The New Fall TV Season: my Psych 101 and Fantasy Football experience

I can’t believe it’s already mid-September.

We’re feeling it here in Minnesota: the temperature took a nose dive last week and has been spiraling downward in a slow death-spin ever since.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s gorgeous and perfectly fall-ish, I just wish the first frost advisory had waited until, oh I don’t know, THE END OF TIME OCTOBER.

But what’re you gonna do?

I’ll tell you what you’re gonna do.

Hunker down and watch new TV is what you’re gonna do!

I mean, after pouring a generous glass of Cabernet and opening up a fresh bag of mini m&ms, of course.

(*In a related note, I’m going shopping for new yoga pants tomorrow. Suck it jeans, you lose.)

Last week my fall bible arrived.

EW TV guide

I’m not kidding, when I opened the mailbox I swear a cloud of golden dust blew out and a chorus of angels began singing.

The Entertainment Weekly fall TV preview has been my reference guide for many, many years. Waaay even before EW became my employer. (Sorry, you know I had to go there.)

I pour over it meticulously, at first just for pleasure and then a second time more intensely, adding sticky notes in the margins.

It’s like Psychology 101 and Fantasy Football met, fell in love and had a baby.

Before you start to worry about me, don’t.

As my husband can tell you, it’s really a waste of your time.

Moving on.

After the second read-through, things get real. (Because sticky notes in the margins is total childsplay.)

Taking my bible down to the computer, I double check the new daily TV schedules and make a chart, scheduling out the returning shows that are favorites and adding in the new ones I want to try.

There’s highlighter involved.

History tells me that about 80% of the new shows won’t live past February, but at this point optimism wins and I start to panic a little when I notice one day — there’s always ONE DAY — where I simply have too many shows to watch/record.

Time to get a second DVR involved, but which one?

We watch TV in our basement on the big TV so that’s obviously where my husband and I record our shows — the ones we’ll watch and the ones we DVR to watch on the treadmill (i.e., the ones we’ll never watch).

The TV in the family room is like 18 years old and makes everyone look like Weeble Wobbles, and besides, that’s where my daughter records all her shows so the DVR is full of “Dog with a Blog,” “Liv & Maddie,” “Girl Meets World,” and old episodes of “Full House” (which negates all the previous shows).

The kitchen TV is tiny and you have to watch standing up, so that’s not an option.

The TV in my bedroom is a nice size, but so far away from my bed that I can’t see it without my glasses — which I never can find (because glasses) — so if I watch anything on it I have to make myself a pallet on the floor right up under the TV. And to be honest, that just takes too much work.

As you can see, it’s a problem.

This year, the TV overload falls on a Friday. “A FRIDAY?” I can hear you thinking. “What could you possibly want to watch on a Friday, second behind Saturday for the ‘suckiest-night-on-TV’ award?”

Shocking, I realize. But in actuality it makes me happy that it’s Friday that is causing this year’s cluster-f*ck because that means we have Saturday night (‘the suckiest-night-on-TV’) to watch whatever we recorded.

Tells you a lot about my social calendar, doesn’t it?

(And by the way, it’s all shows we watch with Thing 2: “The Amazing Race”, “MasterChef Jr.”, and “Last Man Standing” that all come on at the same time. All shows we can watch together, which in this day and age is unusual so we take advantage of it … which in my book is the very best kind of social calendar to keep.)

I’m still working on the solution.

If there’s a new TV in my family room next week because the 18-year-old one suddenly “broke”, delete this blog post.

What returning &/or new shows are you excited about?

In case you were wondering:

My returning favorites
Mom (CBS, Mondays)
The Blacklist (NBC, Mondays)
Modern Family (ABC, Wednesdays)
Scandal (ABC, Thursdays)
Parenthood (NBC, Thursdays) <– WHICH I WILL BE RECAPPING — AGAIN — FOR EW!
Last Man Standing (ABC, Fridays)
The Amazing Race (CBS, Fridays)
MasterChef Jr. (FOX, Fridays)

New shows I’m giving a shot
Marry Me (ABC, Tuesdays)
Mysteries of Laura (NBC, Wednesdays)
Red Band Society (FOX, Wednesdays)
A to Z (NBC, Thursdays)

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