Give Him a Break

My good friend Melissa gave me a great gift several months ago.

It’s this write on/wipe off photo board that everyone in the family can personalize whenever someone is their favorite.



You get the idea.

A few weeks ago, this is what it said, courtesy of Thing 2: 


I’ve changed his name to protect his innocence and dignity.
As if that’s possible…

The whole I’m not sure you’re really my father is an ongoing joke in our house, and one I’m proud to say was completely instigated by my children. *wipes away tear*

But today I’ve gotta say I’m feeling a little bit sorry for the poor guy, because this is about to happen:

Screenshot 2014-04-15 17.06.01.jpg

And I may or may not have posted this status on Facebook:

Screenshot 2014-04-16 14.41.56

Don’t feel too sorry for him, though.

He gets to live in a house full of women whose humor he himself has helped cultivate. In other words, he created the monsters we’ve become.

And despite the crap he gets, I think he loves every minute of it.


Can’t you tell?

In other Wednesday news, if you’re a fan of Parenthood (and are caught up on this season), head over to Entertainment Weekly {dot} com to check out my post in “The Community.” Today I’m considering giving Julia a scarlet letter to wear and wondering if you think she’s crossed a line. I’d love to hear your thoughts.

And make sure to check back Friday for all the photos from tonight’s signing of “I Just Want to Be Alone.”
My husband might even show up without his disguise.


If you haven’t ordered your copy of “I Just Want to Be Alone,” what are you waiting for? 
My husband gets to call in one favor for every book sold! And by ‘favor’ I of course mean rubbing my back and refilling my wine glass. 

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