Friday Favorites – Blood Orange Cosmo

If you should know anything about me, it’s that I love a good, festive cocktail. Well, that and the fact that my head has the cirumference of a prize-winning watermelon and that I know all the words to the theme song to “Joanie Loves Chachi” and will gladly sing it upon request, but it’s true that I love a good, festive cocktail.

Exhibit A. 

peppermint chocotini

Peppermint Chocotini

Exhibit B.


Happy New Year Cosmopolitan

And while it helps to have just the right vessel to enjoy the festive cocktail in, it’s not a requirement. Sometimes, all it takes is a swirl of Hershey’s syrup to make a statement!


Classic Chocotini

If you’ve followed the blog over the past couple of years, you might remember that around this time of year I like to contribute to your overindulging.

You are welcome.

I call them “Santa’s Little Helpers.” For those of you who are new to the group, or for those that need a refresher, check out the archived recipes here and here

Wednesday I was feeling festive and wanting a fancy cocktail while we put up our Christmas tree, and a glass of wine wasn’t sounding festive or fancy enough. I mean, sometimes you just need the fancy, amiright? (And for those of you shaking your head at me for putting up the Christmas tree before Thanksgiving, let me just say that having my daughter home from college and the whole family there laughing and decorating togther is the precise definition of the word “thankful” in my internal dictionary.)

Appletini? While you know it’s my favorite (and the mascot of this blog), and while it does make me feel fancy, it surprisingly wasn’t sounding perfect enough.

Lemondrop? I do love a good Lemondrop, but that sounded way too summery, and since it was about 25° outside, it clearly wasn’t the right choice.


And then I remembered a martini I’d made a few Thanksgivings ago.

The Blood Orange Cosmo.



Thankfully, I was at the store that sells Blood Orange juice (which can be hard to find) so I grabbed a carton. (Local friends, Lunds or Byerly’s has it!)


It’s kind of pricey ($6), but totally worth it.

The recipe I used makes three martinis, and before you worry about how much I was consuming, let me go on record by saying that I was also making them for my mama and my husband.

So I doubled it, because obviously.

Adjust to your needs. But since it’s the holidays, you might want to make this pitcher for yourself. Totally understandable.


The Blood Orange Cosmo
blood orange2

6 oz. vodka (for an extra orange-y taste, use orange vodka)

6 oz. cranberry juice
2 oz. triple sec or cointreau
1 oz. blood orange juice
1 oz. lime juice

*For many more martini recipes, and the posts where the above martini photos came from, check out Santa’s Little Helpers and Santa’s Little Helpers II.
And feel free to pin any of these photos to your pinterest boards! 

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