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Happy Friday!

pig friday

Because it’s inauguration day and many of you are losing your freaking minds for one reason or another (and this I know because I’ve just come from Facebook which I’ve vowed to not look at again for the next two days — or four years — because of all the hate, anger, despair, and whining) I thought I’d give you a palate cleanser. No matter what your mood is today, what side of the fence you stand on, or if you stand right on top of it, we could all use a GIF of a piggy with a pinwheel.

And a floating hedgehog.

floating hedgie

Here’s what I’ve been distracting myself with lately. And whether you grab some markers, pick up a book, or head to the theater, I hope you can too.


A New Hobby
I’ve always loved trying new, fun types of lettering. When I was a teenager I actually owned real metal tipped calligraphy pens I had to dip in ink.

And you wonder why I didn’t get dates.

Back in the day (1994) when I spent all my time (and money) scrapbooking I’d spend hours practicing and perfecting fun letter styles that matched the occasion of the photos. Then the scrapbook craze really caught on and they started making stickers and die-cut letters in every font imaginable and my colorful pens were replaced by tubs and binders full of fancy, perfect letters. Then the scrapbook craze died out and I was left with a freaking scrapbook store in my basement.

But I digress.

Last fall I became obsessed with brush lettering. Not doing it myself, but watching Instagrammed, hyperlapsed videos of other people doing it. Call me crazy, but it’s relaxing.

“To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all.” ~ Oscar Wilde ✨ . My latest work in progress. It’s so easy to get comfortable and caught in monotony, just existing in our days and getting swept away in the daily grind. I’ve decided to make a mindful effort to be more purposeful and to soak up my days. That doesn’t mean I’m aiming for perfect days. But I’m sure going to try harder to be more PRESENT in my days and to truly LIVE them. And if I can throw in a side of gratitude…especially on my, not so perfect days, then I can call that day a success. 🙌🏼 Even if I never even got out of my pajamas, or left the house. That still counts as living!!! ❤️🙌🏼 Savoring the quiet and messy moments along with the highlight reel, is what makes our lives most vibrant and meaningful. . ✨✍🏼️ @tombowusa Dual Brush pens and my new red to pink ombré fave. ❤️💖

A video posted by Happy Hand-Lettering & Design (@hellotosha) on

Then a couple of months ago I thought, hell, I could do that. And if I can’t, it’ll be fun trying, not to mention the fun of buying* all sorts of unnecessary colorful supples.

*You might remember five years ago I had the exact same thought about crochet, and while I’ve made some lovely things, this has also happened:

Screenshot 2017-01-20 09.34.58

For Christmas I bought myself my family gave me two sets of Tombow dual brush pens I ordered they found on Amazon, and for the past few weeks I’ve been practicing. A lot.


Photo Jan 20, 8 31 17 AM

Photo Jan 20, 8 30 00 AM

Photo Jan 20, 8 31 46 AM

One month in and I’ve already started ordering different sizes of pens in case you wondered what my basement cabinet will look like in about a year.

Photo Jan 20, 8 31 07 AM

Thing 1 is gearing up for four months studying abroad in Australia, so I’m working out my feelings through art.

I have a long way to go before my lettering is up to snuff, but practicing is sure therapeutic.

Photo Jan 20, 8 30 25 AM

I’ll keep you updated on my progress. And my supply cabinet.

Today Will Be Different by Maria Semple

today will be different

It’s been a long time since I’ve read an actual book. With pages. I love Maria Semple’s writing – loved Where’d You Go, Bernadette — and this is written similarly in her clever, quirky, laugh-out-loud style.

The book takes place in a day in the life of the main character who has vowed to make today different despite setback after hilarious, physical and emotional setback. I devoured this book — it was a great, fun escape!

Adding it to the list!

Hidden Figures

hidden figures

Whatever you have planned this weekend, cancel it and go see this movie instead.

It’s getting award nominations because of its superb acting and storytelling, but those aren’t the only reasons you should see it. It’s important. It’s historical. And mostly, because it’s so nice — for two uninterrupted hours — to watch something ultimately positive and heartwarming and good.

I loved it and am planning to take my husband and other daughter back to see it again this weekend … which isn’t only for the excuse to eat a large buttered popcorn for the second time in two weeks.

I know I’m just now taking the call from 2014 on this one, but I’ve recently discovered the Bitmoji app on my phone and my family couldn’t be more excited.


And by excited I mean completely annoyed.


Because now instead of texting words, they get my cartoon face multiple times a day.


But I don’t care. I can’t stop.


Won’t stop.


And from now until it’s long past a thing, I’ll be there in all my bitmojied glory, looking fly.




Have a great weekend, friends. Here’s to happiness, hope and healing.



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