SuperGlobe Sunday

It’s Golden Globe day, you guys, or as I think of it, SuperGlobe Sunday. (I actually just made that up like five seconds ago when I needed a post title but I like it so much I’m going to convince myself it’s what I’ve always called it).

Makes sense, because I’ve long thought of this day as my Superbowl Sunday — the day to prep snacks, come up up with a signature cocktail (Chardonnay, duh), and sit on my ass watching E! for three hours pre-show to catch all the red carpet arrivals and listen to Ross Matthews fangirl just like me. (For that time I fangirled over Ross Matthews and that American Idol runner up I’ve already forgotten the name of while embarrassing myself on national TV, click HERE. #neverforget)


I’ve told you before — several times, I’m sure — why the Golden Globes are my very favorite awards show and rank #1 on my hierarchy of awards shows (what, you don’t have one?), but for those of you who might be new to the class — and seriously, if there’s anyone reading this who’s new here please say hello in the comments below because I’m convinced no one new has read this blog since 2013 — here’s why the GGs are so golden with me:

  • Stars from both galaxies (movies and television) collide in one big, fiery and champagne-fueled ball that is magical and typically provides at least one drunken, hilarious speech.
  • The laid back vibe, thanks to the free-flowing booze and banquet seating.
  • Pausing the TV to see who is sitting next to whom, and who is actually eating anything on their plate. (Spoiler: It’s not many of them.)
  • Watching the very same celebrities you fangirl over fangirling over other celebrities as they mingle during commercial breaks. #stars #theyrejustlikeus
  • The host of the Golden Globes — usually someone I like and who can kill the room with more off-color jokes than the host of the Academy Awards. And off-color jokes are always funny.

Hands down the best hosts have been Tiny Fey and Amy Poehler, but since tonight’s show will be hosted by one of their besties (and everyone’s darling yet slightly annoying little brother) Jimmy Fallon, I have high expectations.

As for the awards themselves? Here are my picks for who I think should win (in the categories where I’ve actually seen the shows or know who the actors actually are) but I wouldn’t bet on any of them. The Hollywood Foreign Press is as baffling to me in their choices as they are in who the hell they actually are.

Best TV Series — Comedy or Musical
Mozart in the Jungle
Silicon Valley

*Veep should win because even after five seasons the writing and acting is still brilliant and biting, but my guess is that the globe will go to either Mozart in the Jungle or Transparent, two critic favorites.

Best Actor in a TV series – comedy
Anthony Anderson (Black-ish)
Gael Garcia Bernal (Mozart in the Jungle)
Donald Glover (Atlanta)
Nick Nolte (Graves)
Jeffrey Tambor (Transparent)*

*Tambor will add another piece of metal to his growing collection and I will once again kick myself for not watching this show … yet. 

Best Actress in a TV Series – comedy
Rachel Bloom (Crazy Ex-Girlfriend)
Julia Louis-Dreyfus (Veep)*
Sarah Jesicca Parker (Divorce)
Issa Rae (Insecure)
Gina Rodriques (Jane the Virgin)
Tracee Ellis Ross (Black-ish)

*Sure, JLD always wins, but it’s well, well deserved. She’s hysterical and spot on on Veep and nails every single line and scene, consistently.

Best Supporting Actress in a TV series
Olivia Colman (The Night Manager — never heard of it)
Lena Headey (Game of Thrones)
Chrissy Metz (This is Us)
Mandy Moore (This is Us)
Thandie Newton (Westworld)

*Mandy Moore should win because she’s amazing in This is Us and has delivered some unbelievable, goose-bump inducing monologues in the few short months the show has been on, but the chick from GoT or Westworld will probably get it.

Best Supporting Actor in a TV series
Sterling K. Brown (People vs. OJ)
Hugh Laurie (Night Manager)
John Lithgow (The Crown)
Christian Slater (Mr. Robot — a show I need to watch!)

*John Lithgow should and will win for his portrayal of Winston Churchill as a man you simultaneously love, feel sorry for, and are infuriated with — which I imagine is pretty spot on.

Best TV series — Drama
The Crown
Game of Thrones
Stranger Things
This is Us

*You know how much I love This is Us, but as for being awards show worthy, this one hopefully will be all about The Crown. It’s stunning.

Best Actress in a TV series — Drama
Caitroina Balfe (Outlander)
Claire Foy (The Crown)
Keri Russell (The Americans)
Evan Rachel Wood (Westworld)
Winona Ryder (Stranger Things)

*This one’s a no brainer. We’ll all be bowing down to Claire Foy for years to come. She’s brilliant.

Best Actor in a TV Series — Drama
Rami Malek (Mr. Robot)
Bob Odenkirk (Better Call Saul)
Matthew Rhys (The Americans)
Liev Schreiber (Ray Donovan)
Billy Bob Thorton (Goliath)

*Rami Malek keeps winning so I’ll go with him, and once again remind myself to watch that show before the next round of TV awards.

Since I haven’t seen any of the movies nominated except La La Land— which I thought was good but not great *pauses for you and everyone else in America to yell at me* — I don’t really have any favorites in the movie categories. So let’s just say that Ryan Gosling, Emma Stone, and everyone who had anything to do with that movie will win even though I don’t think they should.
*hides behind opinion … and couch*

What are your predictions? What snacks are you making? Let me know in the comments here or on Facebook, and check back tomorrow afternoon. Depending on the quality of the show, the fashion disasters, and how much Chardonnay I consume, I might even write a recap.

For a peek into my vision of how I’d spend a perfect night at The Golden Globes, click HERE

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  • Karen - I just saw La La Land last night and was less than impressed…give me Zac Efron singing and dancing any day 🙂

    Also, agree with Kim Grady – The Crown was BORING….sorryReplyCancel

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