Two recaps in one post, ya’ll, and yes, I’m doubly disappointed in myself. One, for continuing with this disaster of a season at all, and two, for giving up three + extra hours of my life slogging through it here on the blog for another week when only like 54 people are bothering to read […]

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  • Sue K. - Proud to be one of the 54!!! Once again you nailed it. This is the best thing on the internet right now.ReplyCancel

    • Michelle - Well, while I’m not sure I’d totally agree with that marvelous compliment I will agree that 99% of what’s out there these days (from all sides) is making me sick…er than having to watch Nick for two hours each week. 😛 Love you for that sweet comment and for being a loyal reader! xoReplyCancel

It’s only week two into our descent into Hell, Bachelor fans, and I don’t know about you, but I’m already starting to feel the burn. Nick, on the other hand, is already starting to feel the boobs. Grab a drink, douse yourself in Purell, and let’s get this over with. Disclaimer: The following is a […]

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  • Amy - Hilarious recap, as always. Favorite quip: “Corinne excuses herself to have her nanny help her insert her NuvaRing.” You kill me! Personal opinion, the best part of the show was the bonus footage at the credits. Thanks for the amazing summary!ReplyCancel

    • Michelle - I’m praying the nanny makes a surprise appearance at some point. If she makes it to hometowns — which I’m betting she will because BOOBS — can you imagine? “Nick will be meeting my mother Lucinda, my father Patrinko, and my nanny Esmerelda who will cut his steak into tiny bites for him.”

      Appreciate your comment – and as always, you reading this crap. :) xoReplyCancel

It’s Golden Globe day, you guys, or as I think of it, SuperGlobe Sunday. (I actually just made that up like five seconds ago when I needed a post title but I like it so much I’m going to convince myself it’s what I’ve always called it). Makes sense, because I’ve long thought of this […]

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  • Karen - I just saw La La Land last night and was less than impressed…give me Zac Efron singing and dancing any day :)

    Also, agree with Kim Grady – The Crown was BORING….sorryReplyCancel

If you read the blog it’s no secret that for the past few years I’ve been in a major battle with aging, and it’s been ugly. Not so much the battle (because I’m a gracious loser), but the sags, bags, and wrinkles that make me literally gasp each morning when I see myself in the […]

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  • Arlene lowery - How often should I use lash boost once I am happy with the lash growthReplyCancel

    • Michelle - I still use it nightly, but I suppose you could go every other night or a few times a week? The life cycle of an eyelash is like 3 months, so those lush new lashes will eventually fall out.ReplyCancel

Q: What do dolphins, Ariel the mermaid, and Olivia Pope have in common? A: strength B: beauty C: free-spiritedness D: an addiction to fine any Cabernet E: three things most girls who sell their souls to ABC wish they could be D (again). all of the above I think the answer is obvious. D. For […]

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  • Lucia P. - “Fiery former orphan” may, in fact, be one of the funniest things you wrote this year. Lol. Plus hooray that you will be re-capping the Bachelor!! Nick makes my skin crawl, but I’ll soldier on because I have to watch if you will be breaking it down later!

    Happy New Year!ReplyCancel

To be clear, the ‘sort of’ goes with the ‘stylish’ part of the title of this post. The ‘suddenly’ is totally and 100% sudden. Because I’ve never been all that stylish, in case you need it spelled out for you. As some (12) of you might remember, two months ago I spontaneously got a job […]

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  • Snarkfest - I am not being snarky or sarcastic when I tell you that YOU NEED TO GIVE ME A FULL LIST OF WHAT I NEED TO WEAR. I need to fly to where you are and have you help me. My jeans have sparkly pockets. For the love of all that is holy, PM me and tell me what brands and what styles I need.ReplyCancel

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