Friday Favorites ~ Fruitfully Delicious

Good news!
It’s time once again to play “Spin the wheel of Fridays!” on YMFT  and see where it lands!


YaHOO! It landed on TODAY!
That means YOU get a favorites post … and YOU get a favorites post …


If you follow YMFT on Instagram (and if you do not, I’ll wait while you go set it up), you know that last weekend we got about 18″ of fresh hell here in the Minnesnowta suburbs.

It snowed ALL WEEKEND long.
I’m not a day drinker but man, I came thisclose to saying SCREW YOU MIGRAINE THAT I KNOW THIS 1:00 APPLETINI WILL CAUSE and just being numb to it.
Or unconscious.

Then on Sunday — while it was STILL COMING DOWN — my 16-year-old needed to go to the mall to get her phone battery replaced.
The mall which happens to be right across the street from our favorite restaurant that has a crab cake BLT that makes me need some alone time.

*Crappy photo that I got off the internet because I never take one since IT IS IN MY MOUTH the moment it is set in front of me.

So, naturally, we went.


In Minnesota, here’s what our April showers bring:

BUT you guys, I think that, despite it being about two weeks late, we might ACTUALLY get a spring after all.


And then — THEN — this was spotted yesterday!


And yes, I did stand in my yard taking pictures of it for about 10 minutes.
From different angles.

So anyway, I guess that’ll do it for this week!
Favorite Forecast!
See ya next another random Friday, folks, thanks for coming!


Okay, fine.
I have been collecting a few favorites for you, but I’m going to give you an unusually abbreviated version today because I just saw that it’s a balmy 40° outside right now — AND THE SUN IS SHINING — so I want to go watch the snow melt some more before work.


Sour Patch Fruits

I’ve always been a big Sour Patch Kids fan, but thanks to a fellow candy-lovin’ friend at work I am now mixing things up with the new Sour Patch FRUITS and you guys I am addicted.

I just took this picture so you can see that yes, I am eating them while I write this post.
At 9:00 a.m.

I had to get a crown on my back right molar the other day  (thank you, IG followers, for your thoughts and prayers, btw) and am under strict instructions not to eat anything chewy for the next two weeks if I do not want to lose my temporary crown and go through the pain of having to put it back on.

So I’m eating them on my left side, naturally.

Good Girls

My whole family has been loving this show lately. It’s filled with impossibly unreal circumstances, but since they’re told in a non-terrifying way (I’m looking at you Handmaid’s Tale — which, spoiler alert, will be on the next Favorites list since season 2 starts next week) and with humor, it works.
It’s fresh and funny, and these three are awesome.
I love them all — and have for years on the shows that made each of them famous — but Mae Whitman is killing it with her timing and humor here.

Armchair Expert with Dax Shepard

Speaking of #teambraverman …

I’m addicted to Dax Shepard’s (relatively) new podcast, “Armchair Expert with Dax Shepard.”
The podcasts are loooong — each over an hour — but that’s what I love about them. The conversations are so in depth and so real, and are with super cool people like Ashton Kutcher, Ellen DeGeneres, Kristen Bell, Katie Couric, and my favorite (go figure), Lauren Graham.

I listen to them in the car instead of insufferable music lately, and I look forward to it.

I loved Dax Shepard before, but he’s so candid and authentic talking to these people, and you just want to sit on that couch and have a conversation with him yourself.

Check it out wherever you get podcasts, or go to his website.


I know what you’re thinking:
REAL ORIGINAL, Michelle. We all know Target is your favorite and everyone else’s favorite who lives in a first world country.


*gratuitous Mae Whitman GIF, just to come full circle here

But you guys, Target is killing it lately.
Not only are most of the stores around me getting major face lifts (on the inside) but the new brands of apparel and shoes and accessories are right up there with the high end brands. Seriously, most of what Target is carrying right now looks almost exactly like the things you can find in department stores like Nordstrom.

These are my new faves:

The other day I saw that our Targets now carry Junk Food tees and HUNTER boots and clothing.

Mind. Blown.

And speaking of Target, check out this recent favorite dollar spot purchase:

I can’t wait to fill it with fruit.
Real or Sour Patch, I’ll let you decide which I mean.

While we’re on the subject of fruity deliciousness, I’ll end with this little nugget of wonder I found on Rob Lowe’s IG the other night:

I know.
It’s a lot.
I’ll give you a minute.

Seriously, you guys, all three of these specimens have been on my husband-approved Hall Pass at one point or another over the years (his too, if I’m being honest), and here they are, calmly like having drinks together.

Not sure why Rob Lowe felt the need to throw a douchey pose, but let’s be honest, we’re not looking at his hand.

What could they possibly be doing together?
Discussing their illustrious careers?
Discussing a new show they’ll all star in?
Discussing how they each get their scruffy beards the same length?
Discussing how sad their lives are without me in them?

Don’t think I haven’t pondered these things while staring at this picture over the past 24 hours.
(*Reminder! ONE MONTH from today is my Meet & Greet with Rob Lowe, and yes, I already have an outfit planned and an EMT on call.)

That’s it for today, friends.
I’m off to work and then will probably come home and take more pictures of my emerging lawn.
Fridays are out of control around here.

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