Friday Favorites: Indulgence


Summer is the perfect time for them, isn’t it? (So are the holidays…and the bitter cold months of January…and February…and March…and the brisk, apple-crispy days of fall…but let’s not get carried away. Until October.)

It seems that all I’ve been doing the past month or so is indulging, and not just on decadent food and wine-fueled evenings on the deck or dock. Summer has meant lazy days and late nights reading, watching Netflix, and putting off most everything I need to do in exchange for things I want to do.

Truly, it’s how we should all live 365.

If only.

Today I’m ending a seven-day staycation at the Happy Place, and I’m slightly embarrassed to admit that I’ve not done much more than breathe since we got here.


But really, can you blame me?

And while sitting and staring at the lake should be indulgence enough, there’ve been a few other things that I’ve been drunk on this week…and surprisingly, none of them are alcoholic.

YMFT Friday Favorites

1. The Duff

the duff

Let me get something out the way right off the bat: I hate the title—and what it stands for—of this movie. In fact, when it came out I didn’t even read any reviews because I was sure it was just another lame attempt at a Mean Girls rip off.
And it is a rip off. But it’s so not lame.
It’s adorable.

Sure, having the adorable Mae Whitman (whom you know I adored in Parenthood and way back as the insanely adorable Bernice in Hope Floats) as the lead didn’t hurt my review, but really, the entire movie was funny, clever, and all around entertaining.
Did I mention adorable?
Was it predictable? Of course it was!
Typical mean girls, hot crushes, will-they-won’t-they storylines, bickering friends, and the triumphant in your face ending where everyone gets what they deserve, The Duff is a John Hughes-worthy escape for those of you with teens (I’d recommend it for 14 and over), or for those of you who, like me, have enough of the teen girl left in you to enjoy it all by yourself.

2. Rob Lowe

Speaking of teen girls.
Raise your hand if you’ve also had a major crush on Rob Lowe since 1983.

raising hands

I mean, come on.

Screenshot 2015-07-23 19.42.30

Photo taken from his instagram account (@robloweofficial) and which now may or may not be my iPhone wallpaper.

And speaking of Instagram — and social media in its entirety for that matter — I know I mentioned it a few years ago when I had the Scott Baio moment, but the fact that we can now be so immersed in the lives of our teen crushes never fails to absolutely amaze me. Case in point, the other day I opened Instagram and exclaimed to my husband, “Look at this fish Rob Lowe’s son just caught!” like it was completely ordinary to be seeing a photo Rob Lowe snapped of his son’s fish. (The husband was impressed with the fish, btw, but you know would’ve been totally more impressed if it hadn’t been my secret lover’s son.) 

But I digress. Which isn’t unusual when it comes to all things Lowe. 

Wait, what was I talking about? Indulgences, that’s right. Which is the word that you’d find in the dictionary under his photo, I’m quite sure. 

This past week I’ve been bingeing on Parks and Rec (tardy to the party) at the insistence of my girls, who have motored through almost the entire series this summer (seems they have established a bit of a summer pattern, if you’ll remember.) 

I’m not gonna lie: Rob Lowe was my bait. 

And I’m literally hooked. 

 Even when he’s losing body fluids from every orifice, he’s my favorite. 

(For the record, so is my husband.)

3. Chicago Mix (from Costco)

chicago mix1

chicago mix

The end.

4. Crochet creation

After finishing the blanket-of-many-colors for Thing 1 to take to college with her last summer (which I’m happy to report she kept snuggled up in all year long), I’ve sadly not done a lot of crocheting.

Colorful crochet ripple blanket

Burnout, I guess.

I started a small lap blanket in January to feel useful, but haven’t really felt like working on it in months.
Until this week.
The week of indulgences.

crochet throw1

And the fact that I’ve worked on it while eating Chicago mix, drinking wine, and watching DVR’d Shark Week until the wee hours makes it a quadruple indulgence. Bam. 

crochet throw

Simple linen stitch — Google it.

It should be done just in time to throw over my lap during the chilly fall evenings…when I’ll be eating Chicago mix and drinking wine again, of course. 

5. Talbott Chardonnay
I know I said that alcohol wasn’t part of the indulgence, but I was lying (I blame the alcohol).
Rounding out this week’s list is one of our favorite (forgotten) Chardonnays, Talbott Kali Hart Chardonnay. 


We’ve been fans of this wine for awhile, but for some reason haven’t had it for months.
Until this week.
Was it because we enjoyed it on a sunset cruise on the lake? Maybe Probably.
Was it because it was enjoyed during a relaxing staycation, where we were rested and refreshed? Sure.
Was it because we I was hopped up on Lowe? I plead the fifth. 

At $15 a bottle it’s a bit of an indulgence, but c’mon, you know the lazy days of summer are worth it.
And if they’re not…you are. 🙂


You guys, talk about a Friday Favorite! I’m super excited to have one of my most popular posts over at one of my very favorite websites today. I love The Mid, and I’d say that even if I didn’t have something published there. (If you follow YMFT on Facebook you know I’m telling the truth as I share articles from the site almost daily.)
If you missed my humorous list of do’s and don’ts for dorm room shopping last year, check it out!
And even if you read it, go to The Mid and poke around — I promise you’ll find a whole bunch of things that will resonate with you!

Also, make sure to vote in this week’s Friends poll on The EW Community! This week it’s all about Phoebe. Running, Smelly Cat…it’s all there!  

Have a great weekend, friends! And don’t forget to hydrate and carb up…we’ve got The Bachelorette finale on Monday night.
Note to self: Stock up on Talbott Chardonnay. 

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  • Snarkfest - Drinking some whites this summer, I’ll have to try the Talbott.

    When are you crocheting me my own blanket?ReplyCancel

    • Michelle - It’s a good balance between smooth and tart, if that makes any sense.
      And since it takes me a year to finish anything I start, and I have a list of requests that I’ll probably never get to, you’ll get a blanket around the time you move to a retirement home, which will be perfect, actually. 😉ReplyCancel

      • Snarkfest - Seeing as I’m dealing with hot flashes now anyway, I’ll need it more when I’m in the old farts home.ReplyCancel

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