It’s officially the holiday season and you know what that means. Decking the halls and Nat King Cole and sugar cookies and gingerbread houses? Yeah, no. For the next 6 weeks you have carte blanche to drink without guilt!! It’s no secret that Husband and I like to mix it up a little every now […]

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  • Kenya @ Life with Giggles - Wow… that’s a lot of recipes. Thank goodness I’m off Friday, seems a good day to try some of these!!!!ReplyCancel

  • Katie @ Eventfully Crazy - Can I just say that you have the cutest martini glass collection?! I will definitely be trying one of each…perhaps, all in one night. 😉ReplyCancel

  • meet.make.laugh. - Love the drink round-up! Looking forward to trying a few of them…. good thing it is holiday time! We actually just had a ladies baking weekend where along with baking we drank a fair amount of cocktails…. will be sharing a few of our creations soon 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Jen - Thank you for saving my holidays. My mother will be here in T Minus 5 hours…I’d better get started on these. Happy Thanksgiving to you!!


  • Santa's Little Helpers II - Youre My Favorite Today - […] last year’s installment, the original Santa’s Little Helpers, just click HERE. With all those recipes plus this year’s bunch, you should be all set. And if not, I’m […]ReplyCancel

  • Friday Favorites – Blood Orange Cosmo » You're My Favorite Today - […] many more martini recipes, and the posts where the above martini photos came from, check out Santa’s Little Helpers and Santa’s Little Helpers II. And feel free to pin any of these photos to your pinterest […]ReplyCancel

And by ‘grow up’ I mean get older.And by ‘get older’ I mean accept the fact that I’m getting older. Last week my mother turned 69 and Husband turned 44.That makes me…..old.(You might be thinking, no, that makes them old, but remember, kids, it’s always about me). I think it hit me last week when […]

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  • Kimmyyy83 - LOL love the vitamin choice. I am staying 29 forever, mainly because of the whole wiping ass thing…ReplyCancel

  • Sally - That eyesight thing is a total bitch… I miss being able to read labels.ReplyCancel

  • Meredith - Those vitamins look awesome! I’m in the kid-butt-wiping stage right now, and wishing I was more where were you are. Isn’t that how it always is, though–greener grass on the other side? 😉

  • Casie - You make me smile.ReplyCancel

  • Zaralex - I have a one year old now… who I really enjoy and now you are making me wonder if I am in for a whole bunch more goodness very far from now lol???ReplyCancel

This week’s FF is dedicated to a few of my fave moments from the week in pop culture, and what better way to start it off than with Channing Tatum ripping his shirt open. And even though I think he’s a tool, I’ll admit it’s a nice image and I maybe cannot stop watching it […]

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  • Kimmyyy83 - 17 and no friends yet? You are slacking!!! 🙂 We are going to Bond it up this weekend too I think, in IMAX nonetheless ha!ReplyCancel

  • Dawn - I’m a little embarrassed to admit this….but, I’m a fan of the Beibs!!ReplyCancel

  • Jen - I am laughing out loud at your commentary on the Beiber lyrics….holy,crap. So. Funny.ReplyCancel

  • Recently Roached - Ha ha. I’m not a super Beiber either, but he definitely isn’t the worst of the celebs out there.
    Man, I love Friends. That scene is HILARIOUS 🙂ReplyCancel

  • lo @ crazy ever after - Swag? I thought he was saying SWIPE. Like he is going to go and swipe his credit card and buy many a fine things. Dang it. I hate when I get the lyrics wrong.ReplyCancel

  • Teri Biebel - As a BiebeL I’m hysterical at your commentary on BiebeR’s amazing lyrics. And thanks for that Friend’s clip. I still love that show. Now I’m going to hit Publish and scroll back up and stare at that GIF for another hour or so.ReplyCancel

  • Carolyn - OK… first I should mention that I LOVE the Bieb, so there’s that. But your judging of the lyrics… HILARIOUS!! 🙂ReplyCancel

Monday wasn’t my day.While driving Thing 2 and the neighbor girl to morning choir, I slid into a curb while making a left turn. Seriously. The curb stopped me. Thank god it wasn’t a car. I was like, Weeeeeeeee!! That was fun!! as if I meant to do it. Pretty sure the neighbor girl was terrified […]

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  • lo @ crazy ever after - I just realized I’ve had some type of mobile device for half my life. The first half? Yeah. Not sure how I survived that. However, the 11 year old I nanny for just informed me she got the iPhone 5. Really? All sorts of unfair right there. Here I am, stuck with this 4S. What does an 11 yeah old need a 5 for? Oh and it took my husband over an hour to get from Woodbury to St. Paul on Monday. At like 10am. Crazy.ReplyCancel

  • Meredith - Your title alone had me snorting! I know, right? How did we ever get by without out phones? I held out for a long time too and now I’m basically permanently attached to it…crazy how that happens. Glad to find you though #findingthefunny!ReplyCancel

  • Teri Biebel - This line cracked me up:

    I originally thought to just find a pay phone in the medical building but then I remembered it wasn’t 1983.

