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After a blog hiatus of waaay too long, I’m back, ya’ll, and honestly, if you’re a loyal YMFT reader it’s really not all that shocking what’s motivated this unsolicited advice today.

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You guys know I’m powerless when it comes to scoping out the new TV season.
Exhibit A
Exhibit B
Exhibit C
Exhibit D

I mean, I’ve pretty much made it my job (which makes it clear how hard I work) to break down the new and returning shows for you on a yearly basis since 2012, although I’m not entirely sure what happened to 2016. I blame that year’s omission on the fact that I ended the previous year’s post with this declaration of excited anticipation:

New shows I’m giving a shot –
Marry Me (ABC, Tuesdays)
Mysteries of Laura (NBC, Wednesdays)
Red Band Society (FOX, Wednesdays)
A to Z (NBC, Thursdays)

*Insert facepalm here

Clearly I’m no clairvoyant.
Clairvoyant meaning having good taste in TV shows.

Fool me once, shame on you.
Fool me twice, shame on me … and every head of broadcast television who chooses the crap they green light.

You’d think I’d have learned by now, wouldn’t you? Especially when you see that six of the seven shows I was excited about last year are shows that were either canceled or that I lost interest in immediately (I’m looking at you, Designated Survivor).

But regardless of my track record, I’m back this year to break down the new season, and as usual, spent far too much time this past weekend studying the list and watching the “first look” previews on YouTube of all the new shows so I could make calculated decisions.

Meaning I picked the shows that didn’t irritate me, which makes one of the shows I’m most excited about truly surprising because it stars Lea Michele.


So, thanks to my trusty EW Fall TV Preview (which is now dog-eared and scribbled in after I devoured it on a plane ride to San Francisco last weekend), and my TVLine guide (which has been printed in duplicates and next to every TV in the house), here’s my Fall 2017 list of shows already in my DVR queue … just waiting to be deleted.

Returning Shows I’ll definitely watch:

This Is Us – Yeah, my husband and I are part of the herd on this one, but I totally get how it’s not everyone’s drug like it is mine. Don’t forget, I was also a huge Parenthood fan, so I enjoy being an emotional wreck. I do have to say I’m getting a little bit tired of the whole “Big 3!” cheer, and TBH do not really care how Jack dies, but there’s just something about the writing of this show that gets me, in a lot of ways. I love it.

The Voice – We’re suckers for singing competitions. We watched Idol from the beginning, and got addicted to The Voice early on. However, we really only watch this show religiously in the fall for some reason (i.e., there’s only so much Blake Shelton narcissism I can take), but last fall actually kind of sort of fell in love with Miley Cyrus. AS A JUDGE. (I feel that is a crucial qualifier.) She was super fun, funny, weirdly endearing, and – bonus! – didn’t once show her hoo-ha. Of all the four judges last fall, she was shockingly our favorite. She’s back this year, plus Jennifer Hudson is taking a spinning seat, so yeah, we’ll be watching. Again.

Superstore – I feel like our family is one of the only ones addicted to this show, but since it’s starting season 3 I’m obviously wrong. We love it for its total dry, bizarre humor, and equally bizarre characters. It’s totally mindless, which says a lot about our family.

The Goldbergs – mindless 80’s awesomeness. This show is so groan-worthy goofy and a staple in this house. #LiveLoveBev



New Shows I’m excited for that I will either hate after week one OR love and they will get canceled by December:
*with links to the YouTube previews so you can check them out

The Mayor – This is the one with *whispers* Lea Michele, but it’s the new star (Brandon Micheal Hall) — and the show’s premise — that is selling me.

Me, Myself & I – I have a sinking feeling that this is going to be one that gets the ax, but I fell in love with the preview (see link). I mean, we all know I’m a sucker for “travel through life” type of shows (see: This Is Us), so it’s really no wonder that I already love it.

The Good Doctor – I stopped watching medical shows when too many mothers and children kept dying on ER years ago. But this one has a twist, you guys. This doctor has autism. Like, high on the spectrum. Should be a GREAT doctor, right? Well, apparently not everyone thinks so, except for the brilliant Richard Schiff (of West Wing fame).  The doctor is played by the adorable Freddy Highmore (Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Bates Motel) who, judging by the preview, knocks it out of the park. I have high hopes for this one … until the first mother dies. Then I’m gonzo.

Law and Order True Crimes: The Menendez Brothers – I’ve never watched one of other the 97 Law and Order shows, and this fall they’re jumping on the reenactment train of true, highly publicized crimes and tackling the story of the Menendez brothers. You remember those two darlings, don’t you? The ones who brutally killed their parents back in 1989? I’ll be honest, I’m just watching it for Edie Falco, whom I love, but whose Leslie Abramson wig I already hate.

ugly wig


And last but not least — drumroll please — the old show that is new again, and the show I’m OUT OF MY MIND with excitement for, and probably the only one of the “new” shows on my list that is a sure thing —

will and grace

I cannot tell you how much I loved loved LOVED this show back in the day, and have happily been bingeing on old episodes all month in preparation for its return — THIS WEEK!!! (Hulu now has all eight seasons, btw.) I cannot wait to hang out with these four again!


Shows on my DVR I like but still haven’t watched all of last season’s episodes … or, Shows that I clearly do not like enough:

Jane the Virgin
Ozark (Netflix)


Here’s a handy guide for those of you delinquents who have yet to make your game plan.
Get busy, already!
And hey, let me know which shows you’re most excited for … and which you think will bomb (unless you say Will & Grace, then we are no longer speaking).


*I realize this graphic is meant for snails, so here’s the link.

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  • Snarkfest - Ok I so badly wanted to love Designated Survivor but I just didn’t follow through after the first few episodes. Probably because it was on a night when we had stuff going on, but I at least made the conscious effort to binge watch ‘This Is Us’ (also on a night we had stuff to do). Should I go back and binge on Keifer in prep for season 2??

    Also, will I get pummeled with rotten tomatoes for admitting that I don’t recall ever watching a single episode of Will & Grace from start to finish?ReplyCancel

    • Michelle - I didn’t ever watch Designated Survivor last year after listing it as a show I was excited to see! I think I also got overwhelmed. And you can catch up on every season of Will & Grace on the NBC app. Do it and I will not pummel you.ReplyCancel

  • Karen - 10 Days in the Valley looks good.
    Kyra Sedgwick, Erika Christensen (Parenthood!)ReplyCancel

    • Michelle - Ooh I didn’t read about that one. I’ll have to check it out. Joel is on The Menendez Brothers one! And Kristina is on the Jeremy Piven one that looks disturbing. :SReplyCancel

  • Tiff - I absolutely love everything fall tv! I try to be objective about the shows because I never know which ones I’m going to end up liking.
    I watched The Good Doctor & Me, Myself & I already & I thought the first episodes were really good.ReplyCancel

    • Michelle - Same! I reallly liked Me, Myself & I (fingers crossed it can keep up and stay up), and I liked The Good Doctor but watching the clips of the shows to come made me mad. I’m not liking the tension and bullying from the head surgeon. It feels sooo expected.ReplyCancel

  • Lara - I pretty much stalked my mailbox until this issue of EW came out, and then I SAT DOWN FIVE MINUTES AFTER IT ARRIVED with my two pieces of paper and a pen. Because of course I need one list by day of the week, so I can make sure everything’s set on the DVR, and then another list broken down by date of first airing…so I don’t miss anything that’s too far in the future for my DVR to set.

    I am probably most stoked for The Good Doctor and The Gifted.ReplyCancel

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