4 months in and still writing…

It’s a big day around here – it’s YMFT’s 4 month anniversary!!
(and as a gift I’ve given it a neat little acronym.  And dark-chocolate-orange truffles).

I first started blogging because of Pinterest, strangely enough.  It’s true (if that is confusing, read my first post).  Not only did it give me a kick-ass Raspberry Lemon-Drop recipe, it gave me this little blog.
After that first post, I was off and running and quickly filled my 10 readers in on my love of the Bachelor, my obsession with Generation X, and why I cannot sleep in the same room as my family – plus a lot of other nonsense that seemed so relieved to finally get the chance to escape the confines of my brain.

Those first few weeks, however,  I wrote only about 2 posts a week because each one took me like 4 hours to write…and proof…and edit….and re-proof…and re-write before actually getting the nerve to hit ‘publish’.
And now here it is – 4 months, 4,290 page views, 50 (!!) posts and a LOT of knowledge later.  And the fact that it still takes me waaay too long to feel confident in my posts before hitting ‘publish’ is something I’m working on (along with letting go of unnecessary anger and saying ‘no’ to that 3rd glass of wine).
But I have come a long way and learned many valuable (it’s a relative term) things.

10 things I’ve learned about blogging…so far…

1.  When I started YMFT, I thought blogging was just about writing and had no clue about Google Friends, followers, link-ups, sponsoring, buttons and HTML codes, widgits and gadgets and hot links.  I’ve spent countless hours googling and reading and learning….and am damn proud of myself and my old cobwebbed brain for figuring it all out on my own.
And I now know that blogging isn’t just about writing, just like back in the early 90’s I learned that teaching isn’t just about teaching.  And parenthood isn’t just about getting to finally buy cute teeny outfits at Baby Gap (so sorry to tell some of you this).

2.  Most bloggers aren’t shy about letting their readers in on their love of a good libation (present company included).  One day we’ll be charter members of Blogging while Anonymously Drinking (BAD).  Oh, don’t be silly – we won’t quit – we’ll just be excited to have a new club to be a part of.

3.  Most bloggers also love a good reality show and have an unhealthy keen interest in celebrities and their lives.  And that fact should in no way reflect our level of intelligence (even though it is true that most of us know more about who runs Hollywood than who runs America.  And now that I’m a blogger, I love that I don’t have to hide that fact…and can use words like ‘keen’).

4.  Comments left after a post are like birthday presents (or anniversary presents…hint…hint…).

5.  Bloggers like to frequently (and by ‘frequently’, I mean constantly) check their GF subscriber #’s, page views and comments – and have no problem admitting to this.  It’s kind of narcissistic, and I love this about all of you us. 

6.  The blogging world is far, far more vast than I ever knew.  And it is made up of the most fabulous community of funny and quirky and witty and supportive people who just love to write – about anything and everything (and a handful who just really love to post photos of themselves in cute and perfectly accessorized outfits).

7.  My eyes are getting old.  Seriously. After like 4 hours staring at the computer screen they burn and things become blurry and I start to feel slightly nauseous.  Oh, wait.  Maybe that’s because of the tumbler of Chardonnay that usually accompanies my writing process…

8.  Everyone’s hilarious.  It’s true.  The writing I read on all the blogs I follow is far far – more witty and current than anything I read in print.  We should all join forces and write the most kick-ass sitcom or movie script ever.

9. Bloggers take pictures of everything.  You’ll never know when inspiration will strike and a blog post will be born. And you’ll want pictures to add punch.  See a girl ‘staging’ hers and her date’s drinks on the table and snapping a photo with her phone?  She’s probably a blogger.  Someone taking 5 photos of everyone’s dinner seconds after the waiter set it down? And then re-taking them because the first ones were blurry &/or she realized they’d look so much hipper if she used Instagram?  Yep…a blogger.  Hear the other 3 people at the table begging to “please, please, please put the phone away and let us eat our food“?  Her long-suffering family (but I wouldn’t know anything about that).

10.  That 4 months and 50 blog posts later, this little blog has taken over my head and infiltrates my every waking & sleeping thought. And it makes me absurdly happy and fulfilled.  If I’m not sitting at the computer writing (or reading or searching for a cute new blog template) I’m thinking of things to write about…or someone else’s clever blog post idea…or telling my family about someone else’s clever blog post (they know many of you by name, btw)…or – seriously – what color should my new blog background be?  Oh, YMFT – you’re really living up to your name.

I know there’s much to still learn (haven’t even attempted to tackle the ever-popular blog giveaway yet, and I’d really like to know how to get readers to hit those little facebook and twitter buttons I spent like 10 hours learning how to make and post) but I’ll keep plugging along.

If you’ve been a follower and a loyal reader from the beginning (all those 4 looong months ago) – 
 Thank You.
If you’re new – Welcome!
Happy to have you along for the ride!

And now that you’re done with this post – get yourself on over to Great Expectations!  
Kyna was so nice to ask me to contribute a recipe to her blog.  After I stopped laughing (she clearly doesn’t know my level of expertise in the kitchen) I sent her one of my favorite and easy (redundant) dinner recipes. Seriously, if it has more than 6 ingredients I won’t cook it.  That’s why I love this recipe.  Check it out!  And then stay awhile and check out her lovely blog.  I’m off to eat anniversary truffles.  


  1. Lucy McCracken on July 2, 2012 at 5:00 pm

    yeah Michelle, congrats on 4 months of writing! What a great post. I can so relate to my eyes burning after staring at the computer for hours upon hours. Time seems to fly when you’re on line. Speaking of reality TV I can’t wait for tonight’s Bachelorette episode 🙂

  2. Meagan on July 2, 2012 at 9:27 pm

    Blogging is certainly a journey in figuring things out! Great post and I laughed out loud at #2!

  3. kyna... on July 3, 2012 at 3:42 am

    Thanks again hon! I think the recipe looks great! I am trying it out this week on our vacation…a house by the lake…I hope it’s as awesome as your “happy place”!! 🙂
    ♥ Kyna

  4. Kara on July 3, 2012 at 1:32 pm

    Happy blogging! I find that thinking of something to blog about gets me motovated to be more active, try a resturant we have never tried before, take a trip, or go on a family outing. My family loves it!

  5. Zara on July 3, 2012 at 4:10 pm

    Happy blogaversary!
    <3 Hope the day is awesome for you!

  6. this hive. on July 3, 2012 at 6:54 pm

    i love the “ten things!” i mentioned you on my blog because they are hilarious & so true!

    • Michelle on July 3, 2012 at 7:06 pm

      I just saw that….before I saw this (see…I DO read your posts!!). You are the sweetest little devil I know!!! Thank you!! xoxo right back ‘atcha!! 😉

  7. Rachel on July 4, 2012 at 11:37 pm

    Congrats on four months! I’ve been blogging for real for only about a month now and seriously–there is so much to learn! It would be easy if it were only writing! The writing is still my favorite, but I am proud of myself for figuring out a few things about design…
    And your insights on blogger behavior are spot on!

  8. *LO* on October 2, 2012 at 12:26 pm

    i LOVE This blog post!!! I found you through random links through Ellen at “This Hive”. I could not agree with you more about comment 9, because I am one of those dorks 🙂 hehe

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