    Can you imagine what we would’ve done had we had the internet back in the day??? Baio would’ve been TOP on my search engines, alongside Duran Duran and The Police.

    Remember call waiting?? Remember emergency breakthroughs??ReplyCancel

  • Kimmyyy83 - I made the mistake of reading this while I was on the phone with Jeremy who was giving me a play by play of sports knowledge. I could not stop laughing and was so busted multitasking. So then I tried to read it and he was less than amused. However I was completely amused and thats really all that matters 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Evani Gatsby - Lol I HATE leaving my phone at home, it really is like being without a hand. I don’t know how ANYONE lived without them back in the day. I too just cycle through all the catastrophic things that could happen.ReplyCancel

  • cynthia - seriously, i’m 36 and i never had one until i was out of college. but you sure get dependent on them reeeeeal quick!ReplyCancel

Aaand just when you feel like you have nothing to write about, your teenage daughter asks you to go to Target for some, uh, lady supplies. photo credit: Wait. Scratch that. She actually first asked me if ‘Dad was going to Target on his way home?’M: I don’t know. Why?T1: Uh, because I was […]

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  • eviljoyspeaks - I love this!! We’re not there yet as far as the Female Spawn needing their Lady Supplies – but it is sort of like buying condoms in your hometown and having your Mom’s best friend walk up and ask what you’re shopping for!!! Stay strong sista!! Love love love you blog and I’m thankful to have found it!ReplyCancel

  • tiff - I’m 25 & I still hate buying lady supplies, especially when it’s the only thing I need to buy. I ran as fast as I can to the self checkout & try to cover the supplies as much as I can!ReplyCancel

  • Mrs. Newlywed Giggles - hahaah…. that is hilarious!ReplyCancel

  • Rachel - ahahahahaha….this is so me! My Mom seriously wondered what I would do went I went off and lived by myself. The answer is that I made her buy at least 6 months supply before I started college…and once I got married, I made my husband buy them. He’s a nurse who doesn’t seem to be easily embarrassed by anything, so it works well for us!ReplyCancel

  • Teri Biebel - I have to buy all the lady supplies for my household. Two teens already going through puberty and one husband who would rather put on a bikini and dance down my street singing ‘Girls Just Wanna Have Fun’ than to go into a store and buy a lady supply.

    The task always falls to me. I’m good with going in and letting the world know that the whole family is bleeding. I’ll go get your lady supplies next time. 😉ReplyCancel

  • Carolyn - HAHAHAHA! Love it! 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Mommy Lisa - That is funny. Yea – I could care less any more though if anyone sees my lady supplies.ReplyCancel

  • Melissa - Too funny! I do ok with those ladies supplies but when I was buying pregnancy tests left and right I was always worried I would run into someone I would know and they would peer in my cart. hahaa.ReplyCancel

  • Kimmyyy83 - LOL my girls are so funny about that too!! When we were on vacation this summer they spent the night with their two girl cousins and I was running my 13 year old a paper sack with lady things because she couldn’t dare ask them for some even though there are 3 females that live in the house.ReplyCancel

  • Bunch of Something - This is seriously hilarious. And so true!ReplyCancel

  • - Dammit – guess what I forgot to buy today?! **face-palm**ReplyCancel

  • lo @ crazy ever after - I saw your comment on the MN Blogger group and decided to stop over. Good effort on trying to cover up the lady supplies. I wrote a post a while back about getting caught two different times on the same day attempting to purchase ovulation strips. Seriously! I bolted out of the first place because I recognized someone, only to bugger off to the next place and be confronted by another person I knew. I ended up buying the gosh damn things….but from here on out I am ordering online.ReplyCancel

  • Candi - Seriously? I make my 16 y/o SON go & buy them for me, even without having to buy anything else & he doesn’t blink an eyelash. 😀ReplyCancel

  • Shannon @ Polish and Sugar - Haha! I see where your daughter gets the fear from 🙂ReplyCancel

It’s Friday, kids! Time to get your dance on! As you observant readers may have noticed the past couple of Fridays, I’ve recently discovered the gif file – what one is and how to attach one. Whatever, I’m old. But I’ve decided that every Friday Favorite post from here on out will start with one. […]

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  • Teri Biebel - I’m guessing if Megyn Kelly word that sexier dress Fox would’ve had more viewers. But what’s with the weird spelling of Megyn? I don’t get it. It’s supposed to be pronounced “Mey-gan” right? Not “Me-gine” like my gynocologist.

