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A Rule Follower’s Rant

I’ve been a rule follower my entire life, and ironically it’s a character trait that hasn’t done me any favors. Sure, it’s kept me out of the principal’s office, jail, and rehab, and I’ve never worried about a scary phone call from my landlord, or the IRS, but weirdly, playing by the rules hasn’t always…

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Friday Favorites (except for the murder)

Great photo, right? What a majestic, beautiful, amazing creature, right? WRONG.Okay, okay, right, but I’m adding another, less pleasing adjective to his list: MURDERER. Last week we watched this majestic, beautiful, amazing creature murder in cold blood one of our lake’s darling, happy baby loons. What about the other bably loon, you ask? Oh, you…

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The Favorites (for now)

I know I know.You’re confused, right? You’re like, wait a minute, MICHELLE, what’s with the lame title? Is this just yet another regular YMFT Friday Favorites post with an unoriginal and highly uninteresting title because you still don’t know what to rename the Friday Favorites because even though you still post them on Fridays (when…

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What I’m Reading, Watching, and Listening To (June)

Hello friends!How’s everyone doing today? You good? You great?You blah?You feeling mad, sad, grateful, guilty, glum, happy, weary, stressed, inspired, tired, and hopeful all at once? via GIPHY I thought I’d focus the Friday Favorites’ post (or let’s be real, a day that might not even be Friday) on some of the books, shows, podcasts…

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Bigger Than My Words

For the past couple of weeks I’ve been struggling with my thoughts, my actions, and my words. As someone who typically makes sense of the clusterfuck of thoughts scrambling in her head through writing — or at least attempts to — I’ve felt more than a little bit lost. The horrific event that happened so…

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Friday Favorites: A Change of Quaranscenery

It’s that time of year, ya’ll.For those of you who’ve been following along for awhile you know how excited I get each May. Is it because my soul somehow survived yet another Minnesota winter and has surprisingly thawed out? Obviously. But more than anything, it’s because for the past 10 years May means it’s time…

running into the fire

Running Back Into The Fire

A couple of years ago I knew a family whose house caught fire. The father bravely got the mom and two of his triplets out of the inferno to the safety of their front lawn (the other triplet had broken curfew and was still at a party, thank goodness). Then he heard barking from inside…


Quarantine Mostly-Favorites (2.0) and more thoughts from the inside

I wish I could honestly say this post is full of favorites, but it’s really more of a mixed bag. Which, let’s be honest, is pretty much all we can hope for these days, right? So how’s everyone doing? Other than the obvious, what are you sick of?Netflix? (Check.) Your pajamas? (Check.)Feeling like you should…

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This is What I Know Now

Quarantine. A word I never thought I’d use to describe my life or have to use as a teacher, yet here we are. Over the past five weeks I’ve learned a few things and have also adjusted my parameters about things I thought I knew for certain. Come to find out, I’m not sure I…

You got this main

Dos and Don’ts of Surviving Quarantine With Your YA Children

So here it is, Day 3,911 of quarantine with your teens &/or young adults, and if you’re like me, the boat that started off sailing over relatively smooth waters is starting to rock a little bit. Or perhaps yours is already capsizing. Whatever state the waters are that you’re navigating, I have some important dos…

Life in the bubble Main 2

Life in The Bubble

Today marks Day 30 for me of life in the bubble. That’s what this weird, new existence feels like to me — living in a bubble. And what’s even weirder about it? The fact that, although the situation that created it is horrific and surreal, I’m okay with it. Honestly, having my kids back home…

Things to do with your grown kids in quarantine

12 Great Things To Do With Your Older Kids in Quarantine

Parents of older kids, we’ve never felt so fortunate, have we? For years we’ve relished the freedom from sleep deprivation, dealing with meltdowns, home chef duties, endless hours of mind-numbing play, and having to help with homework (and having to listen to your kids INSIST you are doing it wrong). Now that we’re in the…