Friday Favorites: Summer lovin’

You guys, it’s been so long since I’ve posed a Friday Favorites I feel like maybe I should take a moment to reintroduce them…but since I know that those of you who usually read them are long time friends of YMFT (hey girl, hey) I probably can skip that and get right to my apology (sorry) and excuse…


You’d better believe that water bottle and watermark were strategically placed

(Not really sorry.)

There I am on my favorite (cheap Target) float at my happy place (tied to the boat so I don’t float into the gross weeds…or an oncoming boat) and it’s where I am unless it is windy or raining or I’m back at home having to do stupid things like laundry and feeding my family.

So as you can see, between all the floating, the summer napping (not pictured), the anniversary trip I took in June, more napping, and all the damn Bacheloretting I’ve been doing, I’ve been busy, dammit, and haven’t had a lot of time to share my favorites.

Doesn’t mean I haven’t had any though.

So let’s skip all the usual  chit-chat about the weather (which has been lovely, btw, if you forget the storm we had last weekend with straight line winds of 70 mph that flattened thousands of trees in the 10 mile radius of our little cabin, but somehow skipped over us, thank goodness) and get right to it.

YMFT Friday Favorites

Favorite Binge Watch

It’s got the stupidest name, has what I thought was the stupidest premise when I first heard about it last year, yet has now become my obsession.

jane the virgin

I watched the first episode on the plane ride to California last month and was instantly hooked with the show’s clever writing, original format, humor, heart, and great characters whom I instantly fell in love with.

Exhibit A:


Since it’s not available on Netflix, I had to buy season 1 on iTunes, but at $30 (for the SD version, which is fine by me) for 22 episodes, the $1.36 spent for each hour is so worth it. And I swear I’d say that even if Rafael (above) didn’t look like that.

I’m only on episode 20 and am putting off watching the last three because I’m already depressed it’s going to end (read: NO SPOILERS PLEASE) and I have to wait until October 19 for season 2.
If you need a fun, clever, different show to binge, buy an episode or two and give it a try!

Favorite Pastime*
*Other than floating, napping, and watching Jane, that is.

A couple of months ago I ordered a few grown-up coloring books and a giant pack of Sharpies off of Amazon, and Thing 1 and I have spent hours happily coloring beautiful designs together.


And by “happily,” I mean that despite the fact that I cannot see the tiny designs without my reading glasses and get nauseous about 15 minutes in, and even though I’ve learned that I have a bit of ADD when it comes to starting one design and staying with it until it’s finished (I have about 9 of them in progress and have only completed one), it’s strangely calming.


Thing 1 loves it and comes up with the very best color combinations that make me insanely jealous (those pictures above are her masterpieces). I’ll be sending a few books back to college with her next month as a stress buster, for sure!

Here’s the books we have (and Amazon has a ton more), but if you check out your local Barnes & Noble or craft stores you can browse in person.


We use Sharpies, which I love, but the colors are kind of harsh and they tend to bleed a lot in the tiny spaces. I’m thinking of picking up some different markers at Target to try as well. Happy coloring!


Favorite Go-to Lunch
In the summer I gain about six or eleven pounds from eating at our favorite pizza place at the lake every single weekend (oftentimes twice), not to mention the bags of taffy and ice-cream cones we shovel in after the pizza at the cute candy store across the street. So when I’m home during the week I try my best to be conscious of what I’m eating and make good choices (“try” being the operative word)…because not eating the pizza, taffy, and ice-cream on the weekends simply isn’t an option.

Here’s my go-to, low calorie lunch—a sandwich I’ve been making and eating for about five years (which makes me highly disappointed in myself that I haven’t shared until now) and is not only yummy but pretty to look at.

yummy low-cal bagel sandwich

Here’s how to make it:
Lightly toast a Thomas’ Bagel Thin (I use plain but they come in different varieties)
1-2 TBS of light cream cheese (sometimes I use Jalepeño when I’m feeling especially spicy)
4 or 5 slices of your favorite deli turkey
sliced cucumbers (the more the better)
sliced red pepper (ditto)

I usually eat it with some Reduced Fat Pringles because I’m addicted to them and because the six pounds can suck-it, but you could eat some fruit I suppose.

