It’s March 2nd and I’m sitting here at my desk typing away, yet don’t really have anything to say and have absolutely no idea what words will next appear on the screen.

It’s ironic, because four years ago I was doing the exact same thing.

Four years ago today I spontaneously wrote this post without any idea of what I was doing, what I was getting myself into, and how those silly words would change my life.

YMFT 4 years


As of today, this little blog has had four anniversaries.
I’ve written more than 520 posts.
I’ve spent hundreds (thousands?) of hours writing, editing, rewriting, learning, formatting photos, reformatting photos, battling with Blogger and then WordPress, and shouting obscenities at my computer.
I’ve felt motivated, excited, rewarded, proud, and gratified.
I’ve felt anxious, frustrated, guilt-ridden, disappointed and defeated.
But through all of it, I’ve felt thankful: thankful for starting it; thankful for sticking with it; and mostly, thankful for those of you who read it.

I’ll admit, this past year hasn’t been as eventful here on the blog as the previous three. I’ve slowed down. (Time tends to do that to you every now and again, doesn’t it?) But just because the frequency of the posts aren’t the same doesn’t mean I’ve given up.


While it’s true that the old idea well has dried up a bit and that I sometimes feel like I’ve written about everything I can—not to mention the fact that I’m spending more time writing for other places—YMFT is still my home.

Hey, I’m not stupid.

big deal on blog

Believe me, it’s the only place

A year ago I wrote a 3-year anniversary piece, much of which says everything I’m feeling again, an entire year (and the blink of an eye) later.
Indulge me, won’t you?

It’s still hard for me to comprehend where that spontaneous decision three four years ago has led me. Each year on this date I know I’ve said that same thing—which makes me a little bit apprehensive about what the coming year will bring—but it’s true. From published essays in real books to writing for the TV Recaps page on Entertainment Weekly, that impromptu decision was one that I’m so thankful I made, even if I did make it for frivolous reasons.

Three Four years. It seems like yesterday, and then it doesn’t.
Three Four years ago Thing 1 was in 10th grade and we were just starting to think about touring colleges.
Three Four years ago Thing 2 was still in elementary school and was about 8″ shorter and 9 years more innocent.
Three Four years ago I had less insomnia, better eyesight, and no idea what a CMS, URL, or SEO was.
Three Four years ago things were a lot calmer in my life, but a lot less exciting.

I’ll admit, over the past year the blog has had to take a back seat to my paying job with EW (because cute new boots don’t buy themselves, and because EW), but it’s still my source of release and my biggest form of therapy. (I mean, surely all of you know you’re my therapists by now, right?) From helping my younger daughter navigate the murky waters of puberty to facing my fears of tackling a new (and very intimidating) job to surviving the process of my older daughter flying the nest, sharing my stories these past years has been—as always—my best coping mechanism.

Which leads me to the best thing that’s happened over the past three four years: I now know all of you.

So cheers to YMFT, cheers to three four more years, and cheers to you. 

Leo toasting

I have no clue where the next year will take me (if I’ve learned anything over the past four years, it’s that). But I do know that as long as my fingers can keep typing this nonsense, I’ll be doing my best to (over)share right here with you.
Because you’re still my favorite today.

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  1. Snarkfest on March 3, 2016 at 9:08 am

    You keep writing, I’ll keep reading. Capiche? Good.
    Happy Anniversary, my friend.

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