Yesterday I upgraded my phone to iOS 10. I spent a full hour playing with the new features in iMessages alone. I sent gif images, stickers, bursts of confetti, and floaty balloons to the family text group for so long that two of them went dark on me. Apparently if you have a real job […]

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(Because I’m sure you’ve been waiting all summer to find out.) Apologies for the slightly narcissistic tone of that post title (but I mean, c’mon, it’s a blog) but you guys, I love this time of year.Those of you who’ve been following along for awhile know I’m not talking about pumpkin spice creamer and pumpkin spice […]

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  • Snarkfest - I can’t WAIT for Designated Survivor!!!!ReplyCancel

    • Michelle - I know!! I don’t usually fall for shows like that but the whole premise looks so fresh and interesting. Plus, Kiefer Sutherland. Can’t go wrong. (Unless your name is Julia Roberts…)ReplyCancel

  • Bev Draughon - Bull with Michael Weatherly. I will miss him on NCIS but this show looks promising to me.ReplyCancel

    • Michelle - I will definitely take a look at the trailer! Thanks for the tip!! 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Tiff - I just wrote a similar post on my blog but yours is so much better!
    Fall TV is my absolute favorite time of the year & there are a lot of new shows to watch. I can’t wait!ReplyCancel

    • Michelle - Kindred spirits!! 🙂 Going to check it out right now!ReplyCancel

  • Lara - I’m VERY thankful I’m not the only one who sits down and pretty much draws up a football playbook for the fall television schedule. I do a list by time and day of the week. I do a list by network. I do a list by what day they start or come back.

    Thank you for supporting my crazy. 🙂ReplyCancel

    • Michelle - Always happy to support crazy, especially when it’s concerning television! What shows are you watching? Any disappointments yet? (Mine is “Speechless” – I tried to like it but haven’t been able to get through an entire episode yet. 🙁 )ReplyCancel

      • Lara - Returning shows: Agents of Shield, Flash, Supergirl, DC Legends, Survivor, Gotham, Poldark, Big Bang Theory

        New shows: This is Us (LOVE), Designated Survivor (Kiefer can be president of my LIFE), Son of Zorn (my 13 yr old son LOVES this), Timeless (still on the DVR, haven’t watched it yet), and The Good Place (really enjoying this). I was going to watch Conviction but I’m limited on time & DVR space.

        I love a show with well-written snappy dialogue, and The Good Place has all that.

        And, of course, I am addicted to DCC: Making the Team. My 13 yr old son also watches this with me…but probably for different reasons than he did two years ago. 😉ReplyCancel

Random thing to know about me #287: Recently I’ve had to start using a magnifying mirror — one the size of a paper plate that is suctioned cupped to my regular bathroom mirror which no longer works — to be able to do things like put on eyeliner and actually SEE MY FACE … and when […]

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  • Nicole - Are you still recapping the show? Haven’t seen a recap since ep 2 an d we’re heading into ep 5 this week. I love your take on the show!!ReplyCancel

    • Michelle - I’m not. 🙁 I really didn’t get enough traffic on them to make it worth my time. But you are sweet to notice (and truly the only one who did). Thank you for your nice comment! Hope you’ll stick around and make sure to follow The Bachelor recaps in January. 🙂ReplyCancel

      • Erin - I, too, was a silent fan who came here looking for more of your reviews on DCC. Bummer.ReplyCancel

  • Christine - I love your recap/blog….. I never watched DCC until a friend of mine told me about it 3 years ago. I started watching and I am hooked. Excited to read the next recap you have on the upcoming episode(s)!ReplyCancel

Great news, O fellow fans of guilty pleasure shows chock full of girls with identical hairstyles and tear-streaked faces who’re hoping to live out their unattainable dreams in front of a cameraman who’s currently shooting his own, I’ve got a show for us to dish over for the next couple of months. And while it doesn’t have roses […]

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  • Ted - Love your DCC recaps — keep them coming!ReplyCancel

Before we dive into the murky green waters of Thailand, let’s rewind to May for a sec, shall we? *insert wavy lines here*   I’d like to say it’s like I’m a freakin’ clairvoyant, but you guys, I really can’t own this prediction. I mean, we all saw it coming, didn’t we? Well, except for Robby. […]

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  • Amy - #naileditReplyCancel

  • Snarkfest - I’ve been subscribed for years. I know you’re not just a one trick pony with your recaps. You ain’t getting rid of me that easily. Bring on the non-recap posts!! I’ll be here.ReplyCancel

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