‘Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life’ – My thoughts…so far.

Sorry for the delay, you guys. It’s taken me a full 48 hours to even sit down with my laptop and try to type coherent thoughts about the four part Gilmore-palooza. My mind has been processing slower than my digestive system working on all that Velveeta I consumed on Thursday and Friday. Why? Because I cannot stop thinking of those final four words and all their implications…and because I’ve spent far too much time imagining the next scene and the next and all the scenes to come FOR THE REST OF THEIR LIVES. 

Seriously, if I wasn’t so weirded out by fan-fiction I’d be well into a novel by now.

Since I didn’t get to watch all four episodes back-to-back with a tub of Red Vines and a large meat lovers pizza on Friday like I’d planned to do for months (thanks a lot, FAMILY FUN) it took me until late Sunday night to actually make it through the Gilmore year. I did, however, make sure to watch the last two episodes together, which in hindsight wasn’t the best idea since “Summer” put me to sleep, but more about that later.

Of course, the fact that it took me about two hours to get through each hour and a half episode might have contributed to the drawn out viewing process, but c’mon, how could I not pause and hyperventilate every time Lorelai or Rory was standing in the exact same spot in Stars Hollow I had stood THE DAY AFTER THEY FINISHED FILMING???


RIGHT WHERE THE VOWS HAPPENED AND THE FINAL FOUR WORDS WERE SPOKEN. And look at me, all nonchalant in my ignorance. If I’d have known then what I know now? I’d have died. Right there. Happily.


Gilmore house

Clearly they’d finished the exterior shots of the house long before, though, BECAUSE IT’S NOT BLUE. (Which yes, IS an inconsistency that still keeps me up at night. Shut up.)

But debating when and how quickly they rip apart the sets, not mention the lack of moral responsibility at its very act isn’t the point here.

The point is, I HAVE THOUGHTS.
Good thoughts (of course) and even a few thoughts of things that I *whispers* didn’t like.


I know I know. I’m trying to forget about those, too. But c’mon, Lorelai, a public pool?

Disclaimer: Since I didn’t take notes because the only distraction I allowed was when my husband wandered downstairs to refill my wine glass or when I had to get my butt up and fill it myself, these are in no particular order and coming right off the top of my brain, so apologies for the fragments and run ons and likely confusion.
And obviously, SPOILER ALERT. SPOILER ALERT. SPOILER ALERT. STOP reading if you have not seen all four episodes of Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life. 


• Logan is cheating on his fiance with Rory, who seems totally cool and chill with being the other woman…again?? Nope. Don’t like it and don’t buy it, especially after everything that happened in the aftermath of Dean-pocolypse. While I like — and always liked — Rory and Logan together (that’s right, I’m one of the .02% of the Gilmore viewing public that was always a member of Team Logan *ducks to avoid flying objects*) I don’t like this even though I do like how real they are with each other and how they seem to be each other’s go-to for more than a go-to, if you know what I mean.
I spent the first three episodes hoping Logan was going to tell Rory he’d called off his engagement, but then remembered he was a dick for cheating. And don’t even get me started on the complicated feelings I have toward Rory for knowingly being the other woman again. Maybe they deserve each other.

• My first favorite scene? The bathroom at Chilton when Paris has her meltdown. Hilarious. Classic Paris (loved how she still tore down Francie and vice versa). Loved every scene Paris was in. Loved that she was still unapologetically Paris.

• Second favorite scene? The Life and Death Brigade sequence. So fun. So perfect. So classic LADB. I broke out in goosebumps when Rory turned and Logan was sitting there with her top hat and coat. I hate myself for that, btw.

• Not a fan of the wardrobe choices they made for Lorelai, not to mention her big, mafia-wife hair for most of the episodes. The only outfit and hair I really liked was her hiking attire and that adorable bear hat.

• Speaking of hair, what the eff was up with Luke’s terrible rug? We all know his hair was thinning TEN YEARS ago so it wouldn’t have been shocking to see him with a Matt Lauer ‘do. In fact, it was maybe even expected. The thick, dark brown wig that didn’t even have a natural hairline was ridiculous. I never pegged Luke Danes for being vain. Guess Scott Patterson is.

• Kirk still stealing every scene he’s in. LiveLoveKirk.

• Loved Michel’s storyline. Married with (possible) children. Sexuality addressed. About time.

• I need Lorelai and Luke’s fridge. Need.

• Loved the metaphor of Richard’s gigantic portrait looming large over the room and every episode. #RIP

• Emily. Oh, Emily. Still horrible and horribly and pointlessly cruel. She’s so easy to abhor. And easy to love to abhor. Lucky Kelly Bishop to get such delicious lines to deliver. And she still nails every one of them. (Hello, DAR scene!)

