Rodan + Fields LASH BOOST Review!


If you read the blog it’s no secret that for the past few years I’ve been in a major battle with aging, and it’s been ugly.

Not so much the battle (because I’m a gracious loser), but the sags, bags, and wrinkles that make me literally gasp each morning when I see myself in the mirror.


Gravity is real, ya’ll, and it’s shocking when you realize there are muscles in your face that aren’t immune to it.

Besides the fact that I’m beginning to resemble a bulldog in the jowl area (and not a cute little Frenchie one, either — a big, old, slobbering English one), about six months ago I had a shocking realization:


Okay, fine. I had eyelashes. About 11 stubby ones on each eye that were only seen by looking in my paper plate-sized magnifying mirror in my bathroom — an accessory, by the way, that I have grown increasingly — and concerningly — dependent on.

Seriously, every time I tried to curl them I’d also inadvertently curl the edge of my eyelid trying to catch my few, squat little lashes.

The struggle was real.
Painfully real.

About the time I’d decided it was time to dig out my girls’ old, goopy, decaying competition-dance false lashes, my friend, former eye doctor, and current Rodan & Fields consultant Tanya told me about their newest product that was just about to be released, Lash Boost.

Talk about good timing.
I was thisclose to looking like a Kardashian.
And not in a good way.
If there is one.

Obviously, I was in.

Lash Boost is basically a tube of clear serum that you brush on in one thin line right along your lash line every night.


1. It’s clear, not blue, and 2. The fact that this lady is boosting those luxurious lashes is both puzzling and infuriating and I kind of hate her

If used nightly, I was told, my lashes would magically and magnificently grow enough by week 8 to be noticeable. Why? Because, as Tanya told me, an eyelash takes about six weeks to grow out and then lasts for around five months (she’s an eye doctor — she knows her eye facts). By week 12, my lashes — which would now be multiplying and growing like rabbits — should be so much longer and fuller I’d say WOW.

I have to say, I was skeptical, but when your husband’s whiskers are longer than your own eyelashes you’ll try anything.

After 8 weeks of using Lash Boost nightly I actually began to notice a difference.
Nothing magnificent, but enough to make me stick with it.

And after 11 weeks, it happened…
I said WOW.

Take a look at these before and after pics — and for the love of god, pay no attention to the alarming eyelid wrinkles or the scraggly eyebrow in need of plucking — and I bet you will too.


I wasn’t kidding about my stubby lashes, was I?


Smile wrinkles. They’re SMILE WRINKLES, ya’ll!



Other than mayyybe a tiny bit of filtering with the exposure and a possible use of PicMonkey’s “teeth whitening” feature to take out some of the gross veins on my eyeballs, these pictures haven’t been edited. You’re looking at my new, BOOSTED lashes!


They’re real, and they’re fabulous. 

A couple of weeks ago I even had to take nail clippers to a few scraggly out of control lashes that were way longer than the rest.

Did you get that?

And listen, I know it’s all relative.
I know there are many of you whose “before” lashes probably look just like my “after” lashes like the lady swiping the blue stripe on her eyelid in that picture above.
You also probably have an even skin tone and visible tricep muscles.
I may hate you a tiny bit, but guess what?
No matter how wispy or luscious your lashes are to begin with, they’ll be boosted, and really, who doesn’t want to look a tiny bit like a Kardashian? I mean, between the nose and forehead, obviously.

Take a look at Tanya, who is using Lash Boost on ONE EYE ONLY to show her clients the dramatic, 11 week results. Can you tell which eye has been boosted?


Lash Boost* is only available through a Rodan & Fields consultant. If you already use R+F, give it a try. If not, contact Tanya via her R+F webpage, or shoot her an email at and she’ll have you on your way to Kardashian-worthy lashes — that are real — in no time!



I’m so happy to have eyelashes again, you guys, and I’m told that with continued, nightly use of Lash Boost they’re only going to keep getting fuller.


They did! Here’s the updated FOUR MONTH results! *Please ignore gross eye goop in corner of my left eye. #reallife #notakardashian

Maybe, just maybe, they’ll be so fabulous they’ll overshadow those horrifying eyelid wrinkles.


*Lash Boost is $150 for non R+F perks members, $135 for members, and lasts about 3 months (or longer if you choose to only use it on one eye). 

**By the way, this is my very favorite mascara that has a white primer you use first and gives your new, thick lashes even more volume (as if they need it) ~


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  • Arlene lowery - How often should I use lash boost once I am happy with the lash growthReplyCancel

    • Michelle - I still use it nightly, but I suppose you could go every other night or a few times a week? The life cycle of an eyelash is like 3 months, so those lush new lashes will eventually fall out.ReplyCancel

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