Friday Favorites – My favorite F word

You guys, this day.


So naturally, I’m sitting inside telling you about it.

youre welcome gif

But don’t worry, I have plans. Big ones, in fact.

Because today is actually one of my very favorite days of the year, and god bless Mother Nature for cooperating FULLY.

No, it’s not my birthday (good guess) or the day my daughter comes home from college (which it actually would be if she wasn’t still 8,655 miles away) or the first day I get to sit on my lakeside dock with a rum drink in hand (but that’s coming — THAT IS COMING) … it’s my favorite F word day.

Flower day!!

f yeah

Today is the day I go to the nursery and spend about an hour (two) laboriously choosing the perfect combination of plants for my deck pots.
And by laboriously choosing I mean trying my best to remember what I had in the pots last year that did not die.

Photo May 18, 4 45 50 PM

Since our deck gets about half sun/half shade it’s tricky, and it makes me sad that I can’t ever buy all the gorgeous, colorful full sun flowers, but since green is my favorite color I’m usually pretty happy with how they turn out.

Photo Jul 12, 8 17 22 PM

So what I’m telling you in my usual roundabout way is that this FF post will be kept short and sweet because mama’s got some flowerin’ to do!!!

exciting running


Favorite Snacks
I’m a snacker.
As in, I don’t usually eat an actual breakfast or lunch.
My typical breakfast is some sort of over-processed fiber/protein bar that the box promises is good for me but which we all know really isn’t, and lunch is usually a handful of these favorite pretzel nuggets with hummus.

Screenshot 2017-05-12 11.02.37

But when I’m at work I only have a minute or two to run back and grab a quick snack when the blood sugar level starts to scream, and this week I discovered my new favorite thing:

Photo May 12, 9 48 28 AM

The tiny bites of sharp cheddar are ridiculously adorable and taste heavenly when tossed in your gullet with the almonds and cranberries.
The only problem is I could eat three packs. Easily.

You’d think eating like this would mean I’d weigh like 120 lbs. wouldn’t you?
Keep reading.

Ben & Jerry’s AmeriCONE Dream and Pistachio

americone dream


My husband and I just discovered these flavors and you guys, WE ARE POWERLESS.

The Americone Dream has all my favorites — caramel, fudge-covered waffle cones! — and the Pistachio tastes exactly like Angel Food cake, which is my favorite kind of cake.

Suck it, swimsuit season, I’ve got a drawer full of loose tank tops.

Zac Brown Band “Welcome Home”
Speaking of swimsuit season, nothing reminds me of summer days more than the music of Zac Brown Band, which we play non-stop when we’re at the lake. And as luck would have it, ZBB has a new album out just in the nick of time, and it’s every bit as good as all the rest of them.

Screenshot 2017-05-12 11.22.06

I’ve been listening to it all morning, and am counting the days until I can listen to it on the boat.

Check out “Roots,” “Start Over,” and “My Old Man” … unless you hate ZBB, obviously.


The other night I wanted something new to watch before bed and stumbled upon this cute new Netflix series based (loosely, as they’ll tell you at the beginning of every episode) on the story of Nasty Gal founder Sophia Amoruso.

Screenshot 2017-05-12 11.25.58

Don’t worry, I had no idea what Nasty Gal was either, but now I want to read this book … and may or may not have instructed everyone in my house to call me Nasty Gal henceforth.

The show is cute, thanks completely to the darling and infectious Britt Robertson, a girl I knew I knew but didn’t know where I knew her from, which iMDb told me was from the short-lived 2010 series “Life Unexpected.”

Screenshot 2017-05-12 11.29.43

It’s fluff TV watching, for sure, but the episodes are short and it’s a fun, good little escape. 
Speaking of binge watching, this week when I’ve been out running (trotting) I’ve been listening to a podcast from EW called “Binge” from this past January and February where they’re diving — in detail — into each episode of one of my all time faves, Friday Night Lights, with short sound bites with inside info. from all the actors and it’s made me vow to watch the entire series again this summer.

It’s good to have goals.

That’ll do it, you guys, because I just remembered I have to make a stop at Target for cat litter of all things before I get to go buy my happy flowers.
Reality bites.
I just might have to grab a popcorn/soda combo to balance it out.

Apologies for the wonky spacing issues in this post, I don’t have time to figure them all out and fix them.
And by don’t have time mean I don’t want to.

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And check the YMFT instagram page later today for pics of the flowers.
They’ll need your prayers. 

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