Friday Favorites: Back in the saddle

Happy Friday, friends! I’m writing this post in the car riding up to my Happy Place, so it being a Friday Favorite post is totally fitting. To top it off, it’s our very first official cabin weekend of the summer — one we’re extending for four days because of our 24th wedding anniversary on Monday — so you can imagine the state of my soul right now.

karen jack dance

One of our cats hates riding up to the cabin and howls the entire two+ ride up (jealous?), and I’ll be honest, since it’s already mid-June I’m feeling so antsy to get there and start doing all the summer lake things that I feel like howling, too. But instead, I’m eating Skittles like they’re my last meal, listening to the smooth bass of Mike Rowe on his excellent podcast, “The Way I Heard It” (favorite #1), and talking to you. I may or may not have just thrown a Skittle at my cat’s head to get him to shut up.

It didn’t work and I lost a Skittle.
It’s okay. It was a gross purple one.

Today’s Favorites don’t include anything delicious to eat, smell, or look at, and might seem even more indulgent than usual, but bear with me, because not only am I back in the saddle of summer, but possibly back in the saddle in other areas of my life. (#posttitlemetaphor #surprisinglyhasnothingtodowithmyhusbandbeinghomefromChina #badumbum)

Many of you know I’ve contributed more than several therapeutic pieces on my journey through high school graduation and my first born flying the nest to the website Grown & Flown. I’ve written about everything from how to get through the graduation ceremony and which advice to listen to when the dreaded drop-off day arrives, to sibling separation and the resulting fallout,  to lists of things to do when your college student comes home for her first break. It’s been a site I’ve always loved being involved with because it’s a site with a plethora of helpful articles that resonate with so many I’ve been sharing a boat with over the past three years.

But over the past eight months or so I’ve hit a wall with my writing (not news to any of you who’ve been following along here at YMFT) because, quite honestly, I feel like my idea well has run dry. Bottom line? I’ve covered all the emotions.

A couple of weeks ago, however, the lovely ladies behind Grown & Flown (whom I’ve grown to consider my friends over the past few years, and not just because they publish my stuff) emailed me that they were interested in not one, not two, but three of my previously published YMFT posts, and ran all three this past week (see below for links).


The G&F home page looked like I’d staged a coup.

And while it was thrilling, as always, to see my words on another site and know that they’d be reaching thousands of people — unlike here on the little blog, even though I’m always writing for you loyal YMFT readers foremost, which I hope you all know — I have to say that after such a long dry spell it was motivating to get back out there, so to speak.

Just last night, as I was already in like stage 1 of REM sleep, I popped up to clumsily pick out a note on my iPad about a post that suddenly appeared in my head; the first idea for a new post for an outside site that I’ve had in ages. The fact that this morning I cannot decipher what the hell I wrote or remember what the post was about isn’t the point.

Designating these three old posts as Favorites this week really has little to do with the posts themselves (even though they are all favorites of mine for various reasons) or the fact that I “took over” the Grown & Flown home page this week. The Favorite is found in perhaps a renewed motivation in my writing and, hopefully, a crack in the wall.

We’ll see how long it takes me to figure out what “16 instrxn unsurt ssagf to go  — trnsxn to growng asy” means.

Have a great weekend, friends. If you need me, I’ll be floating on my new avocado float trying not to take a bite out of it.Screenshot 2017-06-16 12.27.01

The G&F posts from YMFT that were published this week:
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A Letter to My Daughter on Her 16th Birthday
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