• Um, where is Rory getting all the money to jet back and forth to London? Does one New Yorker article really pay that much? And speaking of that New Yorker article, must’ve been pretty small to fit on the back of the new Luke’s Diner menu.

• Lane is living in Sookie’s house? Yeah, not sure how I feel about that. Why? BECAUSE SOOKIE WOULD NEVER HAVE LEFT THE INN AND LORELAI AND STARS HOLLOW, THAT’S WHY. Totally unbelievable plot point, IMO. But good to see Lane and Zack doing so well doing …. wait. What exactly is it they do? Oh, that’s right. They rehearse. And play the Stars Hollow Secret Bar. Got it.

• LOVED the Stars Hollow secret bar.

• Speaking of Lane, SHE HAS A FATHER??

• Loved Sookie and Lorelai’s scene (what I could see of it through the mist covering my eyeballs) but still do not like the fact that she moved away to study the science of soil or whatever unbelievable thing they tried to get us to buy. Nope. Nope. Nope.

• Loved loved loved the Parenthood cameos of Mae Whitman, Jason Ritter, and Lauren Graham’s real life love Peter Krause.

• April at 22 irritated me the same as April at 12. But her anxiety attack was pretty funny.

• Hated the story line of Emily bullying Luke into looking at franchise locations, but see how it was necessary for the ending and Lorelai wanting the money for the Inn.

• The whole Wild book/movie thing was brilliant, but still don’t buy that Lorelai would willingly choose to go hiking, especially without (as Luke said) Hello Kitty boots.

• However, her scenes trying to cram everything in her backpack — hilarious — and then her big emotional moment when she called Emily — heartbreaking.

• The therapy scenes with Emily and Lorelai were everything. Can we have a show of just that?

• The abbreviated plot line of Emily’s fling — if it was even a fling — seemed pointless.

• Least favorite season? Summer. First of all, there’s no way Lorelai and Rory would hang out at the public pool (and how/why is it the first we’re seeing of such a pool in Stars Hollow?). The “inflatables shed” story was dumb. The Stars Hollow Musical had its clever moments but went on far, far too long (and as a superfan of both Sutton Foster and Christian Borle that’s not easy for me to admit). Making the little boys follow them around could’ve been funny but really never went anywhere. The episode seemed disjointed. I fell asleep, which may or may not have been because I’d had a glass and a half of wine by that point.

• I love that Jess is the one who had the idea for Rory’s book. Like I said, I’ve never been Team Jess (#nonconformist) but like the honest relationship they’ve always had. Seems perfect for him to be the one to push her out of her rut.

• The meet-cute (again) with Dean in Doose’s was adorable. Especially the nod to the corn starch. #firstkiss

• Really? Are we really supposed to believe that Rory and Lorelai didn’t speak for months after their fight in the cemetary? #seasonsix #nevermind

• When Lorelai tells Rory to cut the “The” and just call her book “Gilmore Girls,” I was absolutely covered in chills. And may or may not have teared up.

• Emily not only finally sticking with a maid (BTW, the actress who plays Gypsy also played Emily’s new maid!) but welcoming her entire family into her life was hilarious.

• Selling the Gilmore home and moving to Nantucket was a bit bizarre (if not understandable), but not as bizarre as Emily becoming a tour guide at the Whaling Museum. WTF?

• Luke’s impassioned speech to Lorelai when she returns from her “hike” was maybe the most impassioned and expressive I’ve ever heard him. I just wish they’d say “I love you” to each other. Like once.

• The night wedding may have been far-fetched (pointe dancers rehearsing in the middle of the night at Miss Patty’s? dancers on a street stage? a magic doorway leading to a fully decorated and bedazzled town square that could only be seen once the door was opened?) but I WENT WITH IT. And LOVED IT. 

• And now let’s address those last four words. I’ll admit, I wasn’t completely taken by surprise. The scene when Rory called Christopher (before we knew she was calling Christopher) to set up a meeting time? I suspected she was calling a doctor to get a pregnancy test. But then I totally forgot about it when she met with Christopher. A meeting, by the way, that in hindsight had nothing to do with her book and everything to do with her trying to figure out if she should/could raise her baby without the father. THE CHEATING BASTARD. So yes, I was still a bit shocked when she said those words, but they make total sense. Full circle. And the fact that Amy Sherman-Palladino intended for them to be spoken when Rory was 22 is even more full-circle-ish. Of course, as a mom my first concern is that Rory was shit-faced drunk the night this child was conceived so I’m a little bit nervous, but that’s neither here nor there.

