Saturday Favorites – Happy Dance, a Brady Bunch Earworm and One Stupendiferous Dude

happy dancing

Those of you who know me well — ether personally or through the blog, which are both sort of the same if you ask me — won’t be surprised to find out that the first part of the title of this post (and the above gif) has everything to do with the weather.

After the unbelievable and horrific winter those of us who live in Minnesota have just survived, the past few weeks of glorious sunshine and 75° days have been almost too good to be true. And before all of you who do not live in Minnesota but who live east of the Mississppi get your panties in a bunch about the unbelievable and horrific winter you, too, endured, let me just say that until you’ve experienced it year after year after year — for 17 years — we still win (unless you happen to be in western Wisconsin or maybe northern Iowa, but I’m still claiming victory for Minnesota).
Sure, we’ve had more than a few rainy days over the past month.

May or may not have been the scene on my driveway a time or two

May or may not have been the scene on my driveway a time or two

But overall this spring has been perfect, so perfect that it’s almost made me think that *whispers* the rest of the year’s weather is worth it.


Since I was busy all day yesterday with company doing very important things like eating lunch lakeside and spending five hours at the theatre with Thing 2 at her fabulous show, the Friday Favorites got pushed to the bottom of the priority list (look at the following picture — can you blame me?).


Lunch at a great lakeside restaurant on Lake Minnetonka

No worries, though. I didn’t make this button a year or so ago for nothing:

Saturday Favorites

It’s Saturday, my friends! Grab a Bloody Mary and let’s go.


1. I think I’ll go for a walk outside now, the summer sun’s callin’ my name (I hear ya now)…

You’ve got an earworm now, don’t you?
You’re welcome.

But really, the weather has been so stupendiferous (add it to the urban dictionary) that I’ve put many tasks on hold this week to get out in the summer sun and take a walk. I mean, he knows me by name, so duh.


One of my favorite paths a few miles from my house



2. Hello Peony!


If you’ve ever bothered to read the list of moderately useless things to know about me up there in that “Meet the Fam” tab, you’ll know that the Peony is my favorite flower and that I have several bushes in my yard. You’ll also know that because of this little darling, a.k.a. my favorite napping buddy, I cannot ever clip them and bring them inside to enjoy because she’ll eat them.


Evil. Pure evil. Can’t you see it?

The first blooms erupted in layers upon layers of magenta gorgeousness and I may or may not have spent a few solid minutes bent down inhaling them the other day. Next week the pale pink snowball bushes are set to explode, so expect more pics. Or just follow YMFT on Instagram and you won’t miss a bloom. Or a pic of my cat. Or of my food.

3. Banana Pancakes
Banana pancakes

Random, I know, but if you’re still reading these lists after over two years it’s what you’ve come to expect, amiright?
Back to that list I mentioned.
#7 tells you that I love banana pancakes but am not a fan of bananas, and the banana pancakes at The Original Pancake House are my favorite.
Last week I got to inhale those beauts pictured above with my 13-year-old buddy who got to go there for lunch as a reward for her bravery at the doctor’s office, where she had to get a shot (and handled it like a champ, which if you remember this post from a couple of years ago, might give all of you with younger kids with needle-phobias hope).

4. After Ever After
I was first amazed by this dude when he posted his “Harry Potter in 90 seconds” video (that my kids immediately memorized), but thanks to Thing 2 I was introduced to this newest video where he writes postscripts to four Disney movies.
This guy is unbelievably talented.
You might say he’s stupendiferous.
Trust me, if you love Disney movies or just love awesomeness, take a moment to watch.

Oh, and BTW, Thing 2 has already memorized the entire thing, which means I get to hear it anytime I want to (whether I like it or not).

Short favorites’ list, but I’ve got things to do.
And by ‘things’ I mean go to Target for one thing yet spend an hour there and hustle back to the thea-tah for closing night.

Next week I’m headed to college orientation with Thing 1 so I may have to post some oldies while I’m learning the ropes and eating junky college food and shopping for an entire wardrobe of clothing sporting her new school’s mascot, but I’m sure I’ll also be collecting some good stories to tell.

Stay tuned…

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  • Teri Biebel - Holy CRAP!!!! That Disney video was top-frickin-notch!! Not sure if my kids have seen this but they’ll get a huge kick out of it!!!ReplyCancel

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