Friday Favorites — Costco and coziness

Brrrrrr, you guys. It’s a blustery fall day and I’m actually writing this sitting by the fire, covered from waist to toes with a cozy throw, a cup of coffee by my side (and a sleeping cat as well!), and the smell of my favorite BBW Leaves candle mingling with the smell of pumpkin bread baking in the oven. The wind is blowing so hard outside that it looks like it’s snowing yellow leaves outside my window.

I have to say, I kind of love it.

hello fall

I’d love it even better if I didn’t have to get out in it in about an hour to run some errands, but to be honest, knowing I can wrap up in a cozy cardigan and wrap a warm scarf around my neck for the first time this season isn’t the most horrible thought.

Speaking of cozy, my toes sure are, thanks to something I found at Costco this week. I also picked up a few other things that have become Costco favorites that I thought I’d share. So grab yourself a slice of pumpkin bread (I’ll share) and a furry friend (I won’t), and let’s go.


1. Cozy toesies
One of the things that I cannot stand is walking around in bare feet. In Minnesota it’s a thing to take your shoes off every time you walk into the house…or a house. Seriously, even when you’re at someone else’s house you remove your shoes the moment you walk in the door. It’s a huge bummer when you’re at a party or social gathering and you have to take off the cute shoes that totally make your outfit, let me tell you, and even more of a bummer because it makes it necessary to have clean, matching socks.

But when I’m at home I need my feet covered by more than socks, not just because my feet are always freezing, but because I just absolutely hate the feel of the wood floors on my feet, even through socks. I always have a pair of slippers or fuzzy socks waiting in the mudroom so I can put them on immediately when I take off my shoes.

My favorite slippers are Minnetonka Moccasins. They’re only around $40 and the fluff inside lasts for as long as the fluff in the $100 UGG slippers. I get a new pair every fall (note to self: stop by Famous Footwear today after I hit Target) but cannot get rid of my old pairs so I have like three sets in various stages of wear in various rooms of the house. Makes it easy to find some when I need them!

Costco gets me. The other day I found this two pack of soft slipper socks for $10!



“Perfect for cool weather” – which since I live in Minnesota means I can wear them for the next two weeks and then they’ll be dead to me.

They’re super soft, thicker than a sock, and have grips on the bottom so I don’t fall down when I’m doing my mad dance moves on the wood floors.


Will they last as long as my sturdier Minnetonkas? No way. But for $5 a pair I think I’ll get my money’s worth and will definitely be buying a few more pairs to squirrel away for the coming winter!

2. Naan obsessed
Last February I wrote a post telling you how obsessed I was with making flatbreads like this (and shared my recipes):

Bruschetta Flatbread

Over the spring I tried a lot of different brands of flatbreads but always came back to the Stonefire Naan, which I was getting at Target, naturally.

This summer I discovered this super pack of toaster-sized Nanns at Costco, and my girls and I have been obsessed.


You get 18 mini Naans — eighteen! — for around $4.99. That’s insane! A pack of two at Target* is like $3.00.

*For the record, criticizing Target in any way just about killed me.

We pop them in the toaster and then slice them up and eat with hummus.

stonefire naan

Every day.

Seriously, it’s what Thing 2 takes in her lunch with an apple every single day, and it’s my go-to lunch or snack with avocado and hummus or avocado and scrambled eggs.

I buy three packs at a time and freeze the ones we’re not using, but we go through them quickly. I even sent some to Thing 1 at college and she keeps them in her tiny freezer and toasts one up right in her room any time she feels the magnetism of the Naan.

If you’re Team Costco, look for them in the case where the cheese is. If you’re Team Sam’s Club, I feel sorry for you. 

3. Soup weather
I’m not a soup fan, but when the weather is chilly (and then downright soul-sucking) here in MN I love making a nice hearty soup in the crock pot. My favorite soup to make and to eat is chicken tortilla soup, and you can find the super easy, low-cal, go-to recipe I use right here.

But some evenings it’s just too much effort to open multiple cans, and god forbid, cut an onion, so on nights like that this Costco brand is my favorite.


I meant to snap a picture of the soup in bowl the other night so you could see how thick and rich and chock full of stuff it is, but I gobbled it up before I remembered.

You’ll just have to trust me. 

4. Sweet. Holy. Hell. 

Costco chocolate almondsI discovered these almonds last year right before Christmas and when the bag ran out in the spring I was horrified to discover they’re a seasonal item.

And by spring I mean January.

Take a moment and read the small print on that bag. I don’t know what the hell turbinado sugar is but the combination of that, the dark chocolate, and the sea salt is like a serious orgasm in your mouth. (And now I’ll totally know if my husband reads this post because if he does I’ll hear about five of his made up jokes stemming from that sentence.)

And if you happen to be sipping on a glass of rich, red wine when you’re eating these?


{everyone reading this heads to Costco immediately.}

5. Preaching to the pumpkin choir
I know this last favorite isn’t something most of you don’t already have in your fall favorite arsenal as well, but as a pretty serious connoisseur of pumpkin carbs (breads, bagels, muffins, cookies, waffles, pancakes…) I thought I’d share my very favorite store mix.

Trader Joe Trader Joe’s (which is right across the street from Costco so it still works in this post) mix is just much more moist and rich and flavorful than the other box mixes.

Trader Joe

Seriously. Don’t you just want to jump into that picture and nestle yourself in that spongy bread?

Well, would you look at that. The post and the pumpkin bread are done at the same time and these three favorites just appeared in my mailbox.


Apparently someone is telling me to forget about the errands and stay right where I am.


Enjoy your weekend, friends!

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