• Bottom line — I loved it. Even the seasons I didn’t love. (That makes perfect sense to true Gilmore fans, BTW). I loved Lorelai’s infatuation with bad movies. I loved Luke for taking such good care of her. I loved Rory’s infidelities that weren’t really her infidelities as much as indiscretions in all their complicated mess. I loved Emily being mean and Paris being impossible. I loved Kirk’s pig and Caesar’s wild hair. I loved Babette’s screech and Taylor’s narcissism. I loved Dean’s new family and Jess’s togetherness and Logan–despite him being a cheating bastard–for being so Logan. I loved Stars Hollow for remaining the same, and Luke’s Diner for not really having WiFi. I loved that Brian and Gil look exactly the same. I loved Jackson for showing up. I loved that the jeep still runs. I love Paul Anka for still being alive. I can look past all the inconsistencies and the bad hair and wardrobe and questionable plot points because at the end of the day, I feel like part of the family, and we all know we forgive our family for so, so much.

And now, the predictions. We all have them. What’s the next scene? And the next? Whatever you think will happen, I think we all know Rory’s story will play out far differently than Lorelai’s did, at least as far as parental support goes. Is this closure? Maybe. If money talks, which we know it does, then maybe not. If they lead they know everyone will follow, right?

Okay, let’s chat! Let me know your thoughts, agreements, disagreements, and things I left out in the comments below. And check back occasionally in the next, oh, I don’t know, year or two, because I may be adding more thoughts as I continue to process.

Things I have come back to add that I cannot believe I forgot –

• Rory’s one night stand with the Wookie, not to mention Lorelai’s NBD reaction. Don’t even get me started.

• The “I forgot to break up with Paul” bit was funny, but c’mon. Forgetting for a whole year? Between the sleeping with an engaged man, the dirty sex with the Wookie (I mean, you know it wasn’t clean — the sex or the Wookie), and this, Rory is damn near hard to like … but OF COURSE I STILL DO.


  1. Julia on November 30, 2016 at 11:10 am

    Your post popped up in my email this morning before I had finished the final episode, so I had to wait to read it until just now. I agree with most of your points–I thought the same thing about the public pool! Those two would never be out there. I did cringe a bit at the negative things they were saying about the other citizens while at the pool–seemed particularly mean. I actually hated the part with the “Brigade” (I always found the whole thing with Logan and his friends obnoxious) and how they just have copious amounts of money to burn. As far as Rory’s vagabond lifestyle, I just figured her grandfather left her a ton of money. That’s why I was wondering why Lorelai needed to ask her mom for money to expand?
    The part that made me LOL was the scene in the town meeting about the gay pride parade and how everyone was trying to get Taylor to admit that he was, in fact, gay.
    I was excited to watch this, and glad that I did, but it just wasn’t the same as the original series. It probably would have been better if I could’ve watched this with my BFF but she lives in another city…
    Thanks for the recap! (As always!)

    • Michelle on November 30, 2016 at 1:33 pm

      Totally agree that it didn’t live up to the original series, but I think they were trying to cram so much STORY and little Stars Hollow idiosyncrasies in. However, having said that, there is a LOT in the original series that is ridiculous and bugs me … and that I ultimately forgive because overall I love it (see: family reference above). 😛
      Yes! I agree that the mean girl comments were unnecessary! Hated that they felt the need to put that in. As for the LADB, agree that it’s obnoxious, but I just go with it (remember Rory’s insane British birthday party for Logan? SO over the top, but still so fabulous to imagine throwing!).
      OMG – the discussion about the gay pride parade was fabulous!! Love the token gay townie, and of course, the wink wink comments re: Taylor. Thanks for reminding me about that!
      Thanks for leaving such a fun comment! Love to e-chat with you!! 🙂

      • Julia on November 30, 2016 at 1:59 pm

        Oh, one more thing: I had hoped that it would end with Jess and Rory starting back up (although, I was NEVER Team Jess) but the pregnancy thing kind of ruined that. I suppose Jess could be a selfless guy and help Rory raise Logan’s baby… I totally agree about Luke’s toupee, too! Com’on. OKay, I do have one more comment, why does Scott Patterson seem so uncomfortable whenever he’s not playing Luke? I love his character but his interviews are so terrible and awkward!

  2. Karen on December 1, 2016 at 8:49 am

    I am a true GG fan – loved the series when it played, re-watched with my daughter all over again. We watched all episodes of the revival in one evening. I agree it was not as good as the series – but who was expecting that? I still enjoyed most of it (the musical story line was my least favourite – went on way too long).
    I totally agree will all your points in your recap. The pool? weird… Lane’s Dad?? what! why?. Lorelei’s wardrobe – awful! Emily’s jeans – awesome. Rory’s treatment of Paul?…Love Jess’s farewell look of yearning..(but I have always been #TeamJess). And Luke’s speech in the kitchen – the best!
    Question – Baby daddy – Logan or NYC one night stand guy?
    Thanks for the recap – you do the best summaries !

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