My Happy Place

If you stick around the blog long enough—especially in the summer months—you’ll hear me talk about “my happy place.”

Although I like to complain (a lot) about the winters in Minnesota, I have to say it does have one definite redeeming quality.
Lakes. And summer sunsets.


When we first moved here in 1997, I was astounded by how many people had “cabins” (quotes because the image that the word cabin brought to my mind was far different than the houses they were referring to).

What I think of as a  cabin –


Old, smells a little like mold inside


What most people in Minnesota with cabins think of as cabins –


If it’s nicer than my house, it’s not a cabin


And also, constantly hearing about how much time these people spent “at the lake” during the summer was honestly kind of nauseating.

Flash forward 15 years.


That person is now me.


About six and half years ago we bought a cabin (or a 45 year old little house that just happens to be lakeside) two hours away on our favorite little lake in central Minnesota – a lake we’d been vacationing at for four years and had made wonderful memories on. We’d spend only one week there a year, but if you asked the girls where their favorite place to be was, “the lake” was always their answer.


And now that we literally have spent more than half of the past six summers there it’s still (thankfully) their answer.

It is—far and away—our happy place.


It’s small, but we don’t mind. It’s cozy and comfortable.

cabin deckWM

We have the best of times out on the lake.

maddie jumpingWM


We have lots of wild neighbors –



(And I’m not talking about the darling 80-something year old couple who live next door.)

The dock is a quiet place for morning coffee…


…and the best place for Happy Hour.


Going for a cruise every night with a glass of wine to watch the sun set is my very favorite thing to do with my family.

And the sunsets are spectacular.


It is where out-of-state family and friends gather every summer to spend a fun weekend living the lake life.


It’s a place where we relax and recharge during the school year when schedules are crazy. Finding a weekend to get up there often proves challenging, but when we can, it is a great escape.

And even in the winter, it’s fun to run around on the frozen lake…



…or build a hula dancing snowgirl.



It’s where you can ride for hundreds of miles on a trail that runs right by our cabin…


…or walk the 1.5 miles into the darling town for ice-cream and candy…


…and the World’s Best Pizza (we can agree to disagree – but I’m right).


It’s a place you’ll certainly hear me talk about — a lot— on this blog, because it’s my happiest place to be.




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