Friday Favorites, in photos

As most of you know, because maybe I’ve mentioned it once or twice,  I spend a good chunk  of my summer at the lake.

liz lemon

I know, I know. Shut up already.

ross geller

OK, well you don’t have to go that far, but I get it.

If you feel like Liz or Ross and want to bail, now’s the time, because I’m sharing lake pictures of my summer-so-far to add to today’s Friday Favorites. (Hey, it ain’t called Friday Favorites for me to share stories of the migraine I had on Tuesday or the debilitating cramps I had on Wednesday, but if you want to listen I’ll be more than happy to go into great detail about either or both. Husband will be thrilled that someone other than he gets to be on the receiving end of that).

I hope you’ll stay, though.

I like you.

A lot.

juan pablo

So here we are just about smack-dab in the middle of summah.



I’m not yet counting the days I have left with Thing 1 before she goes to college (although she is and tells me it’s like 48 or some God-awful short number like that but I’m using my early onset hearing loss as an excuse to ignore her and pretend she’s speaking in tongues).

No, I’m still focusing on the fact that it is summer — right here, right now.  And sure, we’re holed up in our smallish cabin at the lake like some sort of recluse backwoods family, but before you go thinking that every day is spent frolicking in the lake and eating too much pizza and sitting on the dock and enjoying a wine-fueled sunset cruise every night the weather cooperates, I’ll have you know that the lake water is still pretty cold and so we’ve only frolicked once. All the rest?

Yeah, pretty much sums it  up.

However, I’ll also have you know that we all spend more than a fair amount of time on our laptops (me writing and working and the Things motoring through like seven seasons of Psych and all 197 seasons of Doctor Who), a lot of time reading and waay more time than necessary sleeping, so it’s not all fun and games.

Unless we are literally playing a game.

Thank you, Apples to Apples, for clearing that up.

Thank you, Apples to Apples, for clearing that up.

And believe it or not, there’s times when the glass runs empty —

empty wineglass

Not a favorite thing

But not for long.


And while sitting around a bonfire making s’mores with special s’more sized marshmallows is one of my favorite things to do, no question —


Rectangular marshmallows!

Rectangular marshmallows!


I call this dinner.


— we have to do it covered in our special Minnesota hazmat suit.


UNfavorite … but that natural stuff ain’t no match for Minnestoa skeeters


Our ridiculously cute neighbors are a big favorite, even if they are a little bit rude.



Something that is always a summahtime favorite is an afternoon spent playing mini-golf, and this year I may or may not have gotten not one, not two, but THREE holes-in-one.

Suck-it, monkeys

Suck-it, monkeys

Pretty sure me rubbing it in my family’s faces wasn’t one of their favorites this week, though.

Afternoon naps are also high on the favorites’ list, although unless you are (once again) wearing that special hazmat suit you might wake up with a mosquito bite on your butt.

Don’t ask.



And while it’s true that we venture the mile and a half down the trail into town for pizza and ice-cream waay more than is the accepted norm —

My very favorite -- Veggie Supreme with white sauce. OMG.

My very favorite — Veggie Supreme with white sauce. OMG.


It’s why my pizza was a mini

— we do still manage to find other delicious things to eat.




Bottom line — there’s a lot of favorites from the past week here at the lake.

But before you go thinking it’s all napping and ice-cream runs and baby deer, there’s still a fair share of unfavorites like laundry and catboxes and lawnmowing and vacuuming and two teenagers who LEAVE THEIR CRAP ALL OVER THE DAMN FLOOR and cannot seem to figure out how to hang up a wet towel.

But then sunset comes, and suddenly, all that’s forgotten.

Because sunset is my most favorite time of all.

Happy weekend, my friends!


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