Friday Favorites – At the lake, ep. 1


After about seven months of imagining it and dreaming of it while I shivered and cursed through the bitter winter, I’m finally, finally, at the lake.

And you guys, I don’t plan to leave.

I’m not kidding. Other than getting back home for a hair appointment next week (because duh), I’m staying here for the unforeseeable future. I’ve got all I need. My kids. My cats. My laptop. A TV (for this). Books. Mini M&Ms. Wine. You know, all the necessities. I’m good.

Oh, and I’ve got this guy, too.


Thankfully my kids want to stay put, too. We’re homebodies like that, anyway. The fact that Thing 1 is leaving for college in two short months has a little bit everything to do with it when I think about it (which I don’t like to do too much). I think the family is happy to be sequestered together for a chunk of time to do nothing more than relax and be in each other’s business before our little world (as we’ve known it) gets turned upside down.

So here I am.

at the lake

Welcome to my office

Staring at a few weeks full of favorites that I know are coming.

And I don’t want them to.

Does that make sense? I just finished that beer on the chair so my mind might be fuzzy. (It’s Thursday night, not Friday morning, in case you were worried.)

Never mind. Let’s get to the things (other than the above photo) that have been favorites enough for me to write about this week.

1. Glitter and Glue

glitter and glue

Probably one of my all-time favorite books is The Middle Place by Kelly Corrigan. I’ve read it at least three times in its entirety, and have read chapters and short excerpts of it many more times than that. Her newest book, also autobiographical, follows a period of time in her life post college when she was nannying for a motherless family in Australia, and how the experience changed the views she had of her own mother. It’s everything The Middle Place was — heartfelt, humorous, honest, introspective, and moving: a book that will stay with you long after you close it. I read it in two days. And plan to re-read it in about two weeks.

Check out Kelly reading about what Glitter and Glue is all about, and tell me you don’t want to read this book … and have her be your life coach.


2. I Cannot Believe I’m Reading This Book I Didn’t Come Here To Make Friends

Making a hard 180 in my reading habits and enjoyment is this book:

Courtney book

Honestly, I’d be embarrassed to even include this on my list and have you know I’m reading it, but then I remembered who I’m talking to.

So yeah, the most hated Bachelor contestant ever wrote a book. And I couldn’t wait to read it. Obviously.

I’ve been devouring it the past two days and although I’m only about 2/3 of the way through it, a few thoughts have surfaced:

  1. Courtney seems (dare I say it?) … somewhat honest
  2. Courtney has very little self-respect (no big surprise)
  3. Courtney is kind of a ho (ditto)
  4. Courtney was totally misunderstood during filming (of course)

By far my favorite parts of the book are all the behind-the-scenes scoop on The Bachelor. Seriously, how has it taken this long for a contestant to write a book? Of course, I realize it’s all her side of the story, and don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten who we’re talking about here, but still. I sort of like her (in an I also think she’s completely obnoxious sort of way). Sure, it’s mostly out of pity, but still. I mean, when she describes Ben as looking like Francine from Arthur, you’ve gotta give her points.



3. This tip for slicing grapes 

Yesterday I saw this link on Buzzfeed and you guys, it blew. my. mind.

I’m waaay past the cutting grapes stage for my kids, but I have a few great summer salad recipes that call for them, and damned if I don’t stand there for 15 minutes cutting each grape individually. Tomorrow I’m making Bruschetta (ooh! Bruschetta! Remind me to give you the recipe I use next week) and will definitely try it with grape tomatoes.

Seriously, check out the video. It’s less than 30 seconds. You will thank me (and Laura Mullins Goodhue).


4.  Friday Night Lights (still)

I know, I know. FNL was a favorite waay back in the fall when I discovered the show on Netflix and started binge watching, so it might seem like I lost interest.


Uh, nope.

But with the busy spring I just haven’t been able to return to Dillon, TX in months. Until this week. No spoilers, as I’m just starting the final season (which, if my calculations are correct, I should have finished by Sunday if I forgo sleep, which is totally do-able), but holy Panther/Lion hell, there’s been some big shake-ups in Dillon, amiright FNL fans?  I’m already depressed that it’s almost over.

Texas Forever

That’s right, Riggins. It’ll never be over.


5. Old friends … New friends

Rounding out the favorites is something that happened last Friday night, and something that definitely was a favorite for several reasons (Lemondrop).



One of my local friends (whose son has gone to school with Thing 1 since 5th grade) and her sisters have been big fans of YMFT pretty much since its beginning. Like big time, commenting and sharing and ‘liking’ on FB type of supporters, yet I’d never met them (the sisters) because they live in another state. Long story, but they ended up on my deck last Friday night drinking Lemondrops.


And now? Now I have new friends who sort of were already old friends because, like the others of you who’ve been following along, they pretty  much knew everything about me.


And really, how could fun new friends (and Lemondrops) be anything but a great big favorite??


That’ll do it for this week.
I’m gonna sit here for awhile and try to make a deal with the weather gods for some sunshine tomorrow and find out the real reason Courtney and Ben broke up. I totally bet it was all his fault.


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  1. NinaN on June 27, 2014 at 6:11 pm

    I am so glad that you are reading THAT book. You know which one I’m talking about. Please, please, please do an entire blog post devoted to it when you are finished. I need to know more but I don’t want to read it. Although, we are driving from the west coast to Winnipeg next week (with 3 children) so I could use some brain numbing time filler…..

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