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Good grief. I think I need to apologize—again—to those of you who look forward to the Friday Favorites and have been left without purpose for the past month and forced to spend the entirety of your weekends moping around cursing me for my deliquency and your despondency.

Sorry, mom.

But seriously, you guys. Way back in oh-twelve when I started this little blog I didn’t miss a Friday Favorites post for over a year.

A year.

I must’ve been seriously bored focused.

For whatever reasons the FF posts have fallen by the wayside (and the fact that one of them starts with an ‘N’ and end with an ‘etflix’ may or may not be one of them) I think I have come up with the perfect solution to this whole “me starting every FF post with an apology” thing.


It’s certainly something to think about, isn’t it?

But whether the favorites appear weekly, monthly, or *whispers* quarterly in the future, let’s focus on this positive: for today, they are here.

Carpe Favorites!

And this week, since I’ve missed the past four, I could easily overshare (as usual) about my most recent TV binge, the book I read recently that I could not put down, or the new lotion I discovered at, where else, Bath & Body Works that I wish I could spread on toast, but I’m going to save those for next week’s month’s edition, because this week, trumping everything else that could possibly even consider wearing the title of favorite, is this:

Tgiving countdown



Disclaimer: The confetti will be champagne. And probably not from a cannon. But I cannot say for sure. 

Since the inevitable “C” word took over our house 15 months ago, our lives have been relegated to a constant countdown mode—and in just five days the clock will ding, and my heart and my home will feel balanced once again.

However, as much as I look forward to her breaks, there’s a certain amount of panic that comes along with them, especially when she’s only home for three days, and even more especially when home is a place she hasn’t been in over 12 weeks.

Panic to do all the things.

But since she’s been away at that large, awful institution that is holding her hostage college I’ve learned—or been reminded of—something vitally important that has nothing and everything to do with all the things. 

To read about it, plus see the loong list of all the favorite things I have planned to cram into her three days home (spoiler alert: first I’ll cry), pop on over to Grown & Flown, my favorite place for all things related to coping with growing-up kids … and especially things that relate to that word that sounds like knowledge.

It’s okay, I’ll wait.

cat filing nails gif


What’s that? You don’t think I’ll possibly be able to do all those things on my list in three days, especially the fifth item?

Challenge accepted.

{For all of my posts on Grown & Flown relating to surviving college and high school parenting, click HERE.}

Don’t worry, I’m not going to leave you high and dry today without any other favorites than my own joy and self-promotion, so here ya go—a condensed list of things that have been making me squeal with happiness for the past month:

• This BuzzFeed video called “Things we still ask our moms.” I sent it to Thing 1 because I swear they made it about her. If you have an older kid, or been one yourself at any point, you’ll relate. And laugh.

• This warp-speed video recipe for spinach-articoke dip baked in bread rolls. OMG. GET. IN. MY. BELLY. Hold on, I need to add something to my to-do list for next weekend. (BTW, how much do you love the new trend of these recipe videos?)

• This list of things that I feel I must have ASAP to help my soul that is already beginning to freeze around the edges here in Minnesota.

• This book. Seriously. This book.

Life and Other Near-Death Experiences

It’s been a long time since I’ve used the flag and highlight features on my kindle app on my iPad, but I found myself flagging and highlighting Pagan’s clever, well-written words so often the highlighter ran out of ink. On my iPad.
And yeah, I know I said I wasn’t going to tell you about the book I read that I couldn’t put down, but I like you too much to make you wait. This book is everything: funny, sweet, heartbreaking, romantic (but not in a nauseating, chick-lit kind of way), and ultimately, thought provoking. I adored it. And will read it again.

FYI, I’ve added it to my list of favorite books.

That’s gonna do it for this week (month?), friends. I’ll do my best to get another FF post in before the holidays, and [spoiler alert] I already have this year’s Santa’s Little Helpers martini post planned … and will be doing the prep work later tonight (i.e., mixing, photographing, and then drinking so it doesn’t go to waste). I know, it’s a tough job…

Have a wonderful weekend, and, since I’ll be busy doing all the things next weekend, a lovely Thanksgiving as well!

My favorite Thanksgiving picture ever

My favorite Thanksgiving picture ever



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  • Bonnie - I LOVED that book, I read it while on vacation in Puerto Rico and couldn’t put it down.
    I just finished “The Air He Breathes” by Britainy Cherry, I highly recommend it.ReplyCancel

  • Tara Lee McLaren - I swear, you are like a kindred spirit. We both have grown children and are fighting the empty nest syndrome like its a personal war, we both live in cold, snowy places and wonder why we live here every single time the wind blows. The list goes on. However, you are much funnier than I. Please consider writing a book.!!!!ReplyCancel

  • Grown and Flown - Michelle, thanks so much for sharing your wonderful writing with our readers – we love all of your posts!ReplyCancel

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