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You're my Favorite Today is a place where you'll find stories, ideas, and thoughts about navigating the empty nest phase of life and keeping it full of fun, adventure, and — most importantly —possibility!

You'll also find stories about the journey it took to get here, plus a lot of other essays and favorite things that have defined my life for the past eight years ... and continue to do so.

So if your nest is empty — or even if your little chicks are teetering on the edge about to take flight — grab a drink and join me.

Sure, life may be changing, but isn't it pretty great that we are, too?

The Freedom in 51

Last week I turned 51. I was thinking I could say I’m officially over the hill except I just Googled what age is considered “over the hill” and it said 40. I think Google needs a new definition of hill.40 is like a mound, at best. In any case, I’m definitely officially over the hill.…

So much for the empty nest

Well, this is ironic. Last fall I decided to switch You’re my Favorite Today over to more content that would reflect the new, empty nest phase of life Brian and I were embarking on. With our younger daughter in college in Connecticut and our older well into her second internship at Walt Disney World (with…

Who’s my favorite today? The answer might surprise you.

When I decided to start “You’re my favorite today” on a whim one night back in March of 2012, I had zero knowledge of anything blog or computer related (the fact that I still do not is beside the point). Honestly, I not only had no idea what I was going to write about, I…