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You guys will never believe this.

I’m thinking of changing these posts.
Yes, I know there’s only been four of them.
Yes, I know I just changed the Friday Favorites over to them because I was sick of the Friday Favorites, but guess what?

I kind of miss the Friday Favorites.



But then I remembered the PoIDH post is pretty much the same old Friday Favorites with a new name, so I convinced myself to keep it…for now.

I can’t promise what will happen next week.

I’d like to say it was the crazy weather that blew in this week that’s responsible for my confused state and inability to commit, but we all know it’s not the weather that’s crazy.


Although, the weather has been crazy this week.

Last Friday evening on the way to the cabin we drove into a storm that forced us to pull over three times to wait until the blob over us turned from red back to dark green.


Make an imaginary vertical line from the bottom to the top of that and you’ll pretty much have our route


Did I mention I was driving?
Did I mention the rain was pounding so hard that we literally could not see the side of the road?
Did I mention the fact that APPARENTLY truckers don’t care about seeing the side of the road?
Did I mention there’s still a layer of the skin of my palms on the steering wheel?

Oddly enough the cats, who are not usually the most composed travelers, were the calmest ones in the car.


“If we can swim we can make a break for it.” “We’re cats, we can’t swim.” “F**k.”

It wasn’t long after this stop that the husband and I switched places—in the car—where he could then instruct me to “just take a Xanax and close your eyes” and actually mean it without fear of losing his life.

I did close my eyes but skipped the flavorless Xanax in favor of my favorite Red Brew at our favorite pizza place, which is where we headed immediately after getting there in one piece.


That may or may not have been my first sip.

Saturday, however, was beautiful.
64° and sunny, which was great weather for a nice walk on the nearby path…


And later, a bike ride into our small lake town for their fall festival.


Selfies and biking. It’s why we wear helmets.

We’d actually made the two hour three and a half hour trek up just for the festival, one I envisioned would be darling and full of craft tents and local charm, but in reality it was nothing more than some bouncy houses, a crappy band, and a whole lot of midwestern locals drinking beer.


Hey, I never claimed to be better than that.

There were corn stalks, though, so we totally knew it was fall.



Later, after a post-exercise-and-beer nap (taken in my favorite spot) —

we got in one last sunset cruise of the year.


They’re leaning over awkwardly because I wouldn’t get up. Naturally.


Tuesday the husband and I met over lunch to walk the 3 mile loop around one of Minneapolis’ pretty lakes.




And by walk he thought I meant catch Pokemon.



Other favorites from the past week?


The Emmys (did you catch my Awesome & Awkward recap?)

This is Us

This is Us. LOVED it.


The Voice Season 11 — even *whispers* Miley. I even bought Billy Gilman’s version of “When We Were Young.” #noshame #nojudgment


Guess what? I just discovered a 20% off coupon for Bath & Body Works in the depths of my purse which is telling me I need to go buy more Leaves candles. I only have three unburned ones in my candle cabinet and it’s making me feel anxious.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!



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