Yep, that was us under the arrow. ….okay, maybe it was a little bit more than a ‘little thunder’, but when your terrified 11 year old + her equally terrified BFF are huddled together on the couch at 12:30 a.m. and you are trying to divert their attention away from the howling wind/booming thunder/hail stones […]

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  • Kara - Last night was nuts, that’s for sure! Can I ask what lake you are on?ReplyCancel

  • this hive. - holy cow MN looks sooo pretty! its dusty and hot as hell here in az. you know, the usual. still love it! <3

It’s a big day around here – it’s YMFT’s 4 month anniversary!! (and as a gift I’ve given it a neat little acronym.  And dark-chocolate-orange truffles). I first started blogging because of Pinterest, strangely enough.  It’s true (if that is confusing, read my first post).  Not only did it give me a kick-ass Raspberry Lemon-Drop recipe, […]

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  • Lucy McCracken - yeah Michelle, congrats on 4 months of writing! What a great post. I can so relate to my eyes burning after staring at the computer for hours upon hours. Time seems to fly when you’re on line. Speaking of reality TV I can’t wait for tonight’s Bachelorette episode 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Meagan - Blogging is certainly a journey in figuring things out! Great post and I laughed out loud at #2!ReplyCancel

  • kyna... - Thanks again hon! I think the recipe looks great! I am trying it out this week on our vacation…a house by the lake…I hope it’s as awesome as your “happy place”!! 🙂
    ♥ KynaReplyCancel

  • Kara - Happy blogging! I find that thinking of something to blog about gets me motovated to be more active, try a resturant we have never tried before, take a trip, or go on a family outing. My family loves it!ReplyCancel

  • Zara - Happy blogaversary!
    <3 Hope the day is awesome for you!ReplyCancel

  • this hive. - i love the “ten things!” i mentioned you on my blog because they are hilarious & so true!

    • Michelle - I just saw that….before I saw this (see…I DO read your posts!!). You are the sweetest little devil I know!!! Thank you!! xoxo right back ‘atcha!! 😉ReplyCancel

  • Rachel - Congrats on four months! I’ve been blogging for real for only about a month now and seriously–there is so much to learn! It would be easy if it were only writing! The writing is still my favorite, but I am proud of myself for figuring out a few things about design…
    And your insights on blogger behavior are spot on!ReplyCancel

  • *LO* - i LOVE This blog post!!! I found you through random links through Ellen at “This Hive”. I could not agree with you more about comment 9, because I am one of those dorks 🙂 heheReplyCancel

I think it’s Friday.  And I think the little numbers up on the top right corner of my screen say “8:01 AM”.I’m not sure, because I’m having a hard time opening my eyes.  Which is the opposite of hilariously funny to me because about 6 hours ago I could not seem to keep them closed. […]

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  • Millie - I love this! This sounds like most nights for me, minus the husband parts. I’m new here…so glad I stumbled across your blog.


  • Kara - Awesome post! And I am wondering about Ann Curry as well.ReplyCancel

  • Andrea @ Love is... - Oh how I love this! Have fun at the cabin this weekend! = )ReplyCancel

  • No(dot dot)el - Your breakdown of your evening made me giggle. Sorry to be so insensitive, it’s just I can so relate. I hate nights like that when your brain just won’t shut off.ReplyCancel

  • kyna... - Insomnia just plain sucks huh?? My munchkin is often awake at all hours of the night with insomnia…maybe I’ll send her to you…you guys can stay awake together so this momma can get some sleep!! lol (totally kidding!! Well…sort of!)
    ♥ KynaReplyCancel

I’ve seen a few blog links where the topic is “awesome and awkward”…as in “What happened to you this week that was awesome and what happened that was awkward? When I drive to the cabin every week I like to sing as if I’m on stage performing at the Grammy’s (the Things wear headphones and watch […]

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  • Kathe - Omg! The Carpenters is the best! Love it! Not sure if it’s awkward or awesome but when any Journey song comes on I sing loud & proud!ReplyCancel

  • Lucy McCracken - Sexy Back is such an awesome song. Justin is awesome too. he he I loved reading all of your awesome and awkward things. Great idea and great posts 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Funnygirl2004 - OMG! I have the Carpenters on my iPhone! Love them! And I know that song by Benny Mardones and it is good too!

