It’s that time of year again, folks. Time for gluttony and indulgence and feeling like shit about yourself when you wake up in the morning and realize how you spent your evening. That’s right, it’s The Bachelorette season. But while it’s easy to feel guilt over the two hours of your life you sacrifice each week, […]

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  • Snarkfest - Thanks to Google’s result for Banyul, I know I will never try it. But the Skinny Pops? I want ALL the Skinny Pops!! And all the Malbec!ReplyCancel

    • Michelle - Agree with you on all counts!! (Banyuls=Barf, which would totally wreck that Dark Chocolate Dusted SkinnyPop.)ReplyCancel

Welcome to another season of Bachelorette recaps! And big congratulations to Jordan and JoJo! See ya in January, folks, g’night! But really. I think we can all agree that Aaron Rodgers’ brother Jordan already has this thing tied up. But, alas, the road to true love via reality television isn’t that easy, and despite JoJo […]

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  • Amy - Amazing recap!ReplyCancel

  • Snarkfest - Not gonna lie. I’m thrilled you’re recapping again.ReplyCancel

  • Judy George - Love it – but ever heard of DVR’s or TIVO? We’ll accept your recap of the finale a month or so later! But back to the first show, personally I think Jordan is a douche – can’t stand his hair and maybe the fact that is brother is Aaron Rogers of the Packers is coloring my opinion (hate the Packers – we’re Chicago Bear fans and they are our nemesis). I sincerely wish ABC didn’t have so much to say about this because there were a couple guys I wish could have stuck around when they “forced” her to keep the drunk Canadian – who isn’t only a drunk – he’s totally weird! And also – personally – would not be really sorry if the acapella group didn’t stick around – talk about “forced”. Whatever – I’m so happy you’re back recapping these shows! Will be tuning in for sure – to you, at least!ReplyCancel

Hold onto your cocktails and ditch your dignity, you guys, we’re T minus 11 days until The Bachelorette premiere! Since I had to cut my recaps short with Bachelor Ben (who is happily—and shockingly—still firmly committed to flying into the sunset with Wings (check out her ridiculous Instagram pics — and by ridiculous I mean adorable)) I’m […]

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  • NinaN - These are the best contestant write ups ever! I actually read them all!! I can’t wait for the train wreck to start!ReplyCancel

  • Judy George - Yay – Michelles back! Missed you during Ben’s season!ReplyCancel

  • Jackie Owen - Yay is right!! Glad you are going to waste your time again!!ReplyCancel

Two years ago my daughter’s high school graduation was looming, and I was panicking. My hairdresser had inadvertently given my hair a Kardashian ombre look, I couldn’t find a new dress that was the perfect blend of “this is an important enough event for me to actually wear a dress” and “but it doesn’t look […]

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  • Nikki Etheridge Merritt - My daughter is just starting high school this fall, and now you’ve got me in tears already!ReplyCancel

Hello, friends! Last week I gave you a glimpse into the surreal and slightly out-of-body experience I had being in Stars Hollow and in Central Perk and promised to share another awesome—yet much more embarrassing and horrifying—moment from our time in Hollywood. I also promised to show you a photo we took with an actual American Idol winner, thanks to […]

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  • Lisa - This is hilarious, because I actually saw this live! I have a 3.5yr old and Never, ever watch daytime t.v. It’s been solidly cartoons at this house for a long time. I spend too much time reading mommy blogs 😉 Somehow I had a moment the other day and watched this show for the first time and only for Ross, cause I have no idea about the AI kid. Anyway, I saw you take the pic of the AI kid!! I just thought they were filming in NYC and you were a super excited fan. I watched the interview with Joey too but did not notice you again (check my google searches for that time and date and it would say: what happened to Joey Lawrence, Matthew Lawrence, Andy Lawrence?) That is a lot of rambling, sorry! Love your blog and glad you had some great vacations!ReplyCancel

    • Michelle - SHUT. UP. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?? That is hilarious and so bizarre!!! Somehow I feel even MORE famous. (Or infamous?!?) And as for being a “super excited fan”? Um, yeah. 😛 I cannot tell you how hysterical my daughter and I were when we finally got to see it (we weren’t near a TV when it aired in CA so we had to wait for the YouTube clip to be posted later that night). I could not breathe and the tears were coursing down my face. Thank you for letting me know…and thank you so much for reading!! 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Snarkfest - You’ve given me a huge smile on this dreary day. Thanks for never taking yourself seriously and providing us with laughter, Michelle. I love this. And I watched the video twice because I loved it so much!ReplyCancel

    • Michelle - Always happy to entertain with my dorkiness. Glad you enjoyed the video. I hadn’t watched it since that day and when I was watching it to take those screenshots yesterday I was howling. It will never not be funny to me. #facepalm xoxoReplyCancel

  • Melinda Tillotson - This is hysterical. Ohmygoodness, I laughed so hard. (all by myself in the basement where the computer is…) Thanks for the laugh!!!!!ReplyCancel

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