Sibling separation after college: How we coped

When Thing 1 left for college 13 months ago, the worst part actually wasn’t having to deal with my own tears and sadness, but having to listen to Thing 2’s.

For the entire five-hour ride back home.

It might not be surprising news to those of you who know them or those of you who’ve been hanging around here for awhile. You’re familiar with their relationship. They’re best buddies. Two peas-in-a-pod. Thick as theives and partners in crime (of which there is none because they’re both complete rule-followers).

It’s kind of freakish how much they like each other. And by freakish I mean ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE.


So you can imagine my absolute dread at the months—the years—leading up to their separation, and sympathize with the fallout that occurred after it did.

Was it all bad? Yes.
Did the goodbyes get easier after each visit? No.
Did we all survive and learn and adjust? Yes, yes, and still working on it.

I’m telling our story—but mainly, Thing 2’s—over at Grown & Flown. Check it out HERE.
You’ll discover what helped her cope, what we bribed her with added to our family, and why I’m eternally grateful for the magic of the Internet.


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