    Do you have any John Denver on your iPod?ReplyCancel

  • Fash Boulevard - haha. Sexyback always brings out the best dance moves. Obsessed. Fabulous post, love. If you get a sec I’d love to hear your thoughts on my interview for College Lifestyles magazine. xo


    • Michelle - Thanks for reading! Just checked out your interview (fantastic!)….and then have spent the past hour pouring over your unbelievably gorgeous wedding photos/pages (and got misty-eyed reading about your engagement. No lie.). Congratulations on all your successes!! Love it and will follow along!ReplyCancel

So I got back from vacation 3 days ago and I’m still exhausted.  NYC is NOT the place to go for a relaxing vacation. Did you know there are muscles in your shins?  Neither did I until I walked about 15 miles in flip-flops for 3 days straight (and I know Husband is shaking his head […]

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  • Jackie - Oh my god, I love all of these!!!!!!!

    Several points:
    1. I will take very good care of Thing 1 if she wants to go to NYU. Promise. She can come over to my house for dinners when she’s feeling really homesick and cuddle my cats. I will order doughnuts for her if she needs them.

    We should meet before then so I can be the cool aunt while she’s in college. 😉

    2. BARBIE CAR!!! 🙂

    3. I am so freaking sad that there’s not a picture of us together. Damn you, Colin Powell.

    4. Come back soooooon!!!!! Preferably for Thing 1’s NYU audition. Let me know if she needs music. I have plenty.


    • Michelle - You are too sweet! And I almost took a photo of that cute note you left me! I’m so sad our paths JUST missed each other….and so was Thing 1. She wanted to talk ‘thea-ta’ with you !!ReplyCancel

  • this hive. - oh how i adore NYC! sheesh you guys did a TON! no wonder youre exhausted! LOL i love your girls on the subway. so unimpressed haha
    happy fri!ReplyCancel

  • Meagan - Ahh! Your trip looked fabulous! So fun 🙂

    I also just nominated you for an award! 🙂 Go check it out here:

  • tiff@thecoffeehouse - oh my gosh. looove the pictures. I want to go on a vaca with you guys!
    and I must ride in that barbie car. too fun!ReplyCancel

  • Taylor Grace - This is the exact scene going on outside my house right now! Although I wish it was SJP rather than Joe Biden! I’m guilty of being a huge SJP fan. I think I walk by her house every time I’m in NYC…ReplyCancel

  • Mrs. K - These are fun photos! I’ve never made it to NYC- hopefully I’ll do that before I keel over.ReplyCancel

I’m playing along with a lot of other bloggers today in a game called “It’s OK…”You’re smart – you’ll catch on. It’s OK…that it’s 10:30 a.m. and I just woke up after sleeping over 10 hours. Even though I adore sleep, this is out of control.  I feel headachy and stiff and my throat feels […]

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  • Lucy McCracken - I love your fun list of it’s ok lol 🙂 I think it’s so great to sleep in. I know what you mean about skipping breakfast he he I love Glee as well. I hope you have a wonderful amazing day!ReplyCancel

  • tiff@thecoffeehouse - I win. I think I slept 11.5 … yikes. Usually I get about 6 hrs of sleep. I guess my body needed to play catch up. wowza. oh and eating on vacation … what else are vacations for?ReplyCancel

  • Lyzz - I like how you call your kids thing 1and 2ReplyCancel

  • Alyssa - I have been dying to read My Reality! I love Melissa!ReplyCancel

  • Nicholl Vincent - Love this!


