Graduation: Warp Speed Ahead

Graduation-Warp Speed Ahead

Two years ago at this time I felt like I was sitting in the Millennium Falcon about to make the jump to light speed*.

My daughter was thisclose to graduating high school, and the year—and the previous 18 and a half—had flown by, which made me a conflicted mess of emotions. Sad, obviously, that the time come; shocked at myself for all the years I didn’t think it would; excited and proud of my daughter and all her accomplishments (obviously); and scared out of my mind at the thought of all the changes coming at me at warp speed.

It made me reflect on all the times I’d wished time away, and made me want to go back and throttle that woman for it.

You’d think after two years I’d have processed all the emotions and be done writing about them, wouldn’t you?

hysterical laughter

Don’t make me laugh.
Because here’s the thing: the changes keep coming, and while the memories of the ones I’ve survived may help me navigate the road with more steadiness, the emotions can still be overwhelming.

Maybe one day I’ll have it all figured out.

hysterical laughter

But until then, I’ll keep writing about them.

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*Yes, I did have to make a call to my husband to ask for the correct name of the Star Wars ship; I thought it was called the Death Star. Big surprise. 

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