I Just Want To Pee Alone

Good Tuesday morning, friends!
Just a short update:
Friday before last  I shared some REALLY big news.

For those of you who missed it (and don’t really want to take the time to click the link to find out what I’m talking about and who are just hoping that by continuing to read you’ll figure it out…eventually), here’s the news in a tiny nutshell.

There’s a book about to be published….and I’m in it.
(For those of you paying attention, I never said I was over Rachel)
Moving on.
Over the past 10 days things have been happening. As in, Sign this! Verify this! Double Check this!
It’s enough to make a girl feel like she’s about to vomit 15 hours a day, let  me tell you.
So here’s the latest –

We have a finalized cover. We have a finalized cover!!
  I Just Want To Pee Alone cover
Take a look at the unbelievable company I’m keeping.
Seriously, I’ll wait.
Many of you who read this little blog are bloggers yourselves and so I’m sure you’re familiar with a lot of the names up there (makes the “feelin’ like I’m gonna vomit” statement coming from the new girl make a lot more sense now, doesn’t it?).
But for those of you who are not, I wanted to share a few more links today so you can get a better feel for how hilarious this book is bound to be.  Many of these blogs are new to me, too, and let me tell you I have spent many hours over the past couple of weeks reading their posts, howling with laughter, and becoming a big fan of every one of these ladies (which is making me start to think my essay will be the palate cleanser.)
Oh, and one more exciting bit of news – because they wanted to have it ready for my birthday, I Just Want To Pee Alone is being pushed up for publication within the next month! (Kidding. Not about it being published in March, but about it being for my birthday. At least I think I’m kidding.)
But until then, here’s some more great stuff to keep you laughing as you are hiding from your family in the bathroom.  Take awhile to poke around their blogs, read new stuff and read old stuff.  Hey, the longer you’re in there, the less laundry you have to fold.

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