    Have a fabulous day! xoReplyCancel

  • Allison Coomes - quality sleep…does that happen when your babies become teenagers? Lucky you!ReplyCancel

  • Laura - Love it! I wish I could sleep late! 5:00 rolls around, my eyes pop open and I feel like I should be up. I am going to try one day next week! Was the book really good? I just finished a book called “The Night Counter” it was really good! I am with you, its hard to just wake up and start cooking!!ReplyCancel

Today Husband and I are celebrating our Golden Anniversary (with a morning spent on a plane and afternoon spent with me blogging and him napping on the couch. He promises take-out P.F. Chang’s later while we catch up on “The Bachelorette”.  See what you have to look forward to, kids?).Oh, we’re not celebrating the ’50 […]

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  • Jackie - You look just the same as you did in your (truly adorable) wedding pictures. Seriously. So not blowing smoke up your ass. You’re very lucky, not just because you look far too young to be married 19 years, but because you’ve got a golden husband and two beautiful things to show for it. Happy Anniversary Michelle!! <3

  • this hive. - omg! i love this! how cute are you guys!? frat row sure brings alot of people together <3

  • Tiffany @ Blabbering Thoughts - WOW – I love this post. You freaking look fabulous in these pics. I was expecting something crazy, okay the veil MAYBE a little crazy hahaha, but dang those are awesome!! HAPPY ANNIVERSARY YESTERDAY!!!! Next year will be 20 & my son will be 2 – perfect. Let’s celebrate. Your basement or my kitchen?ReplyCancel

  • Ariel Tyler - aww! I love this!ReplyCancel

After a crazy, busy, tiring past week, it’s finally time to get the suitcases out and throw in all the clothes I’ve been putting in piles in our bedrooms for the past few days (and threatening the Things NOT to wear again before Tuesday).Yep, for the 5th time in 8 weeks I will be boarding […]

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  • Meagan - Have so much fun! I went to NYC last year and loved it. My brother actually lives up there now…he’s way more ballsy than me. I start to get claustrophobic there by day 3…ReplyCancel

  • Kari - Jealous!!! It sounds like a win-win trip all around! Good luck spotting the celebrity!

  • Jackie - Michelle!!! You’re here!!!!
    I hope you’re enjoying the city – the rain is pretty bogus today… sorry about that.

    Hope you get a sec to stop by and seeeee meeeeee!!

  • sophistifunk - i am sooo so jealous! i hope you are having the best time 🙂 everytime i go to LA i always celebrity hunt, lolReplyCancel

♫ School’s…OUT…for – SUMMER! ♫  Every year I sing that Alice Cooper song in my head for like 3 days after the last day of school.  But that’s the only line of the song I know so it gets pretty old, pretty fast. It’s officially DAY 1 of summer vacation…..and the Things and I are spending the […]

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  • this hive. - iiiiii neeeeeed a smash journal. where does one find such a thing?!?! its perfect & looks SOOOO fun.


    • Michelle - Target (of course) or Michaels or JoAnn Fabrics. Usually a whole display with all the trimmings! Happy SMASHing!

Summer Vacation.2 words every kid longs to hear, right?Not my kids. They’ve always been those freaky super-students who love school and cry on the last day. It’s only since Thing 1 has been in high school (and the homework load has gotten intense) that she’s finally come over to the dark side and joined the […]

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  • this hive. - omg.. i am overwhelmed with emotions… you’re kids are HOOTS and the way you described them is absolutely hillllarious. holy crap i literally LOL’d at the zoo conversation… too funny!ReplyCancel

  • bonbon - Just found your blog and love this post. I teach school so I understand the whole “end of the year blues” things. I think school more than anything shows us the passage of time, and so it’s scary when another year has already come to an end. It sounds like you’re a very supportive and understanding mom, though, so they definitely are lucky for that!

    new follower 🙂

    • Michelle - Thank you for that! I’m also a new fan (and follower) of your terrific posts. I wish you’d have been MY teacher! The post is up about the SMASH journals I mentioned, btw (if you don’t know about them).

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