    Good thing she’s smokyng hot.


  • Teri Biebel - WORE*** not word.ReplyCancel

  • Kellie @ Delightfully Ludicrous - Kirsten Bell is pregnant? I didn’t know that! Congrats to her!ReplyCancel

  • cynthia - I love Kristen Bell, too. She’s just adorable.
    Hope you beat the snow!

  • seetastelove - Kristen bell in that sloth video I could watch over and over. Love her, she made my dinner party list too.ReplyCancel

  • ~Dawn~ - Love that video! :))

    And we put up our lights, too. The neighbors were making fun of us for doing it so early, but JOKES on them….yesterday was 70 degrees and today it’s barley 30. HAHAReplyCancel

  • Laura Darling - I am shocked by that Megyn Kelly pic! She always seems so profession and classy on the news! I also watched her on election night, and props to her for the way she handled old Karl’s meltdown!

  • Evani Gatsby - LOVE so many things about this post, especially Argo and Ben and Kate! SO GOOD.ReplyCancel

Because today is flu shot day. Not for me, but for Thing 2. Umm….I’ll take the flu, please? Seriously. You might tell me your kid hates to get shots, but until you’ve walked in the shoes that I’ve been walking in for the past 8 years or so, I do not want to hear it. […]

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  • ~Dawn~ - hahahaha..I’m laughing only because I have a daughter that’s THE EXACT SAME WAY!! Especially at the dentist.

    Good Luck Mama!! I suppose promising a sucker and a sticker doesn’t work for her? Maybe an iPad or a shopping spree or something? I’m all about the bribing. (Shh!)


  • Kimmyyy83 - Eeek! I want to start drinking FOR YOU. Good luck!ReplyCancel

  • Becky - Oh, that sounds horrible! You should do the mist, that’s what I did for a couple years and then they quit offering it through my work (we have nurses that come onsite).

    Might be a little more money up front, but it’s gotta be cheaper than the bribing 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Bunch of Something - Aww Poor Thing 2!! Actually, poor mommy!

    I love your blog so I nominated you for a Liebster Award!
    Check out my post:


    P.S. have a drink!ReplyCancel

  • Teri Biebel - I’ll be listening for the screams!!

  • Evani Gatsby - I have a huge needle phobia too, I’m 24 and I still cry when I get shots. I got my flu nasal spray this year and it was glorious. I’m hoping the rest of the vaccines find a way to make sprays too because I get super anxious. Your’re a good momma, she’ll scream but there’s not much you can do other than cheer her up after <3ReplyCancel

  • Saturday Favorites – Happy Dance, a Brady Bunch Earworm and One Stupendiferous Dude » You're My Favorite Today - […] office, where she had to get a shot (and handled it like a champ, which if you remember this post from a couple of years ago, might give all of you with younger kids with needle-phobias hope!). […]ReplyCancel

Today was a monumental day. It started with the obvious.Coffee and Baileys. Then I went and did my civic duty. Umm…who the hell are all these other people running for president?Had I known there was a guy named “Rocky” in the race I’d totally have been on board. Oh, btw, as you might be noticing, […]

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  • Nichole - Bahahahaha, Tervis has a shaker top?!? OMG, I need this. And I loved that you put in Barney Stintson, hahaReplyCancel

  • Kari - Awesome. Truly.

  • amanda kate - ummm, thank you. i laughed hysterically. and now have the desperate need to go shopping while doing my civic duty.ReplyCancel

  • Kati - Incorporating Color - What the heck? My Nebraska ballot legitimately did not have ANY of those extra presidential candidates. Lame. Not that I would have voted for them, but now I feel like I got screwed over. 🙂 And I just voted “Yes” to my second glass of wine. Best vote ever. 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Kara - HAHAHA, ‘No’ on Smart Cars. Agree, 100%. Those things are ridiculous.

