Friday Favorites: Avocado toast + me = TLA

No need to adjust your antennae, refresh your browser, or rush to the DMV to get your vision checked, you guys. You’re absolutely seeing this correctly.

Post #2 in the same week.


It’s practically like the first years of YMFT, isn’t it? You know, the years between 2012 and 2014 where I took the oversharing thing real seriously? #neverforget

I don’t know what’s come over me this week, because I’ll let you in on something even more shocking: I have like three more posts in progress.


I know, I know.
Take a moment if you need to.
It’s almost too much to handle.

But it’s typical this time of year for me to be feeling all the feelings … and because BLOG, feel the need to share them. I’m

Excited that I’m on the EVE of summer (no need to think what I’m sure you’re thinking, it’s already been done) and that I have many, many lazy, lakey days still ahead, so close I can almost feel them.

Happy because in just 17 days my daughter will finally be home from her study abroad trip in Australia.

Emotional because my baby is now a JUNIOR in high school, and I know from experience how quickly the next two years will fly by.

Confused at how the hell to handle all my conflicting emotions.
And really, just in general.

But we’ll save those posts for another day, although if my track record of late is any indication, they’ll be saved for many, many days. It’s okay. You’re all used to it by now so I actually don’t feel too bad.

But let’s get to the real reason for this post: avocados.

Photo Jun 08, 9 52 21 AM

I love ’em.

Always have.
Actually, that’s a lie. I was a super picky eater when I was a child (though not nearly as picky as my kids were, and still are at ages 21 and 16), and certainly would’ve vomited in my mouth if presented with anything green and, even worse, mushy.

But my tastes broadened when I hit my early 20s (although I’m still considered fairly picky, even though I do eat a wide variety of foods *cough* carbs) and over the past 25+ years have considered avocados in the same vein as butter, cheese, and starches. You know, a staple.

When avocado toast suddenly and for some weird reason became such a sexy food a few years back I jumped on board. I mean, I’m nothing if not a follower.
And sexy.

friends laughingSo today’s Friday Favorites post is devoted to my favorite avocado toast combination. And I’m sharing it with you for a couple of reasons.

1. To give those of you who don’t typically make avocado toast a delicious, easy, somewhat healthy meal idea, and
2. Because I didn’t have any ideas for any other favorites.



My favorite combination is pretty basic.

  1. Toast a slice of whole wheat bread (or sourdough is also a delicious, and YMFT approved choice) and top with 1/2 of a small, coarsely mashed up avocado, or 1/4 of a big one. Mash up some salt in pepper in there while you’re at it.


You want to leave some good sized chunks in there so the consistency doesn’t make you barf.

2. Add three slices of bacon. I always use Oscar Meyer Center Cut and pop it in the microwave for two and a half minutes (or more) on a paper towel covered bacon tray to soak up most of the grease.
Notice I did not say “all.”


Really, don’t you just want to lick your screen right now? If I’m feeling rushed or lazy (which is most of the time) I end it right there and take it on the run. And often add a fourth slice of bacon, because bacon.

Photo Jun 08, 9 51 39 AM


But if I’m making it for lunch or dinner I take the time to make an egg, which makes the whole thing exponentially more delicious.

3. While the bacon is, in my case, microwaving, cook an egg however you like it. I like a partially soft center (oh, stop it) so I break the egg in a hot skillet with melted butter, add about a tablespoon of water, and cover for about two minutes to let the steam cook the top of the egg. I’ve also done this with scrambled in a pinch (and by in a pinch I mean when the yolk breaks when I crack it and I beat the shit out of it in anger), but the slightly over-easy egg is the bomb.


I always start eating it by cutting it with a knife right in the center of the yolk to let it run out a bit, but usually give up about two bites in and just pick the whole damn thing up and shovel it in, messy fingers be damned.

Ain’t nobody got time for cutlery when avocado toast is in front of you.

It’s so damn delicious, you guys.

What’s your favorite avocado toast combination? Let me know in the comments. I’m willing to try something new … and then come back to my old tried and true avocado, bacon, egg combo immediately.

Being as that’s the only Favorite, that’ll do it this week.
While I was writing this I actually thought of two more, you guys, so now I guess I technically have four new posts in the works.


Now go kill some avocados and enjoy your weekend!


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  1. Ronda on July 10, 2017 at 11:44 am

    Avocado toast is my favorite and lately I’ve been having it with Bacon Jam – so good! and a Egg.

    • Michelle on August 2, 2017 at 8:38 pm

      Um, BACON JAM?!?!? DO TELL!!

  2. Elena Alvarado on July 12, 2017 at 2:10 pm

    My BFF sends me your blog posts that she feels are pertinent to me. I am cheating on my wife with avocados. No, I’m not even kidding. I post about avocados so much my wife wonders who I actually married. She sent me the same picture you have (your Emoticon in the avocado) in a text once and I have it saved as the picture that comes up when she calls me.

    Seriously, my love for avocado knows no bounds. I’ve scrambled one into eggs with cheese and turkey sausage because there is NEVER a good reason to waste an avocado. Besides, a little brown won’t kill ya.

    If I could grow anything successfully besides the child I had in my uterus almost 24 years ago, I’d grow avocados and I would have avocado parties and then I would travel the world just talking about avocados and all their wonder. They are a severely underrated and underused vegetables. Ok.. maybe it’s not underused but I say that just to make a point.

    Anyway, thank you for this blog. Big ups to Avocados. And you! 😉

    • Michelle on August 2, 2017 at 8:37 pm

      I do not know how I didn’t see this until now, but sister, YOU ARE MY SISTA!! I could eat avocado on everything. I hate broccoli, but topped with avocado I’d probably love it. My phone case is avocados. I have an avocado pin on my jean jacket. Point is, I HEAR YOU!! I just made a chicken/rice/black bean bowl and chopped up an entire avocado because good fats are good for you (check the blog by week’s end for the recipe). Thank you for your comment and for your shared love!! #liveloveavocados

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