SkinnyPop and wine: Your new OTP

It’s that time of year again, folks.
Time for gluttony and indulgence and feeling like shit about yourself when you wake up in the morning and realize how you spent your evening.
That’s right, it’s The Bachelorette season.
But while it’s easy to feel guilt over the two hours of your life you sacrifice each week, there’s something you don’t have to feel guilty about indulging in: your snack.

Let’s face it, if you’re watching The Bachelorette, you’re probably drinking wine.
And if you’re drinking wine, you’re probably eating.
And hopefully, you’re canceling out one of those bad choices (take your pick) with a good one.

You know I love wine.
I have a love/hate relationship with it.
I love to have a glass (or two) most evenings and hate it when I don’t.
But as we all know, that can lead to a big problem—what to eat with it, especially when you’re sitting on your ass watching TV.

Not anymore.
I’m sure you’re already a fan of SkinnyPop. We have been for years. At just under 40 calories a cup it means eating half a bag isn’t guilt-inducing—it’s practically required.
Plus, when you add a generous portion of mini m&ms—which I highly recommend—you don’t feel quite as guilty.


FYI: The perfect ratio is six mini m&m’s to about 10 pieces SkinnyPop to one good glug of Chardonnay. You’re welcome.

Did you know SkinnyPop comes in other flavors besides plain and white cheddar? I didn’t (and need to know where to buy them—especially the Sea Salt & Pepper and Dark Chocolate varieties ASAP).
The kind folks at SkinnyPop sent me this graphic (but sadly, no SkinnyPop) to share with my fellow wine-lovers to make your snacking/drinking decisions easier. #bless



While the chart is certainly educational (who knew what a Banyul was? Thanks, Google), I have to say, it’s a bit flawed.
Besides the inexcusable omission of Cabernet, I think we all know that Chardonnay goes with everything.

As always, enjoy responsibly—
Easy to do with the SkinnyPop, not as easy with the wine.
Or the trashy reality TV.

**This post brought to you by YMFT’s Friday Favorites**

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  • Snarkfest - Thanks to Google’s result for Banyul, I know I will never try it. But the Skinny Pops? I want ALL the Skinny Pops!! And all the Malbec!ReplyCancel

    • Michelle - Agree with you on all counts!! (Banyuls=Barf, which would totally wreck that Dark Chocolate Dusted SkinnyPop.)ReplyCancel

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