I see the light

You guys, it’s been so long since I’ve written anything other than a recap on the blog that I almost feel the need to reintroduce myself.

But I can’t think of anything to say.

Seriously, writer’s block has hit me hard the past six—eight?—weeks. And by writer’s block I mean disinterest, distraction, and disillusionment. Throw in the dark, bitterly cold months of the Minnesota winter that annually eats away at my soul and you’ve got quite a despondent cocktail.
Which I’ll drink.
This time of year I’m not picky.

Since the new year I’ve found myself in a funk, writing-wise. Much like every bit of exposed skin on my body, my idea-well has dried up. To be honest, it didn’t really trouble me until a few weeks ago. I mean, for about a month I could blame the bustle of the holidays (of which I was the sole planner and executioner) and my own resulting selfish indulgences (i.e., lots of Netflix, hot baths, and naps) for the void.

When the wind chill is -15° it’s easy to be self indulgent.

But after awhile I had to have a sit down with myself—there may or may not have been a glass of wine involved—to try to figure out what the hell has been going on. Why have I not only lost interest for something that’s been my outlet for the past few years but also not really cared?

I blame Obama.

Just kidding … sort of … but that’s always a funny comeback when you need one, isn’t it?

In all seriousness, I blame time—that cruel, cruel bitch.
Not only has she taken my thick head of hair, eyesight, taut under-eye skin, tolerance of anything more than a glass and a half of wine, and the day-to-day presence of my firstborn daughter, she’s also taken my motivation. Because after almost four years of writing nonsense here on the blog (four years?!?) I’ve pretty much covered it all.

Husband snoring? ✓
Celebrity nonsense? ✓
Childhood memories? ✓
Parenting advice? ✓
Kids getting older? ✓
Me getting older? ✓
Over sharing about my internal organs? ✓
That time we almost got shot … twice? ✓

Sure, I know that I’m not dead as long as I’m breathing there’s material, but I’m telling you, my “blog post ideas” page in the notes section on my phone is an embarrassment.
blog note

And yes, there will be posts about all three in the (somewhat) near future, and no, my strange obsession is surprisingly not the previous two.

I’ve thought about writing about the things I’ve been occupying my time with since the beginning of the year, but there’s just no clever or interesting way to spin those hot baths and naps. 

And sure, I’ve done other things while I’ve been hibernating—I’ve started two new crochet blankets; read four books; am on season three of Gilmore Girls which I started rewatching from the beginning last month; organized a few kitchen drawers and messed them back up again; spent hours online planning a trip we probably won’t even take; started a new Pinterest board; contemplated the passing of time and how before I know it my 20-year-old will be living across the world, my 14-year-old will be in college, and I’ll be collecting cats and tears; and used the Konmari method to fold all my t-shirts—but for some reason, writing about any or all of those things doesn’t light a fire under me the way it used to. (You’re welcome.) 

I haven’t been a total lost cause, however. I’m back on the main TV Recaps page of EW.com recapping Crazy Ex-Girlfriend (one of my favorite shows), and have been writing some fun pieces for The Community on EW.com as well (check out my piece on how I’m still missing Parenthood and my list of top TV gal pals!) Keeping up with my EW.com work is always something that’s exhilarating, and in these dismal, depressing days of winter, I’ll be honest—it takes up the majority of my energy. Back to the bathtub and the naps.

But this morning I checked weather.com (as is as regular of an activity for me when I wake up as making coffee, lamenting over my eye-bags, and shooting my cat with insulin) and saw this—
Screenshot 2016-02-15 12.20.03

Which was pretty much the same as seeing this—
light at end

And before I knew it I was gulping my coffee, ignoring my eye bags, shooting my cat haphazardly, and sitting down here at my computer happily tapping away at my keyboard, in between getting up to do this—
elaine excited

Sure, it’s a nothing of a post, but still, for the first time in awhile I felt like doing it, which I figure is pretty much the same thing as me seeing my shadow. 

So here’s to motivation, warmer days, the sound of rain, and my continued refusal to acknowledge that March is the snowiest month of the year in Minnesota.
And, of course, more nonsense.
Because after all, that’s what this blog is all about.

Betcha can’t wait for that balsamic beef post now, am I right?

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