High School Graduation: Your Burning Questions Answered!


Two years ago my daughter’s high school graduation was looming, and I was panicking.

My hairdresser had inadvertently given my hair a Kardashian ombre look, I couldn’t find a new dress that was the perfect blend of “this is an important enough event for me to actually wear a dress” and “but it doesn’t look like I tried,” and I was spending basically every minute of every day fighting to push back the memories of my daughter as a small child in an effort to thwart the avalanche of emotions it would release if allowed.

You didn’t really think graduation was all about her, did you?

Other than my own, I’d never attended a high school graduation, and I had questions: not only about the logistics of the ceremony but about a lot of the pomp and circumstance surrounding it.

Two years ago I didn’t have any answers.
Today, after having lived through it, I do.

Pop on over to Grown & Flown to see my list of 15 questions, and the answers that, while maybe not as logical as you’d expect, are truth.

For example:
Q: How do I make sure my other kids don’t feel left out?
A: You don’t. It’s okay, they’ll matter again in August.

Find the article HERE, and for my other contributions to Grown & Flown, click HERE.

You’ll be okay, because to answer another one of the questions I know you’ll have post-ceremony—yes, you should have that third glass.

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