association and at one point being a reality show idiot)
  • Courtney Stodden (fame by sleeping with and marrying a D-List celebrity 17x her age…and by being as big of an idiot as her boobs)
  • Brandi Glanville (fame by marriage…and divorce)
  • Jon and Kate Gosselin (fame by having too many kids…and by being idiots)
  • Kevin Federline (fame by marriage…and being an idiot)
  • Miley Cyrus (you gotta give me that one)

BUZZ. That’s a pretty decent list for 3 minutes (and by “decent” I mean deplorable).

Whatever happened to accomplishing fame by hard work? (And I don’t mean horizontal hard work or the arduous job of keeping up with your Tweets and Facebook updates. I mean ambition. Drive. Talent. And sure, a lot of luck.) Have the Kardashians ruined it for everyone?

For the Famous in 12 family, they might have actually made it more attainable. Hell, throw in a one-night-stand with John Goodman and they might actually achieve it.

Follow along with me on each Wednesday as I recap the train-wreck ride hurtling the Artiaga family to hopeful fame…or certain ridicule and disappointment. You may want to stock up on wine. On second thought, just send it all to me.


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  • Pam Migdal Bernstein - Welllllll, Miley can sing and kinda act, so she does actually have some talent. Not a lot, mind you, but Hannah Montana wasn’t that bad of a show, and the cds grew on you, once you listened to them in the car a million times.ReplyCancel

  • Teri Biebel - You know what would just be awesome? If they put all the ‘reality’ and ‘celebs’ shows (except Dancing with the Stars because I kinda dug that this year) on ONE network, so we didn’t have to wade through a bunch of shit.

    OR OR OR, here’s a good one!!! Put the reality folks in the real life shows. I’d love to see the Hilton sisters AND the whole Kardashian clan on Deadliest Catch. If they ‘accidentally’ fell overboard, the world would actually be a much nicer place!!ReplyCancel

  • julie - How bad is it that I have no idea who roughly 7 of those you mentioned are? Does that give me points or make me a hermit? I cannot tell you how desperatly I do not care about the Kardashians. I do not care to see pictures of the wedding or the children or the people themselves. Snooki and J-wow? they were at least funny! does that undo the fact that I started out with?

    I sure do enjoy your blog!ReplyCancel

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