Friday Favorites – New shoes, a great book and one satisfying show.



I usually start these Friday Favorites’ posts with  a complaint about the week’s weather.
And by ‘usually’ you know I mean every damn week.
Hey, I live in Minnesota.
‘Nuff said.

olivia pope


But this week?
Can’t do it.
Is it because the weather was gorgeous and perfect every day?

Phoebe laughing


Yeah. No.
Other than the last two beautiful days, it’s shaping up to be another crappy, cool-weather summer.

No, it’s because I respect you and your time.

aint nobody


Sure, I know those of you who are at work reading this when you’re supposed to be doing something far more productive are shouting, “NO! IT’S OK! WRITE ON! WRITE ON!” because you want to be doing anything but the productive shit you are supposed to be doing.

Or maybe you are hiding in your office right now because you told your small children that “you had to pay bills online” or something official-sounding like that but in reality you have already checked Facebook and watched three cat videos on YouTube and now you need just five more minutes before you have to return to your day of wiping butts and cutting food into 1/2″ squares and breaking up fights and yelling when you swore you wouldn’t.

Hey, I hear ya.

However, since I actually do have something productive I need to be doing in the next hour or so I thought I’d skip the weather report and get right to it.

So really then, I guess it’s all out of respect for my time, isn’t it?

liz lemon

Blergh. As usual.


Here’s a short list of things that were favorites this week.



1. New shoes!
The other day I did something all the cool kids are doing.
I bought a pair of shoes from Journeys.

Screenshot 2014-07-24 11.21.40

I also came thisclose to getting a sweet Vans t-shirt and some neon socks, but since it’s maybe more pathetic than ironic for someone who was actually alive in the 80’s to wear things like that, I passed.

But the Sperrys don’t count, even if I did live in a pair of plain brown ones (with white socks, of course) from about 1986 – 1990.

Camping with my then-boyfriend, now-husband and striking the ever popular "hold girlfriend upside down" pose.

Camping with my then-boyfriend, now-husband and striking the ever popular “hold girlfriend upside down” pose.

I’m obsessed with my new, colorful shoes.
They make me happy just looking at them.
And what’s even better and maybe the most unusual feature?
They are actually comfortable.
And if you’re a woman, you know that’s pretty uncommon in a pair of cute shoes.


2. Read. This. Book. 
The end.

one plus one

A lot like the premise of “Little Miss Sunshine” — only better and with a romantic twist.
I fell in love — hard — with this family and their story from the first few pages.
I actually put off reading the last 30 pages for about three days because I just didn’t want this book to end.
Oh, and if you haven’t read “Me Before You” (which was a past favorite) — get on it. Jojo Moyes has quickly become one of my new favorite authors, and I’m excited to read her other books.



3.  #AreYouSatisfied


Seriously, are you?
With it all: your marriage, your kids, your life?
Loaded question, I realize.
But it’s a question we all ponder every once in awhile, amiright?

The new show I’m covering and recapping for tackles this gigantic question and solves it with an unconventional and provocative look at how one couple goes about answering it.
The show is Satisfaction (USA Network) and while it’s a fantastic show, it’s not the answer that everyone will think is acceptable or appropriate.
Geeze. When was TV anything but an escape? TV has never been a ‘how-to’ guide. It’s fantasy. And believe me, this show is all about fantasy.
That’s what makes it fun.

Check out my latest recap here, and make sure and catch Satisfaction Thursday nights at 10/9C and then catch my recaps on The Community at!

And speaking of, I added a new tab up top under the YMFT banner that will quickly take you to all my recaps and coverage for the shows I love to watch and gab about.
I’d love to hear from you in the comments sections and we can discuss all the dirt on our favorite shows. If the shows I cover don’t appeal to you, check the “Find Shows” box on this page. The Community recaps a ton of great shows!


4. Dorm room shopping with Thing 1
If you missed it, I wrote about it  here in a handy dandy “do’s and don’ts” list and I know in the coming months after she’s flown away I’ll look back on that day that went too fast and remember the fun and laughs we had. I’d post the photo of us trying on matching swimsuits (we were darling) but she’d kill me, and I’d like to stay in her good graces this close to her leaving for college.


That’ll do it for this week, my friends. I’m headed back to the lake where our friends are meeting us with their adorable toddlers to spend the weekend. My friend Melissa is making fudge Nutella brownies, so I’m pretty sure we all have that recipe to look forward to in next week’s Friday Favorites!

Have a great weekend!

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  1. NinaN on July 25, 2014 at 2:57 pm

    Major shoe envy over here!! (I may have started searching for those shoes and that book before reading any further).

    And I really hope that your husband still rocks those totally awesome shorts.

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