Favorite Easy Cocktail
Surprisingly, I sometimes get a bit tired of wine in the evenings and want a summery drink to take out to the deck or the dock or on the boat at sunset. However, I don’t want to make one that has a lot of ingredients that I’d have to go out and buy or one that takes more than about two minutes to throw together. I think I’ve already established what little patience I have in the kitchen, even if the end result is a yummy cocktail.

One of my very favorite beachy, summery drinks is a Mai Tai, but the one perfect recipe I have (which came straight from Maui) has a bunch of ingredients that I don’t usually have on hand, ingredients that when I’ve actually gone out and bought end up going bad because I’ll make one or two Mai Tais and that’s the end of it.

We came up with this poor man’s version of a Mai Tai after our trip to Turks & Caicos this past January (where we drank a lot of rum punch that we made in our room ourselves so we didn’t have to spend $12 at the hotel bar…rocking the term “poor man”), and while it’s definitely more of just a rum punch than an actual Mai Tai, it’s easy and delicious so who the hell cares.

rum punch

And if you do not have tiny umbrellas and mermaids in your house to garnish your drinks, you should.

Hawaiian Punch (we use cans so it doesn’t go bad)
a heavy splash of O.J.
Equal parts (I’ll let you decide how happy you want the outcome to be) Gold rum and Malibu rum (which is rum with coconut liquer, and which is what I imagine heaven tastes a bit like)


Favorite Books…But Not Really
I’ve spent more time than usual reading over the past couple of months, and while my selections have been hit or miss and I haven’t really read anything I’d consider a favorite to add to the list, just the act of reading has been favorite enough.

US Magazine does too count as reading.

US Magazine does too count as reading.

Here’s a few things I’ve read, am in the middle of reading (I have to have a few books in progress at once, anyone else like that?) or have started and stopped:

Where’d You Go, Bernadette by Maria Semple — devoured this one in three days on my trip to Big Sur. I actually did love this one and have just decided to add it to the list of favorites.

In The Unlikely Event by Judy Blume — grabbed a signed copy at Target which thrilled me to no end, but after the first plane crash just couldn’t keep reading. As a slightly fearful flyer, there’s no need for me to put myself through that. 

Driving With the Top Down by Beth Harbison — been reading this one off and on while at the lake. It’s entertaining enough, but not something I’ll need to add to the list. (What I call a “fluffy” book—nothing that will increase your brain cells to read or a real page turner, but an escape just the same.)

When It Happens to You (short stories) by Molly Ringwald — Yes, that Molly Ringwald. Just picked this one up at the bargain table at Barnes & Noble ($4.98!) and have only read the first story, but I’m hooked. 

After I Do by Taylor Jenkins Reid —  a young couple decides to separate (but not divorce) for a year to try to get their spark back. Thought the first third of this fluffy book was just meh, but then it actually became a sweet book and surprisingly, a book with a lot of thoughtful and meaningful ideas about what marriage is/should really be about. I sort of felt like I’d been to therapy after reading it and took away some good advice.

What have you read this summer that you’d recommend?


I have a couple of other things I want to share with you, but I have to save them for next time. It’s time to pack up the car with the girls, the cats, and the dwarf hamster (seriously, we’re like a traveling zoo) and make our way to the lake for some more floating, pizza, and rum punch. Please tell me that summer will never end.

Oh! Don’t forget to pop over to The EW Community and vote for your favorite Friends episodes! Every Friday I’m putting out a poll for each character’s best episodes, and at the end we’ll vote on one from all the weekly winners! This week it’s all about Chandler (could you BE more excited?), but if you click this link you’ll find the links to the polls for Ross and Monica’s episodes (plus a fun Brat Pack movie poll, too!). Vote and share if you can! After all, that’s what Friends are for! 😉

Have a great weekend!

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