Friday Favorites: Swinger parties, racism and room-mothers

Swinger parties, racism and room mothers: three things you may be thinking don’t go together, amiright?

Oh, you sweet, innocent — and probably single &/or childless — kid.

As anyone with children who have gone through the public school system can attest to, these three things totally can (and sometimes do) go together.

But enough about my experience in the PTA.

Today’s favorites are brought to you by my friend Jen Mann‘s new, rapidly-rising-to-the-top-of-the-humor-charts book that I can’t wait to share with you.

Jen Mann book

And yes, there’s swinger parties, racism and nasty room mothers — just not all together.

Before you shout out in disappointment, however, let me throw one more item in the mix: sex toys.

Yeah, I thought that would bring you back.

Listen, I know you might be thinking, “But Michelle, of course you are pimping Jen’s book regardless of if it’s really funny or not! I mean, isn’t Jen the force behind the two hilarious anthologies you’ve been a contributor to? You’re nothing but a sorry ass-kisser and it’s pathetic!” 

Hey. That was harsh.

While it’s true that Jen is the force behind the two hilarious anthologies I’ve been a contributor to — and that I’m often pathetic — there’s one thing I’m not when it comes to humor writing, and that’s an ass-kisser.

There’s not a lot that irritates me more than people who publicly claim to be funny … and aren’t. Especially when it comes to writing.

Shut up.

I’m telling you — honestly — this book is laugh-out-loud funny.

But much like my husband told me on our second date when he held a bota-bag full of something I couldn’t see over my mouth (because bota bag), you’re gonna have to trust me*.

*PSA to my kids: Do not ever, EVER, trust anyone who holds a bota-bag full of something you cannot see over your mouth. I mean, sure, go ahead and marry him, but do not trust him in that moment.

Let’s make this an easy decision for you, shall we?

Five reasons you should buy this book

1. It’s not all about motherhood.
Don’t get me wrong, motherhood is damn funny, but really, don’t you sometimes get sick of having everyone else’s stories about their kids shoved down your throat? (Shut up.)
This book also chronicles other adult-type things everyone can relate to like dating and chat-rooms (remember those?), first homes and neighbors, and surprise swinger parties.
And by ‘everyone’ I mean Jen.
I’m good living vicariously when it comes to walking in, unsuspecting, to a swinger party.
(But don’t think I haven’t already scoped out my neighborhood looking for white rocks so I can walk in a 50 yard radius around that house when I’m out walking … and drive slowly by on Saturday nights.)

2. You will irritate your own husband.
I know. That reason could and should stand alone, but let me explain.
About every other page, amid snorts of laughter (which is irritating enough) I’d track him down and make him listen to whatever it was I was snorting with laughter from.
Don’t get me wrong, he laughed as well, it’s just that sometimes a man also likes to pee alone.

3. Jen is just like you*. 
*unless you are an uptight playgroup Nazi, an uptight and controlling room-mother or a Lululemon-wearing, accessorized and fully-made-up bitch who trolls Target gossiping about other mothers. (And yes, she skewers all three of those types of ladies in this book. Yay!)
She’s a little bit awkward, fiercely protective and supportive of her kids, and may or may not occasionally wear pajamas to pick them up at school.

4. Her kids are just as funny as she is.
Don’t believe me? Has your five-year-old daughter ever accused your husband of having an affair with one of your friends because “she’s prettier than you”?
Has your pre-school son ever been mistakingly involved in racist activity?

5. The aforementioned sex toys.
You didn’t think I forgot about that, did you?
Settle down. There aren’t any illustrations.
Find out what happened when Jen went to a home sex-toy party, and why she’ll probably not ever get asked back again.

I could go on, but the more time you spend here is less time for you to get this book and start reading.

It’s available across all formats, at large bookstores across ‘Murica as well as various local bookstores.

*The author of this post did not receive compensation and all opinions expressed are her own. However, she will happily take payment in the form of mini m&ms and wine for future reviews. 


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