What Your Childhood Halloween Costumes Say About You Today

I was a Halloween kid. As in, started planning my next year’s costume on November 1st kind of a Halloween kid. Over the course of the year I’d change my mind a million times as to what I’d be, but more often than not I’d end up being whatever it was that had been thought up originally, 364 days before (a fun personality trait that much to my family’s delight has transcended into my adulthood and into many non-Halloween related things).

Last week Amy Poehler was on Ellen and said something that got me thinking. She said that you can tell what kind of adults young girls will grow up to be based on the Halloween costumes they choose as kids. Kind of true, right? Unless, of course, you who are reading this right now once dressed as a slutty nurse in your teen years and are now a kindergarten teacher. Or maybe dressed like a kindergarten teacher and are now a slutty nurse? Or maybe are a kindergarten teacher by day and slutty nurse by night? The point is, what she said made me laugh because in remembering some of my costumes as well as a few of those my girls have worn through the years, it made sense.

Let’s try it, shall we?

Me (as a child):

Costumes: Cheerleader; Gypsy; Witch; Rock Star; Bumblebee.
What it says about me: Peppy, colorful and creative (yet often tired of being creative to the point of becoming complacent and unoriginal) with a hidden desire to break out of my shell, go crazy and hurt someone (but only a little bit).
Dead on.

My 18 year old
hasn’t gone trick-or-treating since she started high school, not because she thinks it’s childish and something she’s too old for (don’t be ridiculous) but because of all the damn homework that high school brings. The past three years she’s sat on the front couch doing homework and helped pass out candy. Oh, she’s in costume (of course she is…she’s an actress), she’s just homebound. Don’t feel bad for her, she robs our candy bucket like a little street urchin when I’m not looking.
Costumes: Simba; Hermione; Greek Goddess; Gangster; Ninja.
What it says about her: Sweet and playful, studious, smart and an eternally good girl with a hidden desire to break the rules and attack someone stealthily.
Yeah, pretty much.

At 12 years old Thing 2 still hits the streets on Halloween (and just like her mama did, wears a costume that has been in the works for over 11 months). And even though she’s not reached adulthood yet, her costume choices over the years certainly reflect not only her personality but are good predictors of the person she’ll grow to be.
Costumes: Tigger; Super Baby (self-created); Ninja Pig (self-created); Luna Lovegood; Nerd.
What it says about her: Bouncy and energetic (sometimes to the point of annoyance), hilariously creative and imaginative, quirky and unique.
Spot on.
And I attribute the fact that she has yet to be something that is harmful to others (unless you count the year of the Ninja Pig which, if you could’ve seen the adorableness of what she came up with, you would not) to the fact that she’s young and unjaded. Let’s give her another year in middle school. That outta do it.

And while I think Amy Poehler’s theory works (and explains Halloween 1987 when I dressed as a clown when the rest of my friends dressed like Robert Palmer girls), I’d add that the things we dress up as as adults also speak volumes about us. It’s a one-night-chance to not only live out a secret life we’d never in a million years have chosen but to unearth all the pent up evil that lies hidden beneath the sunny disposition and friendly attitude.
At least I’m assuming.

How I’ve dressed to pass out candy every year for the past five.

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  • MeekoMommy - Brilliant and now I must go back through mine… if only I could remember anything beyons the borrowed clown suit. Im not kidding… even a little bit. Plus my parents were not picture takers!!ReplyCancel

  • Teri Biebel - Good God I can’t remember ANY of my old costumes. I can tell you every costume my kids have worn every year, but the only two I can remember for me were the hooker my freshman year of college and the pregnant nun when I was 22.ReplyCancel

    • Michelle - Well, let’s all just be thankful you didn’t dress as a a hooker and a pregnant nun as a child. 😉ReplyCancel

  • Karen - My 14year old daughter is also a “Halloween Kid” – she starts planning her costumes around Christmas…her last few have included: Fat Albert, Don Cherry, The Fonz, and last year she was a mailbox. This year she is going out with her friends as Social Media (each taking on one of Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, and Instagram). I am a little worried to think about what this will say about her adult years…but really all that matters is she gives me all her Mars bars.! Happy Halloween.ReplyCancel

  • Michelle - Ooh! Let me try — She’ll be hilarious and eternally cool with a penchant for correspondence? Ha. Love the social media idea — the creative costumes always get extra candy at my door!!ReplyCancel

  • OhBoyMom - Your costume is awesome! We have a neighbor who goes nuts with her Halloween decorations and she too dresses up, but her kids are fully grown and out of the house. Gotta love it.ReplyCancel

    • Michelle - I love that…although I like the think that once my last one leaves I might be too busy traveling the world to be home passing out candy on Halloween.ReplyCancel

  • Dana Hemelt - I don’t want to think about this one too hard. My son is taping Smarties to his pants tonight and going as Smarty Pants. I think it’s super clever, and we encourage that in our family.ReplyCancel

    • Michelle - Those are my absolute favorite kind of costumes and ALWAYS get extra extra candy from me! I get so excited that I probably scare the poor kids. I think it says that he’ll be fun and creative and not someone to be confined by “the box”…and that he’s got good taste in serious retro candy!ReplyCancel

  • seetastelove - One year as a kid I dressed up as Cinderella before the visit from the fairy godmother, I’m going to take that to mean I’m a hard worker as it sure doesn’t translate to me being a good house cleaner or a lover of rodents.

  • Andrea - I always loved dressing up for Halloween, too! My childhood costumes included a princess, an angel, a devil, Raggedy Ann, a convict and a flapper girl. My kids are more consistent — for my 10 year old son it’s always a character from Star Wars (usually the Dark side) though this year he went as a Jedi….not Obi One or Anakin…nope. just a plain old Jedi. He called himself Jedi Bob. My 6 year old has gone as a sugar plum fairy, butterfly fairy, monarch butterfly, snow fairy and this year — the tooth fairy. She regularly hatches plans to catch a real live fairy.ReplyCancel

  • lookingforthesweetspot - Very fun post! I would love to try that on my younger one: all black ninja, saske (from pokemon), scarecrow, huck fin, smiley face, katy perry. ha!! (came from FtheF)ReplyCancel

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