    I’ve been debating putting together a fancy Tervis tumbler for myself but am getting dangerously low on cupboard space, so I’ve put it off. But you showed me a shaker top… and I now must reconsider.ReplyCancel

  • meet.make.laugh. - Lol awesome post. And I LOVE that plaid iphone case. So cute. I would have been so tempted to vote yes……. ~StephanieReplyCancel

  • Teri Biebel - That 6:30 vote wins by a landslide!!!

  • Jen - The first one is my favorite today (Ha! See what I did there?)…it should totally be illegal to drive a roller skate.ReplyCancel

  • Johlet - Seems like you put your election day to very good use! Love that wine cover! Freaking cute!

  • Melissa - My favorite post! 🙂 too funny! And Yay for love being enough!! 😉ReplyCancel

  • Kimmyyy83 - BARNEY FOR PREZ!!! YES!!!ReplyCancel

I’m so tempted to write her in tomorrow. Because if there’s one thing I hate more than self-entitled rappers, Kardashians (and self-entitled rappers dating Kardashians), it’s politicians. And elections. And conniving little Tracey Flick is as good of a choice as any. I’m aware that there are many of you who thrive on democracy in […]

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  • Becky - I’m so over this election, actually I was over it before it even began. I agree with everything you’re saying!

    Thanks for the memories of the movie, I love that movie!ReplyCancel

  • Casie - You make me smile. Nuff said.ReplyCancel

  • Dina Marie ~ A Plucky Procrastinator - It’s like you’re in my head. Stop that 😉ReplyCancel

  • Becca - I keep saying I’m going to write in my dog because that’s how much I love politics! Ha! I am sooo ready for this election to be over too!ReplyCancel

  • Kim Duran - Nicely said. Sometimes I wish a single Presidential term was 8 years just so we didn’t have to endure the torture you just described every 4 years. Thanks for your hilarious comment on my blog, too!ReplyCancel

  • Kara - I just wanted to say that, aside from the sheer brilliance of this post, I just cannot get on board with Forrest Gump as President. Well-intended and honest, yes. Still: a total disaster.ReplyCancel

  • Jen - My thoughts exactly…and way to tie in to one of the best movies ever. Brilliant.ReplyCancel

  • Teri Biebel - Can we put something on the ballot that say next election there are NO calls, NO extra mail propaganda and NO commercials?? Whoever puts that on the ballot gets my vote.


  • - How about a law where if a political party promises something and they don’t deliver, they have to spend some time in jail with the really nasty people and donate a good chunk of their pension to a deserving charity?! I’m sick of the liars. The UK is getting into a right mess and the majority of the ill informed people blame it all on Europe and immigrants rather than the politicians who make it a mess! Eugh makes me crazy!ReplyCancel

  • Kimmyyy83 - Forrest Gump For PRez!!! Amen!ReplyCancel

It’s November and it’s Friday? Time to put on your Christmas sweater and boogie. Since I have one of my very best friends visiting me today all the way from New Jersey (she left the kids with her husband for the weekend…without power.  This sentence takes on a whole new meaning when you realize that […]

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  • Mommy Lisa - Mmmmmmm. Sugar Daddy. p.s. I love Christmas too – my hubby is about to boycott Target though because they put Christmas commercials on before Halloween.ReplyCancel

  • Carolyn - OMG! I was in Target the other day and totally did the same thing in the Christmas aisles. LOVE!!! 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Katie - I frequent Target WEEKLY during this time of year. It’s a disease. I’m glad I’m not alone. 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Micah Cain - Just came home from Target<3
    I browsed the Christmas aisle but would not let myself buy anything before Thanksgiving!ReplyCancel

  • jess - haha YAY for Target Christmas goodies! I am so with you on the Pandora. I am over my iTunes and I have been listening to Pandora non-stop!ReplyCancel

  • Candi - Christmas…..just the name invokes 24/7 Christmas music on the radio, mulled cider scented candles, lights on houses, Christmas trees, fires in the fireplace, cookies baking in the oven. I mean seriously, what is NOT to love about this time of year??????? Oh & btw, those shorts are so hilarious!! I love how the yellow turns to brown RIGHT down the butt crack, lol!!!ReplyCancel

  • cynthia - I love Xmas paper, too. So.many.cute.ones.can’t.choose!
    have a fun weekend with your friend 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Teri Biebel - Got my DD station on Pandora and am LOVING life!!


  • Sarah - I’m addicted to crocheting infinity scarves too! It’s pretty much all I ever make anymore…ReplyCancel

  • Brani Laine - Hi Michelle! a) I want a sugar daddy. Jk, I have a great boyfriend. I think you are such a cute blogger! Target is addicting.

    Brani Laine

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