Friday Favorites: Shrimp, snacks, and a great way to waste time

Well hello Friday! It’s good to see you again!


I don’t know how your week has gone, but mine has f*l*o*w*n by as quickly as the leaves are flying from the trees in my wooded backyard.

Good for my week, sad for my trees.

While this week brought a definite fall chill to my Minneapolis suburbia (the temps the past two mornings have been around 40° which means extra Pumpkin Spice cream in my coffee and extra bacon in my belly because bacon) the colors haven’t been nearly as vibrant as last year, which is a big let down. You’d think since we’re about to get slammed with bone chilling, soul sucking temps for four months that Mother Nature would be more consistent in fluffing us up a bit.


2015 – Show off.

Since I’ve got a house to tidy and errands to run before taking Thing 2 back to the DMV to get her permit (she passed her test yesterday but they wouldn’t give it to her because she only had her passport as her form of ID — you know, the United States government issued piece of identification that by itself will allow her to travel to any country in the world but that isn’t enough for the state of Minnesota to give her a learner’s permit to drive with another adult), and since I need to do all those things before hitting the road this afternoon for one last fall weekend at The Happy Place, let’s get to the favorites.

Grab a fork, a pretzel thin, and about two hours of time you’re willing to waste, and let’s dig in.


Baked Shrimp Scampi
A couple of months ago I told you how I was addicted to those quick recipe videos that are now popping up everywhere. Since I follow Delish (my favorite recipe site) on Facebook my newsfeed is flooded with them, and I can’t tell you how many I’ve saved. My Facebook saved log is quickly becoming my new go-to recipe book!

As you know, I’ll only make things that are easy and have minimal ingredients, and last weekend I hit jackpot with this baked shrimp scampi.

I love shrimp scampi. Like, I’d marry shrimp scampi if I could figure out a way to keep the buttery garlic sauce from getting on my sheets. My husband makes fabulous scampi and for the past twenty years it has been our Valentine’s Day dinner tradition.


But since his recipe is kind of a pain in the ass to make (which is why he’s the only one who ever makes it) I thought this Delish version looked like a great way to get my scampi fix more than once a year…and sweet mother of crustaceans, I was right!

baked shrimp scampi

Tell me you don’t want to dive in to that crusty, garlicy topping and swim in the butter pool and I’ll tell you you’re a big liar.

Baked shrimp scampi

If you aren’t salivating more than just a little right now it can only be because you have a shrimp allergy.


A couple of things I’ll tweak next time —
1. Add more butter so there’s more sauce to dip the french bread in.
2. Use a bit less lemon.
3. Make more.

This will definitely be a staple in our house in the coming months…and don’t tell my husband, but his signature dish might just have been replaced.

Get the Delish shrimp scampi recipe HERE.

Everything Bagel Dip
The other night some friends came over for a fall bonfire and I needed a quick appetizer to have out that we could munch on before our Papa John’s arrived (because since I’d made the shrimp scampi the night before my cooking quota had been met for the next four days, obviously). So once again, I visited my saved page on Facebook and found this:

Other than the minced onion, which I had to run to Target to get, I had all the ingredients, and you guys, it was amazing. Sorry I don’t have a picture, I was too busy scooping it into my belly. I only used one block of cream cheese (and then halved the amount of all the spices, obviously) and it was more than enough for four people.

Things I’ll tweak next time —
1. Use less garlic powder — definitely. I snacked on the leftovers for a few days this week and had a garlic aftertaste for hours. Of course, that could’ve still been the scampi.

Get the Delish bagel dip recipe HERE.

PEN app ~ People/Entertainment Weekly Network
As if I needed to devote one more minute of my life to People and Entertainment Weekly (totally lying because OF COURSE I DO) they’ve come out with a streaming network that’s chock full of videos (anywhere from 10 to 60 minute) covering all kinds of entertainment and celebrity topics.

PEN network


There are features like taking a peek inside celebrities’ homes, inside looks at shows to binge (love that channel!), in depth interviews with editor Jess Cagle (read his description of the network here if you want a much more sophisticated and cohesive description), and video looks at the weekly print issue’s cover story. There’s also a daily live streamed entertainment news show—much like E! News or ET—that has become my new go-to show to watch when I’m making dinner … or taking a bath … or folding laundry … or “working.”

I watch via the app on my ipad (free at the iTunes store), but you can watch on your computer as well.

Well played, Time, Inc. You now own me. 

What I’m Reading This Week
Since I love to share my favorite books with you but don’t really read as often as I’d like or as quickly as I used to (see: PEN app, above) I thought I’d just add a section to the Friday Faves each week (each week that 1. I remember to post a Friday Favorites and 2. that I’m actually reading a book) telling you what it is and if it’s worth your time. Sound cool?

This week I almost bought Maria Semple’s new book, Today Will Be Different because I loved Where’d You Go, Bernadette? but wanted to read a sample on my Kindle first to make sure I liked it. (The “try a sample” feature on my Kindle is my favorite part of e-reading; I have about 65 unread samples to prove it.) But get this, there is no sample offered for her new book. WTH? I guess someone has gotten PRETty cocky after the success of Bernadette and assumes we’ll all just buy her new book sight unseen. Well guess what? NOT THIS GIRL.

I bought one of her old books instead (that’ll show her).


So far it’s interesting, and Semple’s quirky voice and writing style that I loved in Bernadette is strong. I’m only about 40 pages in but am hooked. Seems like it’s going to be a fun read. I’ll let you know how I feel about it in a week.


That’s gonna do it for this week, my friends. Like I said, I’ve got to get a ton of things done in the next five hours…and since I’ll have the PEN app fired up while I’m doing them all I already know I’m screwed.

Happy weekend!



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  1. Lara on October 26, 2016 at 12:41 pm

    I enjoy all your entries, and make a list of all your recommendations (which I then never get to), but this one is the icing on the cake. Why? Because you included my very favorite boybander of all time, Lance Bass. 🙂

    I am sending you all sorts of electronic hearts.

    And now I want scampi.

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