Pictures or it didn’t happen

“Pictures or it didn’t happen.”
It’s not just how much of America’s youth — which is how I now describe the under-40 set — lives life these days, but also pretty much become our motto around here over the past few years.

I’m not kidding, I take pictures of everything.
My food, my cats, my drink, a tree, the sky, a funny sign, a cute pair of socks at Target, book covers, a new wrinkle on my face, a weird looking hangnail, the weather forecast on a different device …
My cameral roll — and all my devices’ storage — is jam-packed with over 15K photos.

Don’t believe me? Don’t worry.
There’s a picture for that.


In my defense, the pictures go back to 2010, but still. Almost 15,000 is an impressive feat, and one that I’m proud to say I’ve worked hard to achieve.
A few months ago I tried my best to delete the duplicates and photos of things from Target (and the new face wrinkles) but you guys, it’s like a full-time job at this point so I upgraded to the $2.99/month iCloud plan and took a nap instead.
In a new nightshirt.
That of course I took a picture of.


Which brings me to the point.
Blogging Fatigue.
Because naps.
I think it’s pretty apparent that I’ve been failing at the whole blogging thing lately.
And sure, I can blame the lazy days of summer, but to be honest I think it’s just been a general sense of the who-really-gives-a-damns.
So I asked myself, “Self? What motivates you?”
And my self replied, “wine.”
She’s nothing if not smart … and honest.

So the other day night I grabbed some wine and sat down to try to get motivated to rejuvenate the Friday Favorites.
What’s that?
You don’t remember the Friday Favorites?
It’s okay, no one else does, either.

But really, the first two years of this blog I rarely missed a Friday posting my favorite things from the week, and when I did I apologized profusely and then beat myself up about it for a few days.
Funny how knowledge of your stats and post clicks can change things.
And by knowledge of stats and post clicks I mean age.

And while I was sipping on wine and trolling Facebook and watching old Carpool Karaoke videos instead of writing a Friday Favorites post I realized I needed to change things up.
So I dumped the Chardonnay, refilled with Cabernet, and made a decision.
The Friday Favorites are getting a rehaul, ya’ll.
Settle down.
I’ll still overshare my favorites, but I’ve decided to do it in picture form each week — Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays, really, whichever day I get around to it — by sharing 5 or so photos that I’ve added to the 15K.
Things I’ve snapped pics of that I love; things that I’ve snapped pics of that made me laugh; things that I’ve snapped pics of that are — most likely — of absolutely no consequence to you.
It’s pretty much the exact same thing I’ve been doing all along when I think about it but makes me feel more justified as the number of pictures on my phone creeps closer to 16K.
*swigs wine, pats self on back*

You game?
Drumroll please….

Pics button

There’s even a new button for it. Of course there is.


crab rollI’ve told you how obsessed I am with the online recipe videos before.
Tried this California Roll tower the other night (see the video HERE), and you guys, it worked!
Isn’t it beeYOUteeful?
We had them with some steamed edamame (love the Archer Farms brand you pop right in the microwave in the bag) and a snazzy Shiraz.
I was totally impressed with myself.

IMG_7455Speaking of Shiraz, this is my new favorite.
At 10.99 a bottle it’s an amazing, rich red, and with winter coming up I’m starting to stockpile my shelves with reds for hibernation.
Not sure how widespread the distribution is, but check your favorite wine shop and give it a try.
(Sorry, local friends, I bought all they had at The Cellars. Wah wah.)

IMG_7454I’m all about dark nail color and usually wear deep eggplant, gray, or chocolate brown year round.
This week I went crazy and chose this gray/blue sparkle and kind of love it.
It’s a good thing, because I have to live with it for three weeks.

IMG_7483Wednesday I took the girls back to school shopping at the Mall of America, which I only frequent when I want to punish myself for living.
This was my well-earned reward. (And check out Thing 1 in the background catching a Pokemon on my beer. Thirsty little fella.)

IMG_7487Most days I eat a Think Thin bar for breakfast, but every so often I get motivated to take the 7 or so minutes it takes to actually give my body some protein and good carbs.
This is my go-to breakfast (or lunch) when I do.
Isn’t it pretty?

IMG_7485Picked these up at IKEA the other day and really have no idea where I’ll put them, but I think it’s obvious I don’t care about that.


Snapchat le’chat.

Well now, that was practically painless.
I just might